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  1. How can it be fixed. I think it overwrote ALL my save files. Papillonma
  2. I went back into the game to retry the ending fight and ALL my save files are in the same room. I had a save file just before the room and that was also gone, replaced by the room. I went back to a really early save file and that got the same thing. I would really like to try the ending fight again, with different equipment, etc. I would like to know if that is how it is supposed be, or, is it a bug? Papillonma
  3. Thanks to both of you for your reply to my query. I guess that Devin is not going to marry Talia (or Alicia who I never got). Maybe I will go back and try the soul pendants to see if I can get out of it without 2 out of the 4 dying. Papillonma
  4. I beat The Dark Priest and Ahriman, but cannot find an exit to the room. I read the posts about pressing the space bar to many times (I am using gamepad controller) does that. So the actual question: How or can you use healing items in battle? Up until that point, I just pounded enemies to death and that does work with the last two. Also, how do you get Devin and Talia to marry, is that after you beat the last two? Papillonma
  5. Thanks, found them and beat the Harpy. Now onto the Dreamer's cave or maybe the water cave. All these decisions and so little time. Papillonma
  6. I am in the Fairy Village and got the quest to find the missing children, but I cannot find any clues as to were they are. Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks, Papillonma
  7. Thanks to both of you. Found my canoe and am progressing through the game. Papillonma
  8. Okay. I would guess that means going to Glenvale? Papillonma
  9. After the first time there, is there a shortcut? I have gone to the desert and seen Frederick's brother and need to get back there and I don't know where my canoe is. Papillonma
  10. Jack has been opening some chest and not others, what is the criteria for his ability? I REALLY do not want to have to go back to the Bat Cave to open the chest. In one case, he did not open the chest and then I tried again (right away) and he opened it. I am a little confused. BTW, I tried downloading the patch, but I think it went to save slot 7 and only Talia at level 1. Papillonma
  11. I would guess that it makes sense that the Thor is a two-handed weapon. Thanks Papillonma
  12. I am trying to equip Devin with a sword and an oak shield and it will only accept one or the other. I did download the God Goodie and have the Thor, so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it? Does the game tell you when weapon/armor/shield is the better one to equip? In most game they tell you how much more the in value the new weapon/armor/shield as compared to the old? What do those puzzle pieces mean when in the equip menu? Papillon
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