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  1. Slim's Sprites (Offer)

    Yes, like Mickychi says. I didn't make the Aveyond 2 sprites and even if I did they belong to Amanda anyway. You're better off contacting her about it, if you want them.
  2. I used Fukuyama's first, but couldn't get it working together, so I used ccoa's in the end (though I don't remember where I got it from). If you still need it, I can PM it to you? PS: I ran into some problems using it as you can read here. You might have to change some stuff too.
  3. How to close sound and music off?

    Press F1 and uncheck the BGM and BGS options.
  4. Windy Hills

    It's to the west of Windshire. Edit: ninja'd
  5. Investigating kebold

    In case you still can't find it (like I couldn't):
  6. where's the king's list hidden?

    Info on the key: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16759-how-to-solve-the-castle-dungeon-riddle/?p=452779
  7. Secret passages

    You can get there through the Halaina castle dungeon.
  8. 2 questions.

    Ah right those. Didn't think the OP was that far already.
  9. need help in the game!

    You're not missing anything. The moon tear is supposed to be at Ingrid's place.
  10. 2 questions.

    To what quest does the mystery item relate again? ^^; It's the wine/grape juice seller in Halaina.
  11. use a ''man of minerals''?

    Man of minerals can be bought in the alley in Halaina.
  12. where's the king's list hidden?

    Which dungeon? There's a few that come to mind.
  13. Dream Realm in Tor

    What does your journal say? You might still have to do some other stuff first. Have you been through the beginner's tournament the arena? (It consists of several rounds)
  14. Crop destroyer

    Yes, what Argoyle says is right.
  15. need help in the game!

    Man of minerals can be bought in Halaina (in the shady neighbourhood )