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  1. Ban the person above you

    Another old cool game. Just start irrational banning now! For a start, Banned because this is the first post Sent from my Aqua HD using the Amaranthia Android App.
  2. Sample Game?

    I couldn't find a sample game for HeroKit, so just a suggestion, I think there should always be one (which should be very simplistic) with an open source repo, demonstrating how easy it is to make a game with HeroKit. This, plus the sample should be available for playing on various platforms. I say this because if I were to use a game engine (or any dev tool for that matter), I would first look at the sample code available to see if it suits my style and if it really works, and not just the features it advertises. Since it is impossible to provide the source here, it can be done as the product of a set of tutorials as @ChiaPet suggested.
  3. Sample Game?

    I didn't mean the entire project. Just the critical parts would be good enough (the project need not be build-able). Anyway, I somewhat overlooked the fact that a lot of HeroKit is GUI based rather than scripting and so you won't have much code to show anyway, so your suggestion seems much better!
  4. Aveyond Character Interviews

    So I was messing around amaranthia.com at web archive (ah, memories ...!), and I found some pretty cool stuff that I never knew existed, even though I've been a member since 2010. Best of all, I found some really cool interviews of Aveyond characters posted by Amanda and shaz before/after the releases of the games. Since I could no longer find these on the new site, I'll try to post them here one by one here. If there is a more appropriate section for this on the site, it'd be great if someone moved this there! Again, all credit to @Ant and @shaz! In case anyone is interested in reading the originals as-is, my starting point was here. EDIT: I just realized I'm messing up the order, so I'll delete and readd everything. EDIT 2: I've decided to include the author's comments and the date of posting, its just too nostalgic
  5. Aveyond Character Interviews

    Yeah, there aren't any AFAIK ... and for me they would be slightly important especially considering Av4 always does kind of stand out as somewhat off the Aveyond storyline ...
  6. The Ravenfoot Chronicles

