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  1. Weapons: Rhen- Sword of Shadows, found in the Sun Shrine Lars: Depends on what type of magic he uses, as the orbs increase damage for a certain type of spell and decease for all others. The Harpy Staff is the best general staff, though. Dameon: Harpy Staff Te'ijal: Crossbow/ Skull Rapier (they both do the same damage) Pirate John: Elven Rapier Elini: Morning Star Galahad: Ogre Axe Armor: Dark Armor (Rhen, Mad Marge, Te'ijal, Elini, Pirate John, and Galahad) Cloak of Death (Lars and Dameon Winged Helmet Blessed Shield
  2. The Sword of Light isn't in Halloween Hills- the Sword of Chaos is. Sword of Chaos: Halloween Hills Sword of Light: Theives Caves Sword of Silence: Ice Caves Sword of Might: Demon Caves Sword of Dreams: Dreamland Sword of Shadows: Sun Shrine The Sword of Chaos, I think, is in a chest slightly to the north of New Witchwood. Look around, you'll find it eventually.
  3. Look here: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6461&forum=56
  4. That's okay- usually reading stuff helps me with creativity, or replaying the game- I'll always find some little detail then run off to write a fanfiction about it, get an idea for something else halfway through, write that down, and forget about the other one. By the way, I just read all of Uncertainty Principle, and loved it. It did sort of help with a later plot point... *evil grin*
  5. Blurble, you are an excellent writer. Seriously. The longest thing I've ever written was 38 pages and 5 chapters long... and that one fell apart. Quickly. And this is 125-or-something pages long... wow is all I can say. Not only that, but this manages to stay close enough to the canon (though it seems a bit more modern in here than it was in the game), and the characters are in character. Plus this is hilarious. I loved Te'ijals letter, I was seriously laughing the whole time. My funny stuff is either entirely parody-ish or not funny at all. So, nice job. I would be willing to look for mistakes- I'm my sister's own personal spell check/proofreader.
  6. Stupid writer's block...I'm not even halfway through the next chapter and I am 100% stuck. I can't believe it. It's easier to write about uber-creepy Gyendal than the main character, Mel. Unbelievable. And it's not even just the mnext chapter. I've tried to write snippets of what's coming. I can't get anything out. On any of my writing, and that's about 8 stories. This is probably some of the worst writer's block I've had in a while.
  7. I think my favorite is the Annihilators. Even though I've only played through it once, the spells are really powerful. I was going to wait until Thais so I could join Time Masters, but Lars was doing about half as much damage as everyone else, so I decided to join it. Absolute Zero worked wonders on the imps in the Demon Caves- it wiped one out every time! And I also love Rhen and Lars' conversation after not joining Elite Mages
  8. In the Demon Caves on the Southern Isle. You may need to look around quite a bit.
  9. diamondmist- The cowardly boy with Gyendal will explained much, much later. And as for being a descendant of Elini... I have absolutely no idea. I didn't really plan much about him yet.
  10. Really? I haven't read many stories on here yet, much less daeva ones, but that's how Saurva always was for me. You probably need a basic understanding of AV3 (I could give you a summary, if you wish) and very, very basic of AV2.
  11. Blurble- Yep, that was my goal. Be as mysterious as possible. And the daevas have a very minor role in this, very similar to their appearances in AV1. I really only used them because I didn't want to create a group of element-based mages (although I could have...) but, really that's it. Anyway, my version will be so weird that the real will be nothing like it- I can guarantee that.
  12. @Blurble: It is better than the countless readers who don't review- I have story with 130- something views and 2 reviews- but it's the tiny ones that irritate me. Just a bit of a pet peeve of mine, I guess.
  13. I hate those short posts and comments- they're usually only used to get more gold. While I have no cottage and I don't post in the Collegium very much, I'm on Fanfiction.net a lot, and it seriously annoys me when I get reviews like "omg that's cool." I go to the length of typing a story for you- and that's all you'll say? And they don't even have a gold system thingy on there.
