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  1. Sargon

    If you were a character in an RPG...

    I will be a barrel that the hero cannot crush with his legendary sword and has nothing in it. XD
  2. Sargon

    Afternoon Hero[FREE]

    Afternoon Hero is a fun little funky platformer for Mobile(iOS, Android, OUYA) and Mac. It is now free on all platforms with no inApps. Please give it a try... http://afternoonhero.com/
  3. I think maybe facebook has become more entertaining to procrastinate as well?
  4. Please vote for Diesel Racer 2 for top 50 SlideDB games!
  5. Sargon

    Ask Anything!

    The question about which question I hate to answer. XD Are Humans the most altruistic animal or are there animals more altruistic than Humans?
  6. Flat Out Hockey is a nice little field hockey game. It is developed for the Android, iOS, OSX and micro consoles platforms. Currently it is available on Google Play, Amazon App store and OUYA. The game supports ranked matches against the AI or Player vs Player via internet IP(if you know how to set up a connection via IP). It's hard to explain the gameplay, it's kind of like Air Hockey but with swinging the stick... so it's not exactly Air Hockey... There are currently four characters to choose from(I wish to add female characters as well...): And here is some gameplay demo:
  7. Please take a look at the new website with a drawing by my friend in the background: http://www.dragonshigh.com/
  8. Hey, take a look at this funny video about Diesel Racer 2 XD
  9. Sargon

    AK Android App

    I would like to use it, but I am too worried to use an app that is not on Google Play as it's less safe... You mentioned before that you don't want to add it to Google Play because of the developer fee? Is it worth while now? I think you will get a lot more downloads if it was on Google Play. On the other hand, maybe it's still in Beta or Alpha and you don't want to release it to the public yet... but even then you could use a Beta version in Google Play.
  10. Sargon

    Live chat?

    Hmm, I don't have access but after this post I will probably will have as well.
  11. Sargon

    Live chat?

    I may or may not know anything about this... Any place my names appear relating the chat may or may not imply I may or may not know anything about it. jk, Bryce already told you, I was just asked to test the chat with my chatting skills. XD
  12. Hey, check out this vine, I am adding 4 players for the micro consoles(OUYA and FireTV): https://vine.co/v/eBqwA9xDI2V
  13. Sargon

    What pet would you have?

    I want a gorrila because they are really smart and you can hug them XD.
  14. Sargon

    I have 451 out of the 50 allowed messages O_O

    Hmm, yea, I am not sure this is the correct solution. Why a limitation of only 50 messages, and if that is the case why bring the messages from the previous website? It might be just an error that Amanda didn't notice the limitation is enabled.
  15. Ahh. Well I should probably have a setting to control sensitivity. The thing is, motion sensors respond differently on each device, they are not equal on all devices. But yea a lot of people complained about the sensitivity. Yea and my inbox is full I have started a thread about it. There is a limitation of only 50 messages and together with all the messages from the old website that "appeared" in my inbox I am really behind my qouta.