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  1. ok, thanks. I don't really use forums that often, I'm a little bit of a forum n00b
  2. I guess it is from the hack....that sucks. Hacking takes some of the fun from it, but I'm having such a hard time on EASY! My Grimmm adentires are looking grim. New question: Insteaad of hacking, do you have any tips for Grimms hatchery that might make it easier? I only ever end up at the second hatchery when it clocks me out when I play fair. :S
  3. I think your right. What I did is I went into the Grimms Hatchery file in my computer (the gamescripts) and went into the save file1, where I had saved my game, found the number for days (was going to do money, but it didn't work). I changed the days from 80 (easy mode) to 1000, so I had plenty of time to finish. Well, then i finished in 134/5 ish days, so I changed thegamescript to say 137 days. Now the scribe won't let me finish the game.
  4. I used the savescripts trick so you can choose how many days you want, I'm on day 136/7 of 137. I never chose to save the kingdom or not.I've saved it on day 136, When I finish day 137 in the hatchery, it says I've lost.
  5. So, I have more than enough gold to finish the game, I went to the scribe, and all he says is that, "it"s a shame lord boras still holds the throne" He doesn't give me any options, what is going on????
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