  14. Try exiting and reentering the game- it might work.
  15. I've had this idea for a really long time, so I decided to write it. I also have this posted on Fanfiction.net, but since there are more Aveyond fans on here... *shrugs* WARNING: MAJOR theories going on later. Read if you dare- you may be overloaded with theories (Oh noes! Run away from ze theories!) Disclaimer: I don't own Aveyond ~Prologue~ Everything about his location was odd, thought the man standing in the mighty ruins. The rays from the half-moon seemed to tumble from its source in thick waves, but stopping abrubtly a few feet above his head as if there was a barrier there. The air was thick and heavy and tasted heavily of must. Even the sounds were strange, as there was a faint howling in his ear. Part of it probably was his weakened human senses, things had been much clearer when he was a vampire. Still, they didn't call this the ruins of the Demon Caves. "M-Master, is this the place?" asked the trembling boy beside him. The man sighed. Why he had taken in the boy was a mystery to him. The child had no backbone- he trembled at the sight of spiders. Still, the man thought, he was a demon summoner, and his only hope. If he could hold on long enough, that is. The first two demons that were summoned had drained his energy so much that standing was a tremendous effort- the man could see his legs trembling. "Yes," the man sighed. "And it is time now." He backed up to the exit of the cave. "Her name is Indra, by the way." The man stood, arms crossed, and waited. He knew how the summoning would go- at least, he thought. This time he knew to stand back, a privlage that the cowardly boy didn't have. From his posistion he could see the long, angry burns covering the back of the boy's legs. The boy stood extremely still, though what he was actually sdoing was a mystery to the man. Suddenly, the cave was filled with ice. The man heard the boy yelp and try to jump back, but he was frozen in place. A dark cloud of ice sped around the room, until it stopped infront of the boy. Slowly, the ice filling the room faded as the cloud became solid, slowly inching up from the floor. Soon, an ice sculpture of beautiful woman was in front of the boy. Is this it? Thought the man angrily. If the boy had messed up.... Gasping for breath, the man heard the boy weakly shout, "Indra!" before he fell to the floor. A cold wind blew through the room, blasting the man's black hair behind him. The ice sculpture woman, stirred, then the ice shattered, and and actual woman was standing before him. She took one step forward, her steps smooth. "Hello," she said in a quiet, fluid tone. "It is good to be out again. It has been so long since the last time..." The man noticed how beautiful the woman- or, more accurately, the daeva- was. Her long icy blue hair flowed smoothly to her waist where it met her creamy blue gown. Her skin complemented both colors, being only a slightly darker shade than her hair. "I assume my brother Saurva has been summoned, also?" "Him and Agas," the man replied. "I have sent them to...retrieve, if you wish... another." The next words he spoke were in an urgent whisper. "You know of the orbs, right? And Darkthrop?" A smile appeared on Indra's icy-blue face. "Yes, I do. I may be a daeva, but I know as Daena. Holding her soul allows one to know such things." It was odd the way she smiled, how it seemed like she was daring you to think she liked you, while she was scheming on the inside. The man leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. Indra listened. The two were so locked in conversation that they didn't notice a fiery disruption in the air- how could they, considering the warmth of the desert? No, Indra only realized someone else was with them when he was just behind her. "Dear brother," she said, leaning back away from the man. "How nice of you to join us." The man turned to face Saurva. "It worked, right? You found him?" The daeva nodded. "It was easy." Saurva grinned. "So, what is next?" "Yes," Indra added. "What is next?" She drew her cool hands around her. "I do hope it does not involve staying out in this desert for much longer. I cannot stand heat." Indra looked to her brother. "How did you tolerate it out here?" She stared at him for a second. "Oh, right." "Wait," the man said. "Where is Agas?" Saurva's jaw set. "He stayed to see if the enchantments worked. You know, the druid's?" "Oh, yes." "He does not trust him, does he?" Indra asked. "I do not blame him. Remember the last time there was a druid with us?" Saurva nodded. "And Agas does not like anyone." "Poor Agas," Indra said softly. "He is too young to realize the truth." She lifted her head and turned it to look