    Woot! I love this!
  7. They spent their night at Eston's modest home, a few miles ahead. The traditional housing of these parts didn't have much to say, except for a lot of storage space to stock up piles of goods, rather small windows and big fire hearths, which were quite necessary. They houses were small and didn't rise for more than a couple of floors, probably for the fear of them toppling over due to wind. Eston's house in particular had a bad smell and the typical signs of being in disuse. The floor was covered with a layer of dust and the ceiling was covered with cobwebs. Any furniture Mel touched seemed to be falling apart. But that was the least of her worries. Now that they were here, Mel was starting to wonder whether they really had any plans after all. Everything had been too fast for her to comprehend what was really happening. In a matter of a few days, they had crossed the country and ended up in a completely different land, but now she had no idea where to go. The map suggested one of the keys was here, but they had overlooked the fact that the area itself was much larger than they had imagined, and it seemed like a fool's errand to look around the entire city, let alone the whole forest, searching for what would probably be a small artifact. Everyone was too sleepy to wake up early the next morning. Eventually, it was almost noon by the time everyone was at the table, and their next destination was already the hot topic of discussion. 'The key could be anywhere for all we know', Mel said, voicing her thoughts from the previous night. 'It is even possible that it could be buried right beneath where we are sitting' 'Well then, lets start digging!' Edward exclaimed. 'How big is this country', Stella asked, ignoring him. 'It is a big country' Edward replied, nodding his head. 'We cannot possibly go everywhere, just asking people if they had it' 'Now that I come to think of it, we have no idea what the keys look like either', Mel grumbled. 'I don't think the key would be just anywhere', Galahad said, leaning forward. Everybody turned to him. Te'ijal, who had been sitting with her back towards them, turned back in her chair. 'Yes', she said, nodding. 'We do not know what these keys really are. It seems unlikely that they are just pieces of metal' 'What do you mean?', Mel piped in. 'It's obvious, isn't it?' Galahad said. 'If the key was indeed just a piece of metal, it'd be too easy to forge, create a duplicate or get lost or molten for that matter' 'You don't want to block the entrance to Naylith just because some stupid king threw the key in his hearth', Te'ijal said. 'No, such objects are generally bewitched with ancient magic, of the type that is unheard of now. They posses powers, often those that would keep them in safe hands. And more than often, their definition of safe is ...' 'Powerful', Galahad completed. Everyone looked at him. 'So you mean the queen has the key?', Edward said slowly. 'It is possible', Galahad said. 'But again, it really depends. The powers of a ruler are limited, curbed by responsibilities to the people, further if they have a strong advisor. Such an object will seek power that is concentrated with one person. Moreover, I never said power meant ruling people' 'So what else do you call powerful', Edward said quickly. 'There are much greater things, young prince', Te'ijal said, making Edward go a bit red. 'Tell me, if you ruled, but I had the power to control your mind, then no matter whether I used this power or not, wouldn't I be more powerful?' 'That's not all', Galahad said. 'Even a different kind of power, say a strong magical affinity for some particular element or having glimpses into a different time would mean being equally powerful. As I said, this is not the conventional power that we are talking about here' There was silence for a minute as everyone tried to imagine various other possibilities. 'But that doesn't help', Te'ijal said finally. 'We still need to start somewhere, and the queen seems like a good idea' 'And she won't see you', a voice said, making everybody jump. Mel scowled as Eston stepped ahead from the shadows. 'You were eavesdropping, you know that?' she said angrily. 'Further, I've discovered that the queen is not causing the bad weather', Eston said, ignoring her. Everyone leaned forward. 'In fact, the ruling queen apparently never even had the power to cause so much snow' 'So who?', Te'ijal said, surprising Mel, seeing her speak to Eston. 'And how do you know this?' Eston chuckled mildly as she asked the second question. 'I have some really well placed sources, whom I had the opportunity of connecting to last night', he said. 'As it turns out, the queen won't see you because she is in deep sorrow. Her only daughter, princess Claria went missing some time ago. But that was not all. It all got worse when she was found a couple of months back' He paused for a couple of seconds, creating a dead silence. Mel noticed, unlike Thais, everything got really quiet here, owing to the fact that there wasn't much activity happening outside. 'She was found at Elonaria, which is an ice castle not too far north from here. And she was asleep. Alive, but she wouldn't wake up. And nobody could move her from there. Everything was tried, but it was impossible to get her out of there. And so we fast forward to today, and she still sleeps there and the queen mourns' 'Why didn't this make the news then?', Edward said slowly. 'If I understand it right, many big news agencies from Thais have connections here. Surely I wouldn't have missed something so big' Eston chuckled. 'There's more to Claria than just being the queen's daughter. She is rumored to have the powers of the family, and was all set to be the next ruler. And the queen has no other children, which makes her the last of the line. If the people come to know what has happened, it would inevitably lead to war, internally or otherwise. The queen wants to prevent any bloodshed, so everything was carried out under the highest possible secrecy. For anyone else, the princess is safely inside the castle and the weather is bad because she is angry at them' 'But all this still doesn't answer for the bad weather, does it?' Edward said. 'How can the princess be affecting the weather if she is asleep?' 'That is not how these things work', Eston said, shaking his head. 'You don't always control your magic; sometimes it just flows. For an example, a nightmare for the ruler of Istir would mean a thunderstorm' Mel looked away, surprised at how powerful and strange things were. She never had imagined that people could ever be at the mercy of the whims and feelings of a single individual. Somehow, this was even scarier than the situation they were all in. 'There's only one thing we can do', Galahad said, getting up from his chair. 'If we are to talk to the queen or the princess, we first have to wake her up. I'm guessing a lot of our time henceforth would be spent traveling after all' 'We'll need a plan' Edward said. 'There'll be guards, traps that will be laid out for us' 'Not exactly' Eston said, shaking his head. 'Unless I'm very wrong, not more than a dozen people know about this, and half of them are sitting here. I'll be surprised if the queen herself is sitting with a spear guarding the gate.' Everyone looked at him for a moment. 'Besides, she doesn't exactly need protection, considering that something might blow you off if you tried to harm her' he chuckled. 'What was this source you talked about?' Mel piped in. Eston chuckled again, clearly amused. 'You don't want to know' he said, vanishing out the doorway. Surprised and suspicious, nobody said anything as they filed out of the small dining room, each chair creaking as they got up.
  8. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Here follows what has started as a strict book of Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight, which could possibly take a turn in the story as time passes Please comment if you like. The wattpad version will be the first to get updates! If you want a better reading experience, I suggest you go there. http://www.wattpad.com/story/40262328-aveyond-the-lord-of-twilight The story is on fanfiction.net! If you want to follow it, please visit this link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11249391/1/Aveyond-Lord-of-Twilight I'll be posting here when I get time, and please forgive any mistakes. That's cause I write from my mobile Most importantly, PLEASE let me know if you like it. Some things (even major ones) are bound to be different, but besides these, I'll try to go quite strictly go by the actual storyline. There will also be inaccuracies as I am writing mostly from memory. Note: Some chapters may, unavoidably, contain subtle references to intimacy, actions suggestive to them and relationships, possibly not recommendable for children. If you find such content offensive, please do not continue reading. Just for analogy (since I have no idea how books are rated), if this were adapted into a movie anytime, my best guess would be a PG-13 rating
  9. Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Just drop me an e-mail with your proof of purchase
  10. Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread

    Aveyond is available for Mac! You can get all of the games DRM FREE from RadialApps Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Aveyond 3: Orbs of Magic - Complete Collection Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb Aveyond 3-4: The Darkthrop Prophecy Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest Old post (please do not follow the links in here):
  11. 'How is it possible?' Tei'jal said, looking straight at Galahad. Her expression somewhat scared Mel, because for the first time, Tei'jal looked really worried. 'It isn't' Galahad replied, looking equally worried. They were staring at each other with intensity Mel had never seen. 'What was that?' Stella asked, causing them to jump. Tei'jal ignored her, still staring at Galahad. 'Can it be a greater force?' Tei'jal murmured slowly, finally looking away. 'Gyendal...' 'Your brother seems more capable than we think' Galahad said, still looking at her. 'What was it?' Mel asked, repeating. She herself was getting worried now. 'A shadow' Galahad said, looking away. 'Of Indra' 'The Daeva?' Edward asked skeptically. 'Aren't they supposed to be dead' Something just clicked Mel. 'We met some dwarves in Gheledon' she said suddenly. 'They said that the mines were infested with goblins, and that they were led by the Daeva Zarich' Tei'jal stared at her intensely, making her uncomfortable. 'That is worrisome' she said, turning away. 'This is not supposed to happen' 'But how can a shadow of a Daeva return?' Edward asked. 'Daevas are strange demons' Galahad said, nodding. 'They were killed by Rhen, I myself was there when Indra was defeated' 'Rhen...' Edward stammered. 'Pendragon, the First' Tei'jal completed. 'Yes, we fought with her. She was a great leader, perhaps the only one I ever considered worthy of leading me into battle' Edward looked white, almost as white as Galahad. 'You...' he gulped. 'You fought beside Rhen the First?' Tei'jal ignored him. 'Perhaps' she said. 'It is possible that someone has carried out the summoning' 'Impossible' Galahad replied almost immediately. 'The sword is sealed, and we would have felt it, had it reappeared in the mortal world' 'That's true' Tei'jal said. 'But I still can't believe Gyendal could...; 'Can you please explain what's going on here?' Mel said angrily. Tei'jal looked at her as if she was a troubling kid. 'Yes, the Daevas, as I was saying, are strange demons' Galahad said, snapping out of the trance. 'While it would seem we killed them all those years back, it really isn't easy to kill a Daeva. A Daeva has no soul, so it cannot be destroyed completely. It is just a spirit, bound forever to one of the realms. The only thing we have to worry about is to keep it away from the mortal realm' 'So how did they come back now?' 'Well, you can't say they have come back' he frowned. 'These are shadows, strangely enough, both weak, but powerful' 'Meaning?' 'They cannot exert much physical force, but they influence everything around them. They can create havoc... in your mind and body' 'So but how did these form at all?' Mel said impatiently, her question still unanswered. 'We cannot be sure' Tei'jal said. 'I have read a lot, having not much to do for hundreds of years. Having said that, still, not much is known about the Daevas at all, since few have ever returned after seeing them, though their terror is known far and wide. So a Daeva can be brought back only by an extremely powerful mage, with the Sword of Shadows, which was used by Rhen to kill Ahriman. The Sword is now sealed, in another realm, from where it cannot be brought back easily. Only Aveyond is the way to the Sword, where no demon can enter. However, a shadow of a Daeva may rise without the Sword, only when there is a dark force in the world, on the brink of explosion' She ended with a mysterious tone. Mel shifted. 'You mean Gyendal...' Mel said. 'Impossible!' Tei'jal said, her teeth flaring. 'Gyendal is simply not strong enough!' 'Let us hope' Galahad said grimly. Tei'jal shot him a dirty look. 'Wait, so you mean that Ahriman can return as well?' Edward said, looking alarmed. 'No' Galahad said shortly. 'Ahriman was never sent back to the demon realm. He was trapped in the Sword, where he shall lie for eternity. Even a shadow of his cannot return' Edward looked relieved, so did Mel, though she hadn't really come of hold of the gravity of the situation. 