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  1. It seems like a good game, I'm going to give it a try
  2. i alredy send you a email, i hope this will solve the problem.
  3. i suscribed to the newsletter a long time ago but i never got any news, this is making me really mad.
  4. wow another secret! I just can't wait to see if there are more. And I'm glad that the reward for the 75 chest was better than a battle plan.
  5. no kidding i thought Avelion was female too, and it seems that Shiro is male but someone refered to him like "her" xD
  6. I have the menu sets 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10. I wonder where is the one i'm missing? there are more Menu Sets or there are only ten? also i'm missing the Battle Plans 7 and 23, anyone knows where to find them?
  7. about Frore and Tong Wu i think they're available after killing the two demons in the forest (you know...when you split the team to break their will) i look for their elements attacks later, i dont remember rigth now. Edit: i wrote the element attacks
  8. Thanks for the clarification. here are some more: Tong Wu Element:Thunder-Melee Recruit:later in the game you'll se him at the Inn of Cento Temple, talk to him with Shadfork in your party to recruit him. Frore (this one is a bit long) Element:Ice-Melee Recruit:Talk to him in Trarcia, go to Nilfheim and talk to Kella, go back to Trarcia and talk to Kella, go to Madrigal and talk to Frore, go back to Trarcia and talk to Kella, go to Madrigal and talk to Kella, go to the Inn of Harlinton and talk to Frore, go back to Madrigal and talk to Kella, finally go to Nilfheim and watch the cutscene to recruit Frore.
  9. here are some more: Reod talk to him with Joe in your party to recruit him. Petra talk to her with a party full of men and not a single women to recruit her.
  10. Miller and Galius cant be recruited. When you finished the game you'll see all the characters that are recruitable and wich you have recruited. i have a question, how i recruit Tiffany? it seem that at some part of the game she disappears and i can't find where she went. Teej you can recruit him with Cid in the party after Tiffany disappears.
  11. This one looks very interesting, i really enjoyed Last Scenario and i guess this will be a lot better
  12. This game looks awesome, to bad it is with RMVX, but it is sure worth a try. The story is convincing, the graphics are not as good as in RMXP, but it's still very good
  13. looks like a good game, i'll give it a try.
  14. i have an error that pop up it say: "no implementado" can someone help me.
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