sideways at Saurva. "Do you remember when we were first turned? We did not believe it was true." And with that a shadow came over Saurva's usually cheerful face. It was always like that when their daeva transformation was mentioned. The man stepped in between them. "Enough," he said loudly. "We need to focus on our task at hand." "Wait," Indra interrupted. "What of the other daevas? Are you going to use them too- or just us three?" She saw the man's eyes widen as he turned and ran back into the cavern, to the body of the boy. Indra turned and ran after him. "Indra," he whispered urgently. "Heal him. Now." Indra knelt beside the man. "Why?" she asked. "Why does he mean anything to you?" The man's jaw set. "He is a demon summoner. A powerful one. That's how I summoned you Agas and Saurva." "Alright.." Indra said with more than a little uncertainty. "But I have never tried to heal anyone besides myself- well, I did heal Saurva once, but he is a daeva- so it may not work too well." "Just do it," the man said through clenched teeth. "It will take a lifetime to find another with his power." Indra closed her eyes tight and placed a hand on the boy's chest. She could feel his breathing- uneven and slow. She went inside herself and trickled energy out of herself, into her hand, into the boy... A choking sound brought Indra to reality. The boy was sitting up, not quite alert but with much more life than she had seen in him before. She was surprised how well her healing had worked- she never had quite mastered that art. No, when a davea was hurt, Zarich was always the healer. For a second the boy simply sat, stunned, jis eyes unfocused. Then, he gave alittle shudder. "No," he whispered softly. "Not more." The man smiled, a mischevious smile. "My boy, we are just getting started." Indra knew that look. It was the same one she had seen on the face of Ahriman, the deity who had sent her to retrieve the druid Daena's soul. "Gyendal Ravenfoot," she said quietly. "What are you planning?"
  16. I'm really not sure how in Orbs of Magic Aveyond is back in all of its Aveyond-ish glory... maybe the whole Ishtar and Hepitus, since they are daughters of the Oracle/goddess, dragged things down? That's what my theory is.
  17. This is the true ending that Amanda didn't want us to see . But I have to disagree and say that the cigarette butt-cockroach sort of fits Dameon- completely useless and the kind of thing you hate to see. But's it is too cute for half-baldie. Nice job.
  18. Give the art dealer a picture- if you took the witch child (I think his name was Theodore) to the Gentle Children's School, exited then re entered he should have given you a drawing. The art dealer will accept this and give you a ticket.
  19. I would like to be included on this list- I'm BuryTheCastle on Fanfiction.net. Here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2255004/BuryTheCastle
  20. Here's more that I only now thought of: AV1: It took me forever to fight the spiders and not die. I also kept forgetting to save, so it took me a really long time to get anywhere. AV2: I had so much trouble getting to Thais it's not even funny. I got so frustrated that I had to use the walkthrough. I also got lost in Cursed Woods. A lot. AV3-1: Finding the Client. I kept looking everywhere in Clockwork Manor until I figured out how to leave the building- then I couldn't find the right exit.
  21. Are you on the Nightingale quest for the queen of Veldt? If not, you can't get the birdseed.
  22. I think there's a bug in your game- the ferry man should follow you to the Northern Isle. Are you sure that you're at the dock south of Thornkeep?
  23. You'll find it in the Witchwood items shop.
  24. When I play AV1, I was coming from GoN. So, I was used to being able to use both the keyboard and the mouse. And I usually used the mouse for the menu. When I opened up AV1, I tried to select "New Quest" with the mouse. When it didn't work I turned off the computer, thinking that my computer was zoning out or something, because it tends to do that. When I turned it on again, I tried again but it didn't work. So I got frustrated and turned off my computer again. I walked away to let it cool off. It took me forever to realize that I could only use the keyboard. Then, later on, I forgot to stock up on restoratives before heading to the Wildwoods and Land's End. I got hopelessly lost in Mt. Orion, and I only had one canister of auquifolium left, and Rhen, Lars, and Elini were all running out of MP. When I did finally find Naghaithya, he wiped out everyone except for Lars, who had about ten HP left. And I had overwriten all of my other saves. So, I had to start over.
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