'So what do we do now?' Stella asked, clearing their minds. 'Nothing' Tei'jal said before anyone. 'There is nothing we can do right now about this. To try and defeat a Daeva, even a shadow, singlehandedly would be suicide. We continue onwards' Mel suddenly remembered- 'Wait!' she said. 'Where's Eston?' Galahad chuckled and moved aside. Eston was lying on the ground beside him. 'He'll be fine' he said, looking at their faces. I wanted to prevent him from going mad at the run, so I knocked him out before picking him up. 'We should camp at least a few miles away' Tei'jal said. 'I'll carry our guide. We are out of danger for now, since the shadow cannot easily escape its bounds, but be wary' Everyone nodded at once. Legs and arms aching, they made their way ahead. *** Eston woke up early the next morning and created a havoc, saying he couldn't remember anything. Galahad calmed him down, convincing him that he had been hit by a bear in the caves and that they would henceforth stay away from the tunnels where possible. Eston agreed, sulkily. Their slow trudge began late, everyone too tired and the numbing cold made everyone wish they were back in the inn at Stormbend. The sweaty sea side seemed like heaven compared to this. Mel pushed her thoughts away, telling herself to focus on the task. The consolation was the lack of any breeze at all, probably owning to the high rise of mountains to both the sides. Their journey through this patch went uneventful, except that towards noon, the snow actually seemed to be thinning. Walking would have been much easier, had their legs not already been feeling like jelly. A couple of hours later, they reached another cave. 'Here we enter the Quin Kingdom' Eston shouted from ahead. 'I assume everyone is here for the first time, right?' 'Yes' everyone said in chorus, even Tei'jal, amusing Mel. 'Then brace yourselves!' Eston said, waving his hand inside, a large grin on his face. Mel gasped. As soon as they entered the cave, which looked dark from outside, a new light seemed to have entered inside. The walls gleamed brightly, and Mel could see tiny specks of lights everywhere. Closer examination revealed that there were innumerable crystals on both the sides of the cave walls. The cave had rough walls, but the lights arranged themselves so that each part of the cave looked beautiful. The path, she suddenly noticed, was tiled and no snow seemed to have entered inside. 'The Crystal Cave!' Eston said, clapping his hands. 'Your first welcome to the aesthetic Quin Kingdom!' Instructed by Eston, they got rid of the rope binding them. 'The Captial is still a long way from here, but I shouldn't expect much snow once we cross this cave' he said merrily. 'How is that possible' Edward asked inquisitively. Eston grinned, plainly showing his delight at being asked the question. 'The rulers of Istir hold power, but understanding this, a mechanism has been created, so that people do not suffer. A long time ago, a spell was set on this cave and beyond. Any part ahead cannot ever witness extreme weather, which would destroy people's lives. This ensures that even a bad ruler can't make the people closest to the capital suffer!' The journey through the cave was uneventful, to say the least. Initially, Mel was fascinated by the crystals and the light inside the cave, but after some time, it really had become monotonous and she was longing for the tunnel to end. After about an hour, it did. 'That was long!' she said, stepping out into the sun. The weather seemed mild, almost comfortable. Snow was falling gently, unlike outside, and the foliage was less dense. Moreover, the path was still tiled, meaning they could no longer lose themselves and blame it on their guide. Around evening, they saw the first house, a small hut which seemed unoccupied. 'Welcome to the Capital of Quin!' Eston said, grinning at the hut. 'Just remember, you got here real easy; I've seen far worse on the way here' Mel turned around just in time to see Tei'jal looking at him, an eyebrow slightly raised.
  12. I'm writing a chapter for my fanfic that delves into the personal lives of Mel and Stella (a.k.a Edward! :P). Any particulars anyone would like to see?

