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  1. ...Angel is amazing, whiny at times, but he's amazingsexyness never the less ("billowy coat, King of pain"), though I do completely love Spike when he's not lovesick and 'good' My question is why does at least a third of all teen books have something to do with vampires, werewolves, dead paranormal things? I refuse to read any book that mentions vampires because they're all the same, like you said, tortured and annoying. Where are the cool evil vampires who like killing? Why are they all wimpy and boring? Though I do have to say one of the few exceptions is Meg Cabot's Insatiable, which is different than most vampire novels and just plain amazing
  2. thank you so much! i really appriciate it Also, there will be more, but it'll be delayed, because the computer i write on with all my stuff i having problems and currently being diagnosed. But i do plan on another chapter and maybe a resolution chapter, if people are interested.
  3. HairSpunOfGold, i considered reviewing/commenting on both, but it seemed a tad like overkill
  4. Thank You I was quite happy with how it turned out (it turns out that I'm pretty good with vague and sad, which is funny because I am a very positive person) and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I'm writing the second part now (I'm debating between continueing after that a little or not).
  5. @diamond, thank you so much!!! It really means alot @elemental, thank you lol I have decided Amanda is trying to imply something to us all by the bed arrangements, lol.
  6. Hehe, this is what happens when you really don't want to study, and get inspired. And They Loved Each Other ‘What am I going to do?!’ Mel thought frantically as she woke up, violently trying to shake off her fatigue, it had finally dawned on her, today… Edward, he was actually… getting married. To someone, that wasn’t her. She threw on her clothes in a panic, and looked into the mirror searching for an answer magically from her reflection. It gave none. She had always had given him a hard time, cause, because he’s Edward and well, it’s what they did to each other. They teased, they scowled, they glared, they flirted. And they loved each other. Yes, it had been hard recently. Mel sighed; she had sort of given him a hard time, okay, a really hard time about accidently marrying Lydia what, being locked in a closet while the love of her life her fiancé was in the church getting married to that horrid little her rival, to Lydia of all people- and then was the ignoring him and pretending what was between them was gone… and becoming possessed to almost take over the world, and almost killing him… Looking back, that probably wasn’t too helpful for their relationship. But, the way he had always looked at her. When they used to go to the School of War and Magic and he would show up at the most random (and annoying) of times, during their quests to save the world, that defensive look when a wolf or some creature would corner her, and he got to protect her. When he showered her with gifts, the shy, flushed look when he proposed to her, the look right after that… when she said ‘Yes’. The horror when her face turned into Lydia’s, every hallow look when he followed her around after that, pleading with her to hear him out, the jealousy every time Spook Gyendal (she grimaced thinking about it) flirted with her, she didn’t actually like him, but she liked the warm feelings she got ever time Edward glared at the Spook/Gyendal/Evil Wierdo/ Creeper/Person-Thing. They’re was also the frantic worried looks when Gyendal revealed himself and she was trapped with him, the horrified looks as he beat against the barrier separating them… the shock when she had first used magic and the relieved look on his face that she was ok, and of course the adventurous spark in his eyes when they planned to go to Shadwood together, alone, the two of them against the world. But then, well, then she had completely freaked out, magic scared her and now that she was a mage-type-person, she could fulfill the prophecy herself, and be evil without Gyendal being the master behind the puppet. So, no, she had to get leave and hide, she couldn’t go and learn magic that would destroy everything and everyone she loved, no. But of course, he found her eventually, and the irked looks he kept glancing at her, and finally on their journey to the Arishta Isles they apologized to one another for everything, he told he was sorry for marrying Lydia and using her in a deal with the empress and she apologized for abandoning him for a year. And then, then life had been good to them, school went well, they hung out, they talked, they teased, they scowled, they glared, they flirted. And they loved each other. Though now, it wasn’t something they both openly acknowledged to each other, Edward would hint it bigger ways, but he knew she wasn’t ready, so they eased into it. But the whole time, the looks he gave her, they were full of amusement, annoyance, adoration, playfulness, and love, always love. Maybe that’s why the day she saw disbelief in them, she was angry, very angry, that he didn’t believe her that the darklings were after her. She secretly wanted him to be protective of her, even if he didn’t believe the threat credible, she wanted his comfort. Maybe that’s why she stupidly walked straight into Gyendal’s trap, alone. Edward, he was the first person she thought to order Yemite to bring to her, once she and Edward were together, they would escape, because together, they were the dynamic duo, they could escape anything, the two of them against the world. She had been alone for awhile though. When she was shoved into the Demon Realm, her mind often wandered back to where Edward was, and she worried, what if something had happened to him rescuing her from her stupidity. Her time being possessed was… fuzzy, in her head. She remembered feelings and big things… sort of; the feeling