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    DoruDevi Rpg

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImOADXcFgLA Dun Dun Dun ^^ :
  2. Flarey

    DoruDevi Rpg

    ok thanks (Also Im going to post the trailor)
  3. Flarey

    DoruDevi Rpg

    Im also making a trailor----i hope its not like umm-- bad .
  4. Flarey

    DoruDevi Rpg

    Name: DOruDevi Adventures 1 - New beginning [ YES, it does sound lame but its my first Rpg Ever created ] Characters: Angelo Zepth Dia Doru Devi Lime Carnation Hail Shmib Peep Blizzard Bramble (and others but I forgot their names....) By the way, the characters in this game are either half human , human , elf or something else... They are cats in the 2nd game (Im not sure if Im ever going to go to the 2nd game stage) Maps: World Map [Haven't created yet because I don't know how (remember, this is my first rpg ever and I haven't handled Rpg Maker XP very well D: )] Unknown Woods - It has no name >:U - Doru and Devi's house - Kitchen - Downstairs/Bedroom - Basement/Entrance to Heaven - Little small town - Item Shop 1 - Item Shop 2 - Fire magic Guild - Inn Entrance to the Cave of Et Inside Cave of Et - ??? -???? - ??? - ??? - Thief Item shop (Its a very small-ish cave with about 4-5 places) Heaven -Item shop 1 - Church -Inn -Temple/House/BIG BIG Libary and other maps.... What dorudevi includes: Ummm... 1. Quests (All Rpgs have quests!) 2. Secret Areas 3. Maps & Places ( Rpgs have maps too) 4. Item shop (Item shops are awesome in my own funny mind...) 5. Puzzles? (If they aren't took complicated to make , so i might put in some puzzles) 6. BATTLES 7. Weather effects (Maybe) 8. Much more.. When I finish my game, im not really keen on shareing it with everyone :< (It currently has few bugs in it) [EDIT] The game is about a band of people in search of killing Shmub (Ugly Giant Fat Sorcerer Who Wants to Control the World) and destroy him. He and his minions plan to take over the world by enslaving each city with their lightning force (Once you get zapped, you'll be under his CONTROLL!!!) . The lives of people depend on the crew (Which is called DoruDevi) and god. Leader - [Devi] - Mage Sister - [Doru] - Mage Warrior - [Angelo, Hail and Luna] Lancer - [blizzard, Bramble and Zepth] Cleric - [Gloria, Dia and Lime] Thief - [ not really sure yet)
  5. I finally got out of Wildwood! [i had to trick the crows, but sometimes I failed.....and I was really happy when I finally came out!!! )
  6. I think it's in the highlands, I got the druid's soul back and I can't figure out how to get to the Green Rock Temple.
  7. I think I made a wrong turn and went into the wildwoods forest! Now I can't get out again! [Edited to say:] I have Build C of aveyond. just not to get you confused with Build a and b. >_<
  8. LOL! i'm just a passer by and watched the video..IT WAS HILARIOUS! I loved the line when one of the guild masters said: Yeah, the three words they like best are "You die now"
  9. ok, thanks for all your comments. I'll try killing those annoying monsters again.x_x
  10. Woah! now Broomstick flying is making me want to download the game. lol :-)
  11. No wonder i had the feeling a mirror would be involved in this... I also found the Stone to cleansing Ghalahad's and Mel's spirit and also forgot how to leave the Dreamland.>_< (sorry for too many questions ]
  12. I seem to be lost and most of the chests are Red and Blue. I can't find the thread that 'Fates' needed as I'm thinking I'm walking in circles. Can someone give me a hint to where the Thread is? :S
  13. ok, But I always end up losing when I'm face to face with the snake.
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