    (Btw, yay cause exams are over and I can finally write again! The buffer is 2 chapters right now, so expect this a few days down the line once completed. Really hoping to finish the fic this winter)

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Ooh that's exciting!! Well maybe explore the friendship dynamic between them as well as the romance? {which I'm assuming you were hinting at} Just pleeaassee don't make a love triangle angst where the girls fight for him >.< 

      Yusss for exams being over!!!! 

  13. Old Guild Outlines

    Still browsing the old site, I found more cool stuff in the form of the guild outlines written by amaranthians themselves for all except the brotherhood. I'll post them here with proper credits. For those unfamiliar with guilds, guilds were ... well ... guilds that you could join! Well, provided you had 1000 gold, that is (where gold was your number of posts back then!) I'll dedicate the first post to the short introductions of the guilds that were found at the top of the site. (Note to mods: Please migrate if this topic is appropriate somewhere else!)
  14. Some salvaged links: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ - GAME issues - GoN)(Av3.2)(tiniponi) FAQ for Lord of Twilight FAQs - Technical Issues Transportation Hints and Tips for LoT Walkthrough for GoN (over_cloud9) Walkthrough (theone) Checklist for GoN Level Guide GROUPED MAPS (annotated - each group on one post) - Dragkthor Kingdom (Dragkthor, Mali Desert, Mount Drake, and Mount Drake Caves) - Faery Kingdom (Faiara, Mirror Cavern, and Whisper Woods) - Gheledon Kingdom - GoN (Gheledon, Thial Mtns North, Naylith Summit, Dwarf Mine, TMN paths) - Harburg Kingdom (Darkthrop Keep, Harburg, Shadow Woods north, Shadow Woods south, Thial Mountain Cave System, Thial Mountain south) - Naylith Kingdom (Naylith, Rose Forest, Seers Cavern, Sky Garden) - Orc Empire (Orc Empire, Wasted Lands) - Quin Kingdom (Ice Caverns, Istir Forest) - Stormbend Kingdom (Sinoa Plains, Stormbend, Mire Woods, Witchwood, Spider Den) - Tar Vedron Kingdom (Phyree Jungle, Tar Vedron, Unnamed Islands) - Thais Kingdom (Brightwood Forest, Chateau Lenore, Moo Hatchery, Red Rock Pass, Ruins, Thais) - Underworld (Ghed'ahre, Memory Cave, Wyrm Forest east, Wyrm Forest west, Memory Cave) - Venwood Kingdom (Fedir Forest, Venwood, Waterways) Long live the Wayback Machine! @tiniponi or any other mod, it'll be great if this gets merged into the first post @JenJen91
  15. Error starting game (Mac)

    Hi! Where have you kept the extracted app file? Is it in the same location as the first game? I would suggest once to try keeping the app on your desktop and then trying again. Even better, copy the zip file to your desktop and then extract it there and see if it works now.
  16. My laptop's hard disk just failed, taking tons of data with it :(

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      What a disaster! :(

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      Oh no! I hope you can recover it from a backup :( 

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      Aw man, that's the worst!!! Hopefully you can get that data back!

  17. Aveyond Resources

    Ohk, I guess I should have read the whole post 😛 I thought you were making one yourself didn't realise this was the same one as the other thread
  18. DAN's Art (Art?! ROLF) & Resources

