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  1. Still noyhing...D: I guess I'll just replay it.
  2. Windows XP, and I tried all of those and they didn't work.
  3. Right now I'm trying to back up my savefiles for Aveyond, and I have all of them saved, except for the first one- it doesn't show up in the same place as the other ones. Could someone tell me how to find it?
  4. Thanks- I was trying that last night. Now I know I won't screw up the game.
  5. My computer recently went insane an made it impossible for me to open up the internet on my user, thus forcing me to make a new one. Is there any way for me to be able to move the files over to the new user? I know if the internet worked I could upload them, but that's not possible. I do have a flashdrive, but I'm not sure how to transfer that kind of thing over and then get it so the game recognizes that it's there. I downloaded Aveyond from Verizon Games on Demand.
  6. I just made my first avvie-siggie set. And I'm quite proud of it.
  7. Dang. I can't beleive that it took me this long to comment. Bad BuryTheCastle, bad BuryTheCastle... Erm, anyway, it's so nice to see an AV2 story. A lot of people here seem to hate it with a burning passion, and most of the stories here are either about AV1 or 3. You have a very nice plot going on here, and you're writing is very smooth. Good job! I'll be following this story from now on.
  8. Thanks! AV2 is quite good, just a bit bland at times. But it kept me very interested the first time I played- and I like it enough to try on expert (not fun, not fun at all. *Shudders remembering trying to fight the wyverns*)
  9. Haha.. judging by them amount of mistake I make, I'm still new I downloaded AP yesterday to play with a friend, and we decided to switch who gets too play often. When my friend was playing she went into the area outside of Eden where you can get attacked, and when the tutorial for how to battle came up she skipped over it! So we both had to test our monster-dodging skills unitl I decided to start over just to see how to fight.
  10. In a cavern formed with ice, she paced impatiently. A scowl marked her face, anger flashing in her dark blue eyes. Her pale arms were crossed across the front of her indigo colored gown. "Wart!" she shouted, her shrill voice echoing around the cave. "You abominable imp, where are you? Show yourself!" Her eyes narrowed into a glare as a flash of light filled the room, reflecting from the pillars. She shielded her eyes from the light, hearing a sharp giggle. As her arms fell an imp appeared in front of her, grinning manically. Why, of all creatures, am I forced with an imp? Why? She asked herself. She had questioned it before, had almost killed the imp once out of frustration- but she knew to kill an imp was to destroy oneself. She wasn't stupid, she knew that. And it was pretty clever, just a bit... off, in the mental facilities. "Stop giggling! Have you found me a kingdom?" she demanded. Pride flashed in Wart's eyes, so the Snow Queen knew he had succeeded. She was excellent at decoding emotions, after all. "Yes, your Majesty, I've found a kingdom in a land far to the east." She was right. “A kingdom of snow and ice, just as you requested.” She smiled, for the first time in a while. Maybe this one wouldn’t turn on itself, wouldn’t fall into the depths of which it formed. And hopefully she wouldn’t have to share her throne this time. She rolled her eyes at the memory of the Mountain King, her “husband” and fellow ruler from the last kingdom Wart had found her. After ruling together for decades she had finally given him his true fate- he was sealed inside a block of ice for eternity. The only downside was that Thornkeep, their village, had succumbed to his final wave of anger... and all that was left was a large crater. “-It is called Shaenlir,” finished Wart. He focused his ruby eyes on her. “Your Majesty... are you listening to me?” The Snow Queen straightened her neck and pushed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. “Yes, I was. I just got... a bit distracted that is all. Anyway, I will take it as my own.” “Now that I have helped you, I want the jewels you promised me. May I have them?” She sighed. She had almost forgotten about her silly promise. It was the only way to get him to search after Thornkeep’s downfall, really. She never intended to fulfill it. “Of course not!” she snapped. “I have other uses for you. Complete them and I may let you live.” Goddess, these things are so thick. And greedy. And... “I am a poor imp with few powers, what need have you of me?” Quit your whining, will you? I have bigger things to care about than your self-pity. She almost insulted him, almost warned