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  1. It's to the west of Windshire. Edit: ninja'd
  2. In case you still can't find it (like I couldn't):
  3. Info on the key: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16759-how-to-solve-the-castle-dungeon-riddle/?p=452779
  4. You can get there through the Halaina castle dungeon.
  5. Ah right those. Didn't think the OP was that far already.
  6. You're not missing anything. The moon tear is supposed to be at Ingrid's place.
  7. To what quest does the mystery item relate again? ^^; It's the wine/grape juice seller in Halaina.
  8. Man of minerals can be bought in the alley in Halaina.
  9. What does your journal say? You might still have to do some other stuff first. Have you been through the beginner's tournament the arena? (It consists of several rounds)
  10. Man of minerals can be bought in Halaina (in the shady neighbourhood )
  11. Just wanted to say it has been fixed (thank you Amanda ), so this topic can be locked ^^
  12. Yeah, I figured that was the case. I just messaged Amanda on Facebook, so we'll see.
  13. No, I only have these options: My Profile My Content Managa Friends My Settings Content I follow Manage Ignore Prefs
  14. I wouldn't know, Tini as I can't get into my inbox at all. As you see in the image I included above there's no way for me to get in. But no, I deleted all my messages after we moved here. So I know it's not that at least.
  15. No, this is what I see: And this is the error Meroko gets:
  16. Either I've become blind, or the PM option has disappeared? I can't find my inbox anymore either, so I'm guessing it's the latter.
  17. I'd love to test, Amanda I don't know if it's needed, but here are my previous testing experience:
  18. There's straw next to the farm field. For Sweet Porridge:
  19. I've fixed your save file so you can finish Elsie now! It's in the post above your last one
  20. Hmm, I'll check it. Thanks for the save. Yes, it can be finished and she does stay in town, though for her last hiding spot: Edit: Okay, I haven't been able to pin point why it happened, but I've redid the way how they do variables, so it won't happen again. Anyway, here's your fixed save file.
  21. No, not yet, because of the stick bug and the hat is something you can only get in the next demo. But yes the dress can be found. Hmm, I'll check that. *ten minutes later* Well, I've played through and was able to complete it. :/ Did you already have all the ingredients before talking to him? I'm gonna check some more what might be the problem. Owh, haha! xD Who knows? Maybe next time
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