    This is AWESOME!! You could get hired for making these!!! EDIT: Just curious, are you be using the Aia map in the AP reboot?
  19. So I finally found time to write two more chapters after more than a year!!! In case you are wondering how this is possible, well, I always keep at least two chapters in a buffer, so that I can go back and change something that has just happened if necessary at any time. A couple of things: 1) More dialogue to come. Much more!! 2) I accidentally found a way to co-relate some parts of this to the corresponding ones in the game which I found really lame, so things might happen the way they do in the game, but with a completely different perspective! 3) This is coming to a close folks! I don't think the story will last for more than five-six chapters after this. I noticed today how close I am to the part when GoN begins!
  20. The party pushed on, the landscape turning unfavorable with each step they took. Soon enough, they were in thick snow, though the air was silent, so they were just leaving behind foot-deep footsteps. Even the vampires seemed as helpless as them, except for the cold. Eston seemed to really know the way well, as he guided them through the innumerable forks that the way presented. The forest did really have a certain vibe. It was imposing, as though it could sense them. 'We have been lucky' Eston said as they stopped under a ledge. 'It's rare these days not to have blizzards, but I don't want to be caught off guard' He rummaged through his supplies and drew out a thick rope. 'Tie us up, everyone!' he called. Tei'jal sulking, each one of them wound a turn of the rope around themselves, Galahad still being the last in line. When sure that they were secured, they set off again, cutting their way through the snow. Twice, they saw a wolf, but it did not dare attack, probably seeing the number of people. Around noon, the sky still looked like dawn and a slight wind had started to blow, making it even more difficult to move. Eston instructed them to have a short break and lunch, to which no one disagreed. Magically, somehow, he still managed to produce a fire in the icy cold, which seemed god-sent. The weather and the landscape changed much over the next hour. The foliage had considerably thinned and a strong wind had already started to blow, and everyone was now glad of the rope that was tying them. Mel could only see Stella's hair ahead of her, and Eston had completely vanished from view. Her teeth chattered as she pushed the snow, which was now almost knee deep in some places. Some time later, the string slackened and Eston came running back. 'The road ends here!' he shouted over the wind. 'We have to retrace a few miles and go through the cave' 'Why didn't we do that earlier?' Mel shouted back. 'It was worth checking!' Eston yelled, barely audible as he made his way backwards. Around almost half an hour later, they reached a cliff, with no apparent sign of any cave. The wind here was almost absent, owing to the shield provided by the tall vertical rock. 'Over here!' Eston shouted, pointing to a wall. He somehow slipped inside, which Mel later saw was a small gap between two plates of the cliff, just wide enough for one man. 'We could have done this earlier' Mel said, having just squeezed her way through. Both Eston and Edward were holding lanterns in their hands, casting a dim glow on the rocky walls of what appeared to be a tunnel. 'There is something here' Tei'jal said, appearing from the entrance. 'Yes' Eston said stiffly. 'And let us prey we don't find it, or it doesn't' 'What is it?' Stella asked. 'What is this place?' 'This is a man-made tunnel' Eston explained as they started walking slowly, Mel feeling better than the forest outside. 'It's abandoned now' 'Why?' she asked, needlessly. 'The tunnel was created a long time ago, by enemies of the kingdom, to provide supplies to the army which had laid a siege to the capital. Construction started before the war was even planned completely and took years to complete. It is an entire network of man-made caves that lie before us' They trudged ahead, careful of tripping over the uneven surface. Their steps slightly echoed, making Mel slightly uncomfortable. The walls had unmistakable signs of erosion by water, a proof that there had been no ice in these parts at some point. 'The scheme worked, to some extent. The siege laid by the western kingdoms when the tunnel completed lasted for almost ten years, though finally the army withdrew' He stopped and carefully took a few steps ahead. The next second, he waved at them to continue. They had reached a kind of clearing, where the pathway branched off into four ways. 'Two of these lead to a hundred foot drop, to make sure that anyone who goes there doesn't return' 'You know them, right?' Edward asked, looking apprehensive. Eston chuckled. 'It's not for the first time that I have come here' he said, taking the far left path. 'So, now, the tunnel lay unused for almost fifty years, a time long enough for the forest to make it it's own' 'But that could have happened even if the people did use it' Stella said. 'No' Eston said, shaking his head. 'Istir is not like any other forest. It knows itself, and the travelers who traverse it. As far as possible, it protects them. But it needs it's space. The forest was displeased when the tunnel was dug, and so it lost no time to reclaim it when it became unused' 'How do you know it was displeased?' Mel asked. 'The people who dug it... could dig it from the start to the end, without anything happening to them. That was totally unexpected, since these rocks are often known to collapse. And then when they finally emerged successful, they were all killed. Poisoned' 'What does the forest have to do with that?' Mel frowned. 'It does. They were poisoned by cherries, which everyone else also ate. Only the diggers died' Everyone went quiet, trying to imagine the scene. 'Like I said, the forest is different. Strange, if you prefer the word' Eston said, his old demeanor returning. 'So what's in here now?' Stella asked. 'I wouldn't be here if I could tell you that, I guess. I can tell you though, that I once found an arm, a freshly severed, bleeding human arm inside these very caverns and I can remember only running without looking back when I took a step away and the hand disappeared into something in the shadows. It was years, before I could muster the courage to come here again' They walked on, trying not to imagine the horror of what they had just heard, hoping they wouldn't encounter anything of the sort. As they ventured deeper inside, vines and cracks began appearing in the walls, and Mel could again feel the same feeling of something imposing that she could feel in the forest. Their walk was uninterrupted for about an hour when- 'What?' Eston exclaimed as the rope became tight. Mel looked back. Tei'jal and Galahad were both looking in the same direction, a strange, worried look on their face. Tei'jal's arm was outstretched, the pale fingers pointing towards them. 'What is it?' Galahad whispered, which Mel could bearly hear. The dead silence pressed her from all sides. 'It can't be...' 'It is not possible' Tei'jal whispered back, in a voice that made everyone's hair stand up. For almost a minute, they stood still, Mel's heart throbbing like mad. Finally- 'Run' Tei'jal whispered. 'Get on me, quick!' Without warning, Mel felt a jerk in the forward direction and the wind in her ears. Tei'jal had grabbed her in one arm, and she could vaguely make out Stella in the other and they were moving faster than ever before. A flash of white light dazzled her. 'Faster!' Tei'jal shouted, in a tone that further increased her heartbeat. It continued like that for almost another minute, when suddenly she was thrown out into the white outside, landing into the trees, hitting her leg heavily on her side. Getting up just in time, she saw Tei'jal fire one single arrow inside the tunnel, which was followed by an explosion.
  21. Aveyond Resources

