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  1. The opening on how minions were tricked by heroes is so funny, above all those in hanged nests. It’s a good overview of the originality. I love the landscapes, Tor cowboy city, Windshire sunflowers, the stake, the stunning windmill! Halaina is huge, surprising they have an illegal type zone. It’s useless soldiers prevent black market at day as it’s done at night. Delamere is my fav. Character art is great, the face expressions showing Hi’beru wise and teasing, Phye’s anger crackled face, Myst’s teasing smile, Ingrid’s predatory smile Ha! Ha! Ha!, Boyle astonishment and frowning mouth. The very nice touch of sound effects of woods crackling, the cacophony of toads. Master tournament with chickens and the music reminds me of Aveyond 1, tough ones! It’s appropriate to use the same tune for the menu and the final battle. Fun: the Raven Lord carried by ravens, the crows to get rid of thorns is good.Myst looks adorable and she’s funny when she says “you can’t see me”. Hi’beru “you are dreaming, sorry to wake you”. The goblin king crashing down his ladder is hilarious. Some Robin customers words “I could harass my enemies writing/ I could steal unnoticed”. The prince who prefers to be a frog Windshire: they are strong at punishment but are unable to chase away goblins to get back their crops. They are brutal at throwing a saviour in prison. Why did they not notice Boyle straight? Cos Boyle lost his frightening aura? The night watch: I loved to walk by night, different monsters, the secret plot from the bad night watch boss, is he so bad as, in the end, we see turning the squirrel into a werebeing was to prevent him from conquering the castle? Boyle is sexy and awful. He scorns the inhabitants of Wyrmwood who stopped to be dangerous apart from the witch sisters. His scorn for villains should please them as it’s their job to be hated! His relation with Fang is cute, they are accomplices. How he met and adopted Fang is sad and moving. Baal’s way to stuck Boyle with searching Fang as a diversion worked as he doesn’t want to save Myst’s brother. But he’ll behave as a hero and will confront Baal in the end. It’s a pain in the butt to play the hero to get his dog back, a pain also to hear he’s harmless from villagers. He was going to acknowledge feelings for Ingrid but she cut him short. He’s cold with Robin but will become his male model. He’s not assuming he’s saving the world once he got Fang back. Bad we don’t have infos at all on how Boyle climbed up the villains’ ladder. The family info is cool at the end, it encourages to check on the Pendragons. Ingrid criticizes Boyle is it from love hate relationship? She feels ashamed he failed to rule the world, she who’s unable to have spells. Weird that unconditional love can break her curse. Hey she fears Boyle saying true feelings for her as it would show he’s not cursed! When Boyle says no man should be forced to marry, why does she say it’s the curse speaking? It’s an evident lie, the cursed won’t talk against it. When they were in cages by goblins, she was going to say he’s not cursed!She misjudges her sisters saying Lorelai is unpleasant and Jinx is the best approachable. She finds anyone irritating. Rowen has a teasing look, she’s secretive. I wondered if we would take care of the boy’s nightmare in Delamere. It’s sweet to learn who he is. It’s adorable her mom chose to be cursed to go on adventure instead of her husband but it’s sad to prefer adventure to her son. She’s maternal though playing at the dungeon with him. Hercules is still stupid to make mistakes! He’s still admired by people. I’m astonished he convinced Qetesh about his feats. A numb demon for a zero hero? Qetesh is so self-assured he didn’t remember Myst got the stone ring! It’s weird to see a dragon weakened by humans and needs a dream healer to remove his sorrow. Robin is glad to meet his kidnappers! He’s naive he thinks Boyle is a true friend who sprang him up by love. He has a creepy smile. He’s tricked by Ingrid and Phye the same way, he’s blind to real feats. Phye I can’t distinguish his race, he’s kind of a dark elf with a Viking face, vampire fangs, he’s a bit dressed like Asterix with red clothes, he’s pink like a pig because of the scorching depths of fire, he’s rather dark pink for red from anger. Tor’s mayor believed Boyle wants to marry her by love as she said “I hate you at I want to rule Tor”. The king just cares of possessions like his daughter, they both consider the lover as a possession too. He’s lazy but when it comes to seduce Ingrid he accompanies them to the Shadow Isles. Why Jewel says “I had his betrothed skipped to Tor”, isn’t she the prince’s betrothed? Baal is pitiful, fat like a sumo with a small face and small ankles. Peacekeepers of the Shadow Isle make sure business is not disturbed, ironic for demons. Grunhilda not finding love with lumberjacks should learn beauty is not true love. The mirror found well her lover as the king is superficial and they both see each other as a trophy! It’s wrong that those who think have good intentions can cross the portal. The Oracle denies she let Hercules enter Aveyond, is she too old now? Aveyond allows Ingrid to curse, the laxism goes against priestesses speech. Priestesses propaganda is nonsense in Wyrmwood. The one in Halaina gives up soon empathy for demons. I agree that forgiveness allows misdeed if it’s so easy to confess. The question of evil as a choice or born with it is interesting, it’s clear in Wyrmwood they chose it. Amadeus being strict like “don’t question me” made me some doubts on him, he has bad intentions. Galahad is back, he releases his tension from his wife killing demons but he always gets back to her claws. Seems only brave tough men have the gut to go to the depths of fire, it’s a bit surprising Rowen won’t go as she likes adventures. The crafting girl who’ll join Lorelai’s coven cares of being happy in what she does