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  1. wow,,,all of u have amazing desirable pet,,i have a cat now and has 3 new kitties,,just ordinary cat,, if i have much money and wide place i would have a horse,,^^
  2. @KTC: yeah, its because of that, in my country flooding is still the main disaster beside volcano eruption and hurricane..
  3. if u want too try brownies steamed,,
  4. @theone:its not always seems like that,, i knew some rockband are also donated to people who in need,,and i think they sing their songs to confey their thought to all people and make us to do (moved) something (like:help, donate, care etc),,
  5. for me music in video game are important,because can express the condition about the story,, hmm we see music its also used in other parts, in film, game, etc,,i mean that music are to express the feeling of something, thus can make us not feel bored and steep of that,
  6. @jen:wow, cool hair color!!! @darrel:yes, i'm agree with yannes and valky, your avie resemble with u,,
  7. i didn't mean to force u,,i just put my opinion due to my own thought,,
  8. @KTC:according to my believe, i'm sure God exist. something happen it must be something/somebody that started and permitted that, we are exist in this world because our parent started and permitted to make us (i'm sorry if it sounds rude),, if i see about big bang or its universe happen, that must be something or who that started and permitted to make that, this universe is so wide and great, that must be something great power to make universe, does human make that happen? i think impossible, something that has a great power like that must be God,, and afterlife do exist,,
  9. sometimes i feel like that too, hate people without reason, and i getting more hate if that person being kind to me, but thats not good,, i just fix my thought and think clearly, thats not good for me, i slowly not to thinking negative to that person, just try to have communication with that person, and think positively,,with that way i can see what is like the person actually is, maybe not all people are bad,,but still carefully,,=D
  10. ris_mun


    why do u like revenge?wow, u'r brave,, hmm,,actually sometimes i want to revenge, but i afraid i will get karma, the karma can be more severe, i know maybe i'm person that coward,,but something bad don't reply with the bad ones,,=)
  11. @shadow: agree with u,, @klaus: thats become complex now,,just now, due u'r condition now, u can't leave u'r home actually u'r family (brother, mother, grandma),,just try to be patient and do good behavior, maybe thats hard, but u'r family that seems still take care of u although caring with bad temper, that u seems didn't neglected still,,
  12. @shadow:hmmmm,,,yeah,,,ok then,,hahahaha
  13. @ Valkyriet :thanks,,,please guidance,,=) @shadow: wow,,i think u have already introduce u'r self in here,,,hahaha
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