of power, without restraint, feeling split into two ways, the desire to control the world and that longing to join her friends. The first clear thing she remembered was Edward leaning over her checking her vital signs, he breathed a sigh of relief when she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was his bright green eyes, intense with worry. She had no memories, at first, of her time possessed. To that, he looked relieved. On their journey back to Thais, feelings and hazy memories came back. She apologized profusely for days and days; he assured her time and time again that he understood and that she didn’t have to apologize anymore. But she did, she kept apologizing, and he tended her larger wounds, always assuring her he didn’t hold it against her, with that soft look in his eyes. Te’ijal and Stella filled her in on the events of their adventure. And when Te’ijal explained the fierce look in his eyes every time she was mentioned or his annoyance at having to slow down or stop or do anything that hindered his path to her. Stella would look away; at the ceiling, at the floor, anywhere but at Mel. Mel should have known then. Overall, it was a good journey home. Te’ijal and Galahad went back and forth from being utterly in love to being completely disgusted by one another. Stella practiced her flying and a newly acquired lyre, and Yemite was well… Yemite was Yemite. As for Mel and Edward? They teased, they scowled, they glared, they flirted. And they loved each other. Or so, that’s what Mel had thought, apparently she was mistaken… The moment when Edward’s parents had told him he needed to find a bride, her heart swelled. Maybe they could go back to before, when they were to be married, when they had the rest of their lives to look forward together. Her and her best friend, the two of them, taking on the world together. But then, then Te’ijal told her, Edward had proposed… to Stella. The words didn’t make sense; they just didn’t belong in the same sentence. Mel refused Te’ijal’s offers to talk about it, Mel didn’t want to talk about it; she didn’t know what it was… all she knew is that she needed to lie down. She went to bed feeling thoroughly numb, she could feel is the pain in her chest and the tears rolling down her cheeks, though, she really didn’t understand why. She didn’t understand then, but she was thankful for the shock, it cushioned her mind from all the bad thoughts that tried to invade her mind. But, that was the past, and this is the future, her future. And Mel would be damned if she didn’t fight hard for the future she wanted. “Ahem,” Someone cleared their throat behind her; she turned to see the red-headed vampress looking expectantly at her, followed shortly by a very distressed Yemite. “Hey! You cannot be here, no one sees the Queen- my mistress, without her consent first,” Mel gave a half smile; it was a sad smile, “Its fine Yemite,” Mel turned back to the mirror. “He’s getting married today, duckling, what do plan to do?” Te’ijal asked apprehensively. Mel looked once more into her reflection, and she knew. She wanted her companion, her lover, her best friend; she was going to get Edward back. “I have a plan,” Mel turned to face Te’ijal, “I’m going to need your help,” Te’ijal raised her eyebrow, “Rabbit, what exactly is your plan?” Mel cracked a smile, but this time, it was not sad, and the look in her eyes a fierce, determined one, “We’re going wedding crashing,” To Be Continued... This was going to be longer, but I decided to split it up. Anyways, I'm 3 for 7 on my finals, I have four more and then I'm free. Anyways, tell me what you think (Yes, there is a wuite intentional use of motif here, I'm sorta scared because I used one of my lit final terms in everyday speech)
  7. I love the idea! I dont know if I could/would participate but I love to read fanfics regardless, so yea its a great idea
  8. ah!!! someone else that has shared my misery! I would usually save like every three seconds when monsters were around, but sometimes I would completely forgot and have to back track through wherever again, on the brightside I got to know the maps quite well, lol. Oh, also, during the final battle with Ahriman, the whole conversation with Rhen, Dameon, and Ahriman I always tried to get through so I could fight the battle before the time limit, and would (several times) agree to join them and become a demon and have to go through it again
  9. *rolling on the floor dying of laughter* oh goodness, i wasnt even thinking of that, thanks for reading
  10. I used to always just use the walkthrough so most mistakes i avoided but when I got Elini in my party I kept trying to get her and the boat dealer together, cause it made sense (she wanted a husband, he wanted a wife) and i took entirely too much time talking to him. Also, for my first few of times playing through Av1 and Av2 I used Yahoo, which lets you have an hour trial and then 5 minute incraments indefinately, so I played for 5 minutes and then it would crash, and then anouther 5 minutes and crash, lets just say I saved a LOT and it was quite tedious and annoying (at least until I got
  11. I like it!!! Lars is adorable and such a creep at the same time, great job
  12. thanks for clearing the confusion and yes, i did, I'm entirely too lazy to find an actual solo pic of Yemite, so I just cropped Shaz's (i was wondering how long it would take someone to notice, lol) And if its no trouble, i would love a picture of Yemite without Nox' head
  13. these are great Love your drawings they're so life-like, your a great artist, and the stories are amazing (E/S are awesome), nice job (to you and blurble) And on a side note, how do you know/decide that Agas is blonde? It was so funny because after being here for so long (and with your drawings on him blonde everywhere) i completely assumed he was blonde, and then I was replaying AV1, and I was like "...?!" lol
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