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  1. oh that's what you thought....wow..it's terrible.
  2. @Odin: hmm..what do you want to say with "we are the plague of the world"?
  3. @spiritsurge: i know it's a shame, but i don't follow such things, even for my country. anyway, i think you're right. unfortunately, corrupt government in croatia too.
  4. I'm from Croatia, Europe. Small country. Ever heard of it?
  5. I know it's stupid that I ask, but where is Stormbend?
  6. Please help me. Where can I learn to ice skate?
  7. Ok, I did it. Thank you very much.
  8. Yes, I'm playing Build A. I recruit Rye before rescuing Iya. Ok, I did it. Thank you very much. Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  9. I'm sure. I think. It is north of Woodman's Cottage, I mean, just above it. Do you think at that chest? It's open.
  10. Bread, wild berries, haunch, cheese, biscuit, covey balm, beast transfigurine, elf transfigurine, servant clothing, flame scroll, thunderstorm spell, ice amulet and some weapons from the goodie cave.
  11. I opened that chest earlier, but there wasn't dynamite in that chest.
  12. Yes, I did. But I don't remember what I've got. I don't have anything that would help.
  13. But there is a rock that blocks the path and I need a dynamite. Where can I find it?
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