him to stop. But another fact echoes in her head- imps were vain. They didn’t like to be insulted. And she knows, with a bit of luck, the imp before her could easily drain her life with one blow. Wart didn’t know that, of course- but he could. “You have the magic of trickery.” Like I don’t. “It’s not enough to rule the world, but I can use it to make one kingdom bow at my feet.” It wasn’t, she knew that. But the imp believed her- at first. Then rage filled his eyes. “This wasn’t in our bargain! Give me my reward!” “Patience, Wart. I’ve waited years for this. Not long ahead will you receive your reward,” she said, as if she were talking to a young child. Which Wart was, for an imp. “No! I’ve helped you more than you can count! I’m sick of this. ” So she cracked. “Fine, take your silly reward!” she yelled. Gripping the snow flower she had received from the Mountain King- an object that helped channel her magic- she cast a simple anamorphous spell, changing Wart into a human. Right away he jumped back, and then looked around at everything, most likely surprised at seeing things with his dull human senses. “What have you done to me?” he asked with more venom than she had ever heard him use. “I’m... human!!!” She grinned. “No, you are not just any human, Wart- you are my new Master of Arms.” She almost laughed at Wart's expression- a mix of confusion and rage. 'You will stay close to me and allow me to use your magic to control the kingdom of Shaenlir." She saw the rage in his eyes; saw the temptation to do something horrible. "Oh, and Wart... if you kill me, you will never regain your true form. Be a good servant and I may, eventually, let you go." How wonderfully her little breakdown went- the imp was now forced to stay with her. "Nooooo!!!" he shouted, his cries echoing around the room and making an unbearable noise. And then, ten years later she stood in the same room, waiting as she had before. She had been ruling Shaenlir for ten years. And at first she had been satisfied. But...It wasn't enough, she knew that. One kingdom wasn't enough for her. She wanted them all. It wouldn't work. The thought had only recently crossed her mind. What chance did an old mage and an imp have of reaching such a feat? None. A great though had come to her one day. She could steal power from another. How easy it would be, how simple- she had done harder things. All it would take was a flick of her wrist, and willingness, of course. So she sent Wart out, again, to find a powerful magic wielder who hadn't yet come into their powers. It was an ability he had only recently discovered. It was very reliable, though- Shaenlir children would line up for hours just to see if they had any magic. Wart hated it, but the Snow Queen often laughed at it. How pathetic they could be- making such a big deal out of magical talents. She was broken from her thoughts by a bright light- Wart was back. "What news have you?" she asked in a calm, even voice. The imp's emotions were much harder to read in this new form, though she couldn't really complain. And she had figured out from the beginning he would find at least one person- there were many magic users in the world- there had to be at least one that was willing to forget their past life. "I discovered an elf girl of great magical potential," he answered stiffly. There was no emotion is his voice- there never was anymore. "Has she come into her powers yet?" She knew the answer would be no, as Wart wasn't stupid. He knew the wielder had to still be powerless. But she asked anyway, to make sure he wasn't fooling her. "No, your Majesty. She does not know she can use magic yet." This would have been the point, years ago, when Wart would have asked for his reward. But he knew now he would never get it, that he was bound to her forever with no escape. "Good. She will make an excellent sacrifice." "Now that you have what you want... will you turn me back into an imp? Will you... let me go?" She could hear pain in his voice, she could hear longing. Because creatures never did well in different forms. And he knew that her answer would be no before he even said it- she could tell. "No Wart, your part in this has just begun."
  11. You know how a lot of people are complaining about AV2- how its characters are flat, how the plot is bad? I'll agree, some of the characters are quite boring, and the lpot could be better. So I'm going through and rewriting everything, in prose form, more developed. Enjoy!
  12. You have to rescue Vohu Manah, the druid of Music, before you get a "key" to open it.
  13. What do you mean? There isn't supposed to be a bridge going to it. Shadows Woods is south of Thais- you enter it from the forest next to a little village.
