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  1. u need a boat right to get to Sedona? or can u go by foot?
  2. oohh..lol. no wonder...i think my walkthrough is giving me the wrong information. thnkz..
  3. I had the same mistake with the cursed Armour too. All three of my characters were wearing them. I was wearing a necklace,(the one that defend against curse) and was wondering why was i still cursed..then i had the sudden urge to look at the equip menu.then i understood why.. The city of endjiro was my mistake too.i didnt look 4 d key though. I was looking for the mayors house in the two village. Then i decided to continue my journey n leave the ghost there. And the most saddest mistake i made was when trying to free the druid of music. I spent two days trying to figure it out. In the walkthrough (dunno which one) said that it was it temple of lands end on the left stairs. There is no stairs there btw...so i went out and searched around the temple for stairs. After that I was clueless.
  4. Basically, where is shadow woods? there is no bridge leading to shadow woods in the world map.
  5. yeah thnkz I've saved druid of music..i'm just lost now wondering how to save druid of agriculture. Saving the druid in of darkness i think! Leyrvo's lamp- "To see what cannot be seen, light this lamp with eternal life," How? With vampire corpse is it? but still how can you get a shovel when Gretchen is the only one who has it. Getting her a sun lotion is after saving the druid right? ~confused~
  6. ok..thnks..I'm almost up that mountain. just waiting for ur next post. *thnkz*
  7. I've been playing for the 2days already and I'm stuck at the same place...how to save druid of music? it said to go down the stairs on the left inside the temple.but there's no stairs around...and how to unblock the Halloween hills entrance?
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