    This sounds totally awesome! I wonder how it will be doing this as a collaborative project in this community. Also, it'll be great to make this go through a full development cycle, i.e. write out the script completely first (say on a forum thread), then start development and improvise as it proceeds and then have a proper release etc. If the script is ready in, the whole process would become much more streamlined. Also, if you will be making it in RMXP, I could help with the scripts along with porting it to Linux, Mac and (possibly) Android.
  22. Old Guild Outlines

    The Druids of Amaranthia (by @Pandaba, posted 14-Feb-2008) What a blessed cycle it is to have the completion of our safe haven! The Amaranthian Grove is our new sanctuary in the forests of Amaranthia, offering protection and ensuring the preservation of the essences and balance of nature. We are the priests of nature, warriors of the elements. What is this 'balance' that I speak of? All life is comprised of each of the four base elements: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. The forms of each of these elements vary for each element of life, whether physically or spiritually. When one element overtakes the other, there may be a shift in balance, and disruption of the cycle of life. Some of these shifts are unnatural and may even pose a threat. It is our duty to preserve this cycle, defeating these unwanted forces that try to disrupt the flow of life. We do this by harnessing all that nature has to offer us. This is our life and our strength. The animals and guardians of our humble sanctuary speak a cheerful greeting to all visitors. Enjoy your stay here, provided that you respect all forms of life. Archdruidess Elinirewiel "Wolfmother" Moonbrooke
  23. Old Guild Outlines

    Witches and Warlocks Guild Outline (by @Argoyle, posted 07-Feb-2008) The Witches & Warlocks Guild Enter of your own will To a place Of magic and sorcery Of charm and trickery Come embrace the darkness Be part of us... Welcome to the Witches and Warlocks of Amaranthia! We thank you all beforehand for taking the time to hear what we have to say. Call it W&W; in short, it is established in a time long forgotten with its history stretches far beyond the Dark Ages. It is hard to tell how we came about or exactly who founded it. Our present leader is as mysterious as the Guild itself – we know he is there among us, yet we couldn’t know where. As time passes, so does our Guild grow and thrive with new members bringing in novel ideas and customs. We are unique individuals; but one thing being common in us is our legendary forthrightness. For we see the truth. And the truth is anything but pretty. As the saying goes, there are things in life that we have to deal with that is not always easy. Now, let’s move on to the significance of W&W;: A Witch is a female practitioner in the field of Dark Arts. Rulers of Fate and Weavers of Dark Magic, they bind the will of the ever growing number of lost souls and bid them into serving their mistresses. They are also seen riding on broomsticks, for recreational purposes, accompanied with a black cat or a green toad. Hear their crackling laughter as they go, and cower in fear. A Warlock is a male Black Mage. Masters at the art of Deception and Traps, they ensnare those who dare infiltrate their domain. A spell book and a wand may often be seen among them, but some might prefer having a blade as a weapon, a dagger or a rapier for example, and have the tendency of stealing and assassinating. Nothing feels as trilling and as satisfying as to have a sharp metal slicing through the soft skin of those who cross their path. Let’s not be frightened by us. We may be cruel and unforgiving from the outside, but we are gentle and loving from the inside. With this said, allow us to conclude this overture with yet another warm welcome to you all to the Guild of Witches and Warlocks. Rest in Peace ~BeMused
  24. Old Guild Outlines