  14. sandstorm1998- I've always wondered that too... it doesn't really make much sense, does it? Oh, and I just remembered: since Edward is descended from Dameon who was Talia's son who was half-fairy... doesn't that make Edward (very little) part fairy? So he doesn't beleive in himself? :laughing:
  15. A poem for a story that I'm working on. This is the best poem I've written. Ever. ~ The slow and steady beating, Of the bird's mighty wings, Echoing over the valley, Like a soft, beautiful hymn. Lift your wings and fly, It's time you left the ground, And soared to new heights, Beyond all you've ever known. The end is coming near, A storm is brewing out there. But the calling bird won't cower in fear, Because above the darkness, Light gathers. Lift your wings and fly, Feel the air in your face. Because when you are airborne, The possibilities are endless. So close your eyes and slip, Your wings will grow. And when they open again things will have changed. You will have changed. You are the calling bird.
  16. The book person is in Ghalarah, not Thais. You can find him in the big house in the eastern part. He's on the soecond floor.
  17. It's not really a mistake, but every time I play AV1, I run into about a thousand spiders trying to level up. And I forget to save so I end up practically restarting. Also, right now I'm replaying AV2 on expert mode and I'm trying to get to level 99. I'm at Wyvern Pass and it took me way too long just to kill one. So, I dumbly thought I could go back into the sewers and level up until I reached level 20, then the last three would be easy! I forgot that monsters respawn when youl eave the map. So I had to fight that wyvern again- not fun.
  18. Okay, so I have some good new and bad news. The bad is that I will be away for a week, at a camp with barely any electricity, so I can't update at all. But, it may bring me some new ideas, and there's about three hours of free time every day, so I might be able to write a bit then. And, I'm currently working on a scene for the second, or possibly first, depending on how long it is, chapter.
  19. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to increase a character's strength... I never found them that useful.
  20. .. it made you laugh? I'm not going to ask. And I agree that the first paragraph is definately my favorite.
  21. A story I wrote a while ago. It's nothing much, but I sort of like it. ~ Your head doesn't feel right if it's not your own. In fact, nothing feels right if you are sharing your body. Your arms twitch from some unknown force, your legs quiver from the pressure of two brains, of two souls, melted together in one body. Your lungs burn from the effort of constantly holding in your breath. And your head is the worst part. The only place that was private to you is now gone, combined, with another's thoughts. And to think that this came of you when you stumbled upon an old tree... It was summer, a warm summer, with a slight breeze that pressed your light clothing and your sticky, sweaty skin. Your thick, curly red hair flew behind you. "Let me fly!" it insisted. "Let me fly!" And even though flying sounded mighty good to you, you willed yourself to stay on the ground. You walked against the wind, keeping your eyes on the crystalline blue sky with the large yellow sphere. A bird let out a sharp "Caw!" above you and circled the trees. It dipped and soared next to you, and you could swear that it winked at you. You giggled, but then slammed against a hard surface. Wincing, you stepped back... ... And gasped. Spread above you was a huge tree, its branches spiraling up to the sky, touching the sun. For a second you considered climbing it, just to see if you could reach up and feel your fingers brush against the smooth sky, but then you realized that the tree had never been there before. Before you could tihnk about this, though, a booming voice called out your name. You turned around on your heel, expecting to see a man approaching you, but you saw nothing but seemingly endless rows of rolling hills. The voice called out again. This time you turned and brushed your fingers against the smooth, even surface of the bark. The voice spoke again, saying that it grants life, it grants happiness, it grants dreams. You squinted at it and asked in a small chirp, "How?" The tree said that all it needed was company, that it was lonely in its task. You said without thinking, "I will keep you from being lonely." All of a sudden, a gust of wind stronger than any other blasted you in the face. You clawed at the tree, trying to keep yourself from flying away. At first your fingers grazed the surface, but then it vanished. You thought you would for sure fly away and join the birds, but the wind stopped and all that you felt was a faint tingling feeling. You realized that the wind was being absorbed into your skin! When it stopped, a chilling voice laughed in your head. You ran to the lake behind where the tree was and sobbed. Your skin, which used to be beautiful ivory, was now a dark blue. Your clothing, which used to be dirty and caked with mud, was elegant and smooth. You took a deep breath, and immediately wished you hadn't. You were hit with a huge wall of items- feathers and leaves and patches of fur. You were a monster all because of that tree. That tree had tricked you, and now you drew in the souls and lives of things everywhere with each breath you inhaled. With each exhale a gust of wind flew through your mouth, destroying all that was near it. But you are not done yet. Each day you lie in wait of someone to set you free of this...this prison of spririt. It is the only thing that keeps you mortal, you think. All because of seven simple words.
