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  1. @ griselmay, lol, i've got too, i airbrushed it all off!
  2. @ nicnikkiz I love that statement
  3. love the dog, ferret and, @griselmay, u'll still get prettier 4 sure. @mariedan11, thanks!
  4. well, i mean biased in the sense that they shud still be treated normally
  5. D.Funky

    Anime is a sin?!

    yeh, anime could be creepy, @omegagaruru, hi, i'm back!
  6. Excuse me, i dont like the tag 'Nigerian scam'. Many pple all over the world do scam and cud use that format. Im a Nigerian and i dont quite enjoy this abuse to our reputation. I also receive such scam mails by the way. So you dont have to rub it in that you think Nigerians are scammers. The whole world scams. Thanks for ur eyes,
  7. dats me rite dere, all edited and lookin pretty...im African; Nigerian! Proud to be!
  8. D.Funky

    Anime is a sin?!

    Im a christian and i dont really oppose anime. Maybe its just those that insult our doctrine that we hate. Afterall, anime is quite colorful, artistic which is lovely, rite?
  9. well...i dont support gay marriages. cos u wont get as much pleasure as heterosexes. for every man, there is a woman on earth but...fortunately im not biased about such lesbians or gays. i guess they shud be treated normally...
  10. I think I would love to see 2012. I went to the cinemas, saw the advert and fell in love. I love films of that genre. Thats why
  11. D.Funky


    oh my, ive got it on the laptop all this time and i didnt know it was so cool! i think im gonna go watch it!
  12. Really emma? I am soo surprised. But the girl was cute i admit
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