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  1. I clicked on the petseller in poor sector and he wants parts like pelts and wheels to make one. i looked at the game walthrough and it says they are found in hatchery. i looked at the grimms hatchery and hobbs hatchery and clicked on everywhere on the screen and still nothing. anyone got any good ideas? p.z. i got window 7 laptop if that makes any difference?
  2. thanks for te reply i figured out whats wrong - i moved a file by mistake so it wasnt in the folder anymore.
  3. could someone please help?
  4. hi i downloaded the goodies (spheres) pack and replaced all the MAP files as suggested. i have ean transform into a beast and followed the walkthrough to where the squirrel used to be beside the hunter's hut. i walked and clicked on where the squirrel left and a message pops up saying I have dug and found a chest. however then the screen goes blank and an error message occurs saying NoMethodError occured while running script. undefined method 'show_character' for #
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