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  1. I'm going to make it better XD I'm just feeling lazy right now.
  2. @Slime: Thanks! Now, I've added a few more people and some bins and tables, but otherwise it's the same ^^
  3. Post office screenshot up! Note that it's not the complete one. I'm editing the maps I have so far, so . . . yeah
  4. @Brett: I know XD I'm just laaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyy . . .
  5. @slime: Don't say that to me, slime! Compliment Brett~~:loving: @Brett: I found a website to compose and play song's. I'll probably use that.
  6. Tyler. His name is gonna be Tyler. EDIT: Rhea's picture is up!!!
  7. @Valky and slime: Part of the reason I made this game! XD @ashen: Thanks ^^ (gotta update this soon)
  8. @valky: Thanks! And in answer too your question, as your father gets sicker, you have to go to different towns other than your own. @slime: Everythings great, thanks! And it's going to have more puzzles and quests, and less battles.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm back for a bit after my long vacation from Amaranthia. --- If You Just Try . . . is an RPG about Rhea, a 17-year-old girl who lives alone with her sick father. He has recently caught a rare sickness that is hard (and expensive) to treat. Rhea has to work many different jobs to support her and her father, gp to school, and try to get her father a cure. It's hard work, but Rhea is a determined girl willing to do almost anything for her father. --- Characters: Rhea http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/6625/rheasmall.png[/img] Info: Rhea's mother died of the same sickness that her father has a few years before the game takes place. She is struggling to support her and her father, but she thinks she can do it. Marly http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/5358/marysmall.png[/img] Info: Marly works with Rhea at the post office (just one of Rhea's different jobs). She and her family give money and different items to Rhea and her father whenever they can. Marly tries her hardest to help Rhea, and Rhea is very grateful to her. Willow (no pic yet) Info: Willow is a girl who babysits for the numerous children on the upper level of Rhea's house. She goes with Rhea out of pure curiosity; she has never been out of the small section of her town in her life and she longs to come with and see other places. Tyler (again, no pic yet) Info: Tyler is a boy who lives in the upstairs portion of Rhea's house. He is the oldest of his siblings, and Rhea's age. He has a sort of obvious crush on Rhea, but his father gets mad whenever he sees the two talking. More characters to come! --- [d]Characer Pictures[/d] Screenshots and Art: Rhea Post Office (not complete) --- Credits: Story: Night's Demon (me!) Sprites: Indra, elemental (her sprite pack) Art: The wonderful and talented Brett! ---
  10. @aveystars: You really dressed as Lars for Holloween?!?! LOL! You're also cute! @kirara: UGLY?!?!!?! No way!!!
  11. OH MY GOSH!!! I'M ACTUALLY UPDATING BECAUSE I'M BACK!!! ------------------------------------------------- Part . . . Umm . . . That Part That Comes After the Last Part School? What dat? Rhen: So dis is dah school? Lars: Heck yeah! Rhen: What is school? Lars: You were never told the Secret of the Ancient? Rhen: What dat? Lars: You mean you don't know what that is?!?! Rhen: Duh! Lars: Then I must tell you . . . . The Secret of the Ancient! Rhen: No! Lars: Anyways that Secret with the ridiculously long name, is that school is . . . *suddenly whispers* awesome and for learning and tormenting former slave-girls! Rhen: No way! Lars: Yes way! Rhen: Wow . . . *winces* will you bully me? Because once I saw this PowerPoint about not bullying and all that and bullying is wrong and it also said that RHEN IS AWESOME!!! Lars: Reeeaaally? Cuz I saw the same PowerPoint that said Rhen is NOT AWESOME!!! Rhen: No way! Lars: Uh-huh! Headmaster: Yo! Whutup? Lars and Rhen: Nothing! Headmaster: Peace, I mean no harm to you! Reveal your reason for bein' at dah school! Rhen: I know the Secret of the Ancient!!! Headmaster: Yo! Don't say it out loud! But who told you that secret? Rhen: He did! *points at Lars* Headmaster: GHAAAAAAAAA!!! *dies* Lars: Oh well . . . let's just let outselves in and save up money for a cassia leaf to revive him later! Rhen: Whatev. -------------------------------------------------- Hope you like it! (and I really did forget what part this is
  12. @sandstorm: I used to have an evil dentist who did that . . . he apparently did it to everyone and was soon fired. I've only had to get one tooth pulled, I was twelve. Aaaaaaaaand . . . it was not by my dentist. It was my little brother. And he ripped out my tooth that was only slightly loose. and it bleed all over and I screamed so loud and . . . yeah. My sister should see this thread. She could go on forever!
  13. Oh . . . whoops! Glad that you like it! *goes to change error*
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