being real or not if Ingrid didn’t make her realise. Bad that some people live with lies. I like “the Reluctant Hero” suits best Boyle. Hi’beru is a seducer. Endings done If we choose Boyle, at Aveyond she’s determined to activate the curse cos he’s unbearable with a free mind but she cut him short if he speaks his feelings. Ingrid what’s up with you? If we let her a spinster, Boyle will find love from priestesses, such a good joke! (please tell me what is said at the 2 other weddings by Hi'beru and Phye Cliffhanger: Boyle is the son of a plot witch and a fool noble, when the mom’s plan was thwarted, they moved away from Thais. Gameplay: I was unable to fight the bear and went back to Tor, I have to remember of going back there and going on crusade to the Shadow Isles. It’s good to have 1 or 2 other directions to take care of later. I thought the exotic pet would be found on Crab Island until I’ve checked the guide when I needed to bring the pet NOW. The daughter said on a continent not an island. We have many quests to manage if we start Gingernut Forest before the blabbermouth potion. I had to find where the stuff to gather for the recipe is from the guide, it’s puzzling to be sure if the extracts are in Gingernut forest only or in all forests of the continent. The Vault’s cards was tricky when we had to remember an uncompleted house to go back once we got the missing card, hopefully the sentences with 3 subjects is easy to put the cards. For a few seconds I feared to not be able to press the lever on the right of the goodie cave. As I don’t want to replay, a player advised me to wait before the final place to save, to choose a coven and a bachelor. Somewhere before Daintree forest, I started to wish to do both choices. 1st playthrough: I did curses coven between Wind Tower and Snow Cave, with no bachelor, played in 40h 18. I was at level 55 for Hercules but I had to level up at Skull Mountain, a bit Shadow Isles and Snow cave to reach level 60-65. It’s good to remember the leather and diamonds sidequests as it’s not in the journal. 2nd playthrough I load from before Hercules to get Boyle points. I notice Crab brings Boyle atk and def points. I got lazy to replay from the Snow Cave to get Hi’beru and Phye endings. Having done Curses coven with curse of death inefficient vs Hercules, I didn’t want to use others but I’ve done “transformation” to see the funny events.
  2. Well here how I pronouce évyond, Thais th voiceless, "a" openly like the french a Shaenlir like chénl^ . To understand how I'v written I'm french and I've learned english phonetics. Envoyé de mon P023 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  3. I've used a save to end with no pair and with Boyle. Then I loaded from a previous file to do another coven. Finally I don't want to use another coven and I'm lazy to redo the snow cave and Skull Mountain to see Ingrid marry with Hi'beru and Phye. If some of you have done these, could you tell me what happens/ what Raven Lord and Ingrid say at the wedding in link with the bachelor, please? in spoiler...
  4. I've done the priestesses but when I can go back to Aveyond? by the repaired raft?
  5. Argoyle, you're right, I'm still able to save attraction points LATER in the game, to do as Hunterrese said. I've the guide, to help a bit players without pasting the bachelors part, Boyle needs 7 points, Hi'beru and Phye 5, some keywords are : crab, pendant, biscuits, stone.. which one
  6. Ok, I can't check right now but I think I just did the cookies, I've talked to the cookies lady after it and she said she can't do more cookies so I fear it's too late as all 3 need a cookies point. We can't see the attraction points in the character'status Envoyé de mon P023 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  7. As I've already done Boyle cookies, I'm stuck with Boyle but thanks for the advice! Being able to keep the attraction points for the"last moment" means there's no sentences linked to the flirt chosen along the game... so are there specific dialogue with the bachelor only at the attraction points, and a wedding at the end?
  8. I'll see if I can avoid all sidequests. Is it worthy to see Ingrid's dialogue with Phye and Hi'beru? Do we really have to choose one cookie, one pendant at the expert tournament ? it would be good to gather all attraction points , save and choose at the end
  9. I've seen there are 3 covens and 3 bachelors. I'm in my 1st playthrough, normal mode, choosing Boyle as I didn't want to wait being in front of the cookies lady. I might replay to see the interactions choosing Phye and Hiberu, being a bother to replay all the game, is it doable to replay without doing the side quests to go faster? Other tips would be the goodies caves, even playing easy. Speedy shoes would be cool here. Other tips to play faster? Envoyé de mon P023 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  10. I wondered about Flip Card, Jade dragon usefulness. I came here and wondered why the customers of the items weren't mentioned.They are at Robin's shop! I didn't make the link with the topic's title. Envoyé de mon P023 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  11. How many do you pick in fact? Envoyé de mon Nexus 7 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  12. I ' d like to beta test, never done this. How does this work? We play and tell a bug then it's fixed, we'll tell the next bug ? Envoyé de mon CINK PEAX 2 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  13. So sad I didn't kept it. We weren't warned the college won''t be in the new web site. Envoyé de mon Nexus 7 avec Aveyond Kingdom
  14. I had posted poems at the College artwork where users can post art, stories for others to commernt.Where is it please?
  15. Yeah I'd notice Arevan tha Bitter Truth wasn't available when I wanted to buy it, it's not on Big Fish games now, is there a way to get it still??
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