  22. Go to the junk shop and buy a fake quarter key, then go in the castle to get the real one. Actually, you're supposed to be kicked out. Check your inventory.
  23. Out of boredom... I typed up a full walkthrough for the final battle. Here it is: GoN's final battle is much harder than any other we've had before. Equipment really, really, matters for this fight. If you have low levels and bad equipment... the fight could easily be over within one turn. So, make SURE you equip the party with Berserk amulets as their accessory. Berserk is the only aliment that Gyendal inflicts that you can’t heal-and while it wears off after a turn or two, you lose a party member usually. As for weapons, status-changing ones work wonders. Galahad=Medusa Sword= VERY easy fight. If you stone Gyendal or Stella on the first round, you're guaranteed to have it semi-easy. Also, the Charmed Dagger is great for Mel. It poisons the target, which is great if you have no spider eggs or weevil scrolls. Excalibur Pearl SOMETIMES puts enemies to sleep, but it never seems to work for me. Galahad's Charmed Sword also poisons, I think- so it's a good idea to use it. As for Lydia's staff, base it on what kind of magic it enhances. Give the party Naylithian armor. It protects against magic, and that's pretty much all that will be coming at you- magic attacks. Make sure you have plenty of restoratives before you head off to find the Orb of Light, as you can't so anything in Ghed'ahre. Also, have a lot of spider eggs and weevil scrolls, as they will be your best friend during the fight. Also, NEVER attack Stella. It will do nothing at all, as you can’t kill her. As for your party... You have to use Mel. For me, she was definitely the weakest, so have Mel's priority be to Trip Stella and throw spider eggs/ weevil scrolls. You definitely want Galahad fighting if you have the Medusa Sword. The Medusa Sword is a drop from the Medusa fight (if you have a save file from there, it is definitely worth it to go back and reload, as the sword really shortens the fight,), and it turns enemies into stone! With Gyendal and Stella stoned, the fight is way too easy. Ulf has really powerful attacks, but I know most people don't bother with him. If you have armor and Istrom, Ulf will definitely be your best fighter. Te'ijal is very useful because she has her Drain skill, healing herself and damaging Gyendal at the same time. How awesome is that? Unfortunately, she has the lowest HP, and I found her attacks just average. Do not ever, ever use Lydia if you don't have the status-altering spells (you know, like Banshee and Pooka?), as they work the best on Gyendal. Edward is pretty good, too- Excalibur Sun Diamond works really well on Gyendal. I would recommend having- besides Mel, of course- Galahad or Ulf, Edward or Lydia, and Te'ijal as your party. For your first turn... MEL: If Galahad isn't fighting/doesn't have the Medusa sword: Have her use her Trip skill on Stella. It may or may not work, but if it does it really shortens the battle. If Galahad has the Medusa sword: Have her use a spider egg or a weevil scroll EDWARD: Attack, OR throw a spider egg or a weevil scroll if Mel hasn't. GALAHAD: Attack ULF: Attack TE'IJAL: Use Paralyze on Stella- it rarely works, but it lasts longer than Trip if it does. If you used the Medusa Sword on her already, have Te'ijal attack LYDIA: Any of her status- altering spells. After that, it's pretty simple- just keep attacking, and always have the person with the HIGHEST HP use restoratives, unless everyone is very close to dying. Also, save the Tinctura Hypericum until said situation, as Te'ijal's Drain heals her and does damage at the same time. Have Mel Trip Stella every turn unless she's stoned or paralyzed. Throw another spider egg or weevil scroll every so often. It isn't necessary for Stella to be tripped/stoned/paralyzed, but it makes the fight a lot easier. Heck, on my goodie cave save, where I had both Stella and Gyendal stoned, I won the fight with only Ulf having less than full H- and he was 2999/3000. Easy, right?
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