    Enchanters' Guild Outline (by @Love, posted 18-Feb-2008) The Heart of an Enchanter So what is an Enchanter exactly? Well, that is difficult to figure out. As more members join this prestigious guild, the definition of it continues to change. Initially, Enchanters were renowned for casting spells to manipulate the soul and feelings of love. The magic spells cast by this guild were and still are largely based on its close relationship with the fairies. (Fairies happen to have long lives, surviving for generations as mere mortals would pass on to the afterlife. As such, Enchanters would live for generations and have magic powers as strong as the fairies’.) However, as the guild continues to grow, newer members and even a few of the veteran members become more versatile in other areas of magic. A few experiment with the darker forms of magic, others rely on the power of the elves to aid them in their time of need, and even some rely on the power of music to weaken their enemies. There are those who wield spells that can manipulate the heavens and even rip the very fabric of time while there are even a couple who can cast the awesome power of fire magic. So how would one define an Enchanter? Well, an Enchanter is a very special, unique person who possesses the ability to cast spells based on white magic and drive away any and all enemies who would dare to cause harm. In addition to all of the above, Enchanters are quite an elusive, secretive group of magic wielders. Although there are quite a lot of members who join this guild, one might wonder where they disappear to, afterwards. Once a member becomes an Enchanter, he or she may disappear away from Amaranthia for a while, honing their magical powers to be as strong as they can be. However, there are a few who do realize that regular contact with those on Amaranthia is essential to drawing in new members and to make the guild stronger. Therefore, an Enchanter or two (sometimes even three, four, or more) will come to Amaranthia and establish and maintain friendly relations with the members there. Enchanters always remember that they were once searching for a home, a place of belonging, and the guild welcomed them without reservations. Now one might ask the following question: “Why would I ever want to become an Enchanter and to join that guild?” As implied before, the Enchanters guild has the greatest diversity of magic wielders. Although all Enchanters practice white magic, they are not afraid to cast other forms of magic. Becoming an Enchanter means that one has the power of good and justice on his or her side. Therefore, fairies, elves, and other mythical creatures of good will come to defend Enchanters in their time of need, and the assistance is reciprocated. Enchanters look out for one another and hardly ever cause dissension within its own ranks. They take care of each other and unite as one menacing force when one of their own is attacked. In addition, despite the rumors, Enchanters do not need fairy dust to make a person see the truth. In fact, fairy dust doesn’t even exist. Rather, Enchanters appeal to the heart and intellect of the individual to open up his or her eyes. Enchanters will welcome just about anyone, provided that he or she has a good heart and is willing to embrace the power of white magic. Becoming an Enchanter means that one will have an ever-increasing number of friends for life. Enchanters are well-renowned for their friendly, kind nature and will never want to hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally. Also, members from this guild realize that people, even their own, may stray away from the right path every once in a while. After all, just about everyone falters at some point. However, if that person realizes his or her faults but is willing to correct them and become a better person, Enchanters will know the heart of that person and welcome them with open arms. So come forth, weary traveler, and find a welcoming, caring home in the Enchanters guild. Allow the power of good, white magic to surround you, and only then will you truly know and understand the heart of an Enchanter. NOTE:The outline is written by Phoenix, not me.
  25. Old Guild Outlines

    Dragon Lords Guild Outline (by @Oracle, posted 03-Feb-2008) Guild Introduction: The Dragon Lord guild is powerful and versatile. As Dragon Lords, we control fire and raise powerful dragons. By caring for dragons, we can count on their help during times of need. Dragons are our friends and helpers, and with their aid we can help others as well as cause much destruction. Similarly, our fire magic can be used in much the same way - it can either benefit others or destroy them. Therefore, the Dragon Lords make up a powerful guild that can accommodate its powers to the situation at hand. More about the Dragon Lords… The Dragon Lord guild is also known for its wildness. We have a wild, fiery, “friendly fire” type of side as one can see from the DL fights in the Fighter’s Pit. However, even though we have a fiery side, we always look out for and help our fellow Dragon Lords. We may have a wild side, but we are a united family, nonetheless. In addition to dragons, Dragon Lords can enlist the help of phoenixes, horses, and lava dwarves during times of need and war. We can also ride and fly dragons, and this skill is very practical when we need to get somewhere quickly. Deciding whether the guild is for you… As much as all Dragon Lords always love new members, the decision to join a guild is entirely yours. If you love dragons, fire, and/or fire magic, the DL guild is definitely right for you. We welcome all; after all, we are part of a warm, welcoming family. The only requirement is that you love and know how to use fire. Don’t worry, though; as a Dragon Lord, you will be able to master and perfect all the fire and dragon-related skills that you will need in order to contribute to the world of Amaranthia. Introduction of Guild Members: Dragon King: benyeap Black Dragon: yuki White Dragon: Erce/DFrost Flame Mistress: pristress Ardent Flame: Purplefire Lord of Fire: Zeus Dragon Song: tiniponi Dragon Cook: aveyond06 Whirlwind Inferno: Gen Fire Fury: whisperingmist Dragon of the Red Moon: Aeternus Fire Crystal: Basset Dragon over the Snowy Mountains: Snowfire Guardian of Flames: sanshark The Dragon Whisperer: Oracle Dragon Master: v12967 (Victor) Dragon's Talon: Avienda Ninja of the Dragons: s_tyong Princess of the Island Fires: Wybrich