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  1. Hi! I'm at the part where Stella is taking the trials, and when I was in front of a monster, the game froze. I've tried reloading the game, deleting the file and downloading it again, loading my autosave file, the keyboard AND the mouse! Nothing will work! None of the graphics are moving, either; it's not just Stella. Any help will be greatly appreciated!~
  2. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    Thanks for the recommendation and the help!~ If anything else goes wrong, then I'll be sure to check everything before posting for help~
  3. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    Dear Goddess, I didn't know! Well, I just bought DP from AMARANTHIA, a reliable and legal source, so I guess the problem really was that stupid website I downloaded it off of, after all. Thanks for the help~
  4. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    I checked, and I now believe that my scanner gave some kind of false report. That, or I downloaded it from an unreliable source, which would probably be the case, since I downloaded it two times, the first from here (which is definitely reliable), and I downloaded the second from here: Shaz: removed link to pirated game
  5. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    Mopiece: I use windows defender. I will run a scan, then I'll check to see if anything in my RPG downloaded games has changed.
  6. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    Yes, I had one installed a few months ago. Though recently, I've noticed that some of my programs haven't been working as smoothly as they should be. Like in some of my other aveyond games, it takes a few minutes for the damage in battle to finally show.
  7. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    I downloaded it from here first, but when my free trial was up, I deleted the downloaded file from here and downloaded it again from the portal 'Big Fish Games'.
  8. YaoiFangirl

    In Mount Orion During Trials- Help?

    I saw what the problem was; my DP file had a pesky little virus attached to it. Stupid things, they are. But anyways, I deleted the virus and things are running smoothly again. Thanks for the help!
  9. YaoiFangirl

    Dragon Bridle?

    When I was in the demon realm, I used the scary mask to open the cave, but I also need it to enter the party in underfall and obtain the star for the temple to get the dragon bridle. What should I do?
  10. YaoiFangirl

    Dragon Bridle?

    Ah~ I found it! Thanks!
  11. YaoiFangirl

    Hidden Gold Mine?

    Does anyone know where the hidden gold mine is? Wert has the gold egg, so I know it's a quest, but I can't find anything in the Dwarf Mines.
  12. YaoiFangirl

    Hidden Gold Mine?

    Ah! I see; thank you very much! (P.S. I was thinking of jack and the beanstalk and dwarves when I was in Gheledon)
  13. YaoiFangirl

    help!Thread, dreamland?

    In the Dreamland, you'll find a truth mirror; bring it to the priestess in Mysten Far and she will give you the thread you need.
  14. YaoiFangirl

    Arrow in pedestal

    Even if you get all three crystals, you won't be able to get the arrow without putting them on the pedestals in the temple; then the arrow will turn to gold and you will be able to put it in your inventory.
  15. YaoiFangirl

    Wyrm Forest

    Though there was one in the first few games (which was through the catacombs in Harburg), there is no way other than the Reaper Express in Ghed'are to the overworld.
  16. YaoiFangirl


    In Thornkeep, near Dire Woods, there should be a woman looking for her child. Find her, and the child will give you a ghost doll.
  17. YaoiFangirl

    Help about Edward's weapon

    Like in other games, Edward can be equipped with a sword that you find in the Velderah junk shop called a Shard, which you can enhance with spells and increase it's attack or defense power with the sword stations. But in the game, there is no other weapon to equip Edward with.
  18. YaoiFangirl

    help lost demon plains

    You'll find the demon plains when the story gets to the right point; if you're after the time you already should have found them, THEN something's wrong.
  19. YaoiFangirl

    HELP MEEE!!! T^T

    ARGGHHH! SOMEONE HELP ME! The fairy guarding the temple in the memory caves says she lost her family! Where can you find them? Thanks.
  20. YaoiFangirl

    Jar for the North Wind

    And after that, you can find the north wind, in, duh, the north! ^^
  21. YaoiFangirl

    Lowlands bridge bug?

    Seriously, it's like the game has it's oiwn mind or something....oh no, I just jinxed someone! =(
  22. YaoiFangirl

    Sleeping Dust!!!

    You go to the highlands and talk to the militant squirrels, he'll show you where the sleeping powder is.
  23. YaoiFangirl

    Belt of Hippolyte

    Well, first when you enter the demon caves, you go to the far left passage, then when you enter the "castle part", it's in the far right where the imp demon and blue dragon are.
  24. YaoiFangirl


    Like she said. You find oldwoods to the east of Brumwich. You can find the orb staff in the Veldarah Necromancer shop, but only if Rhen is a full Sword Singer and Lars is a full Sorcerer. ^^
  25. YaoiFangirl

    HELP MEEE!!! T^T

    Wow! Thanks! I WUV UUUU! Cycilla: How the heck did I get stuck as an inner for a psychopath???