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  1. Did you click on new quest to find your save file? The GoN continue thingies are seperate from the saves during the game this time, so you probably looked in load quest, which is where they used to be. I got confused with that too this time.
  2. In Peliad, there should be a chef who's business recently closed down due to a rat issue.
  3. Oh. I thought you meant from Peliad. In that case, go northwest from Moo Hatchery. Follow the path from Moo Hatchery until you see a path branching off, then head south after crossing the bridge. In Chateau Lenore, go south at the small path leading off the screen. Then you're at the ferry. Hope that helped.
  4. I reccomend trying them out- it's the best way to find out. But if you don't want to waste money- they are pretty useless, except Moth Powder- here's what they do: (Highlight for spoilers) Rotten-Smelling Level Egg: Brings party down a level. Moth Powder Recipe: Turns the enemy party into moths in battle, making fighting much easier, but greatly reduces the amount of XP that you get. Human Repellant: Take it to Hercules to get back at him- it's really funny if you do. Greatest Love Poems of Underfall: Decreases Mel's attraction for Spook by one point
  5. Just follow the path south from Peliad. It isn't too far.
  6. Sorry- but you can't marry them unless you have a save file before taking shelter in the cave. But, if you don't, the Belf ending is quite funny
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