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  1. jjthedark

    Inxain: Shroud of Darkness

    Hey that would be great! Right now I'm trying to add a good baseline for the fishing profession right now. I'm hoping to get the starting town finished and more or less beta playable by July. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk
  2. Hello all, First off, thank you for taking a look at my post, I have been working on this game off and on for about 4 months now and I thought I would take some time to share what I've done so far. Game features: 1. Day/Night cycle w/ Clock 2. Professions such as smithing, cooking, fishing, etc. 3. Added equipment slots, now have helm, body armor, weapon, shield, cloak, leg gear, etc. 4. Added multi layer quests. 5. Achievements I have also built a bit of story line so far. I don't have time to build graphics and program so I am mostly just using presets. Right now the story takes place in small North-Western village known as Tel 'Naris. A village formed to stand guard over the dark lord Severlan's grave, to make sure his "Servants" do not try to resurrect him. Meet the main character Jason Ramirez, an unknowing descendant of the InXainian Knights of old, an order dedicated to the peace and balance of this world. This is the order that defeated Lord Severlan over twenty years ago. Lyra Fang: She is a Fadeling woman with a kind but strong heart, hundreds of years ago the Fadelings were brought to this world by Severlan himself. Blood of an Elf, Skin of a Night Orc these creatures were created. Severlan took great care in making sure they were stealthy assassins. But years after being created, the fadelings turned on Severlan and created their own order. Rejected by their Elf brothers and repulsed by the savagery of Night Orcs they disappeared from the lands... I have more that I'll add later, but for now, here are some screen shots
  3. jjthedark

    Tips for making a good rpg.

    Full quest system:
  4. jjthedark

    Tips for making a good rpg.

    O and equipment screen ( 1x necklace and 2x rings are not shown on this screen shot, the list of equitable items scrolls down)
  5. jjthedark

    Tips for making a good rpg.

    Wow! thank you Rosetyler, this actually helps out a lot thank you! Here are some screen shots so far. World map: Title Screen: Intro: Starting screen AM and PM full working in game clock: Full skills and professions :
  6. jjthedark

    Tips for making a good rpg.

    Hello all, In my down time I like to work on my game i'm building, however, other than my story line I have little direction on where my game is going. I would like to know from you guys what is important to you? Good story line? Quests? Skill? And what is the best way to start things? I have been working on my first little town for some time now cause I keep thinking of new things I want to add. Is this a good way to develop a game or should I get all of the maps built then go back threw refining, adding quests, dialog, etc? Right now the first game I am working on is "Inxain: Shroud of Darkness", Game two is Inxain: Orphan Army, and Game three is Inxain: Fade-lings. I actually have 7 games in the making, At first I was going to write the books, but I like the idea of playing threw my stories rather than just writing them. The time frame of the games is to take place in medieval fantasy times. Any ideas for process of creation would be greatly appreciated, Thank you. -Inxainian Knight
  7. jjthedark

    won't fit to screen

    Yeah I finally got it all fixed and working last night, works great, and it's not too grainy eather.and my tv is only a year old, so it had all the stuff I needed, thanks guys.
  8. jjthedark

    won't fit to screen

    Nah it is quite clear...and I can pull it down...my monitor is a tv. The game is clear and looks great...of the screen that is showing. And I have messed around with the settings and resolution....but still didn't work. it's probable just my tv...and no real way to fix it, so I will just play in small screen
  9. jjthedark

    won't fit to screen

    i am playing aveyond 1 and it works fine but when i go to full screen it cuts like 2" off the bottome of the game screen and it like shoves 2" of it up threw the top of my monoter. if i could just like drag it down 2" i would be fin lol, any way to fix that? im on a 32" screen
  10. jjthedark

    map patch

    ight, thanks man . yeah i still have the key, i'll give it a go. im getting all of the aveyond games.. ahriman's prophesy, aveyond 1 and 2. and aveyond 3 part (1,2, and 3) and then im going to play them all the way threw btw, great games! i love the old school Zelda/Final Fantasy type games.
  11. jjthedark

    map patch

    i bought this game like 2 years ago, and it was befor the game was fully done so people were able to buy a patch that would make the game bigger and on the front screen it had Ren on it. but i uninstalled it for a wile. now i am wanting to play agen but you guys dont have that patch anymore...is there anyway to get it? or do i have to buy the game agen? :/
  12. jjthedark


    Im working on building a game on my own, but one thing I don't understand is how to make events end for good. Like if I put a chest in the game and open it and then leave the screen and come back...i can open it agen...and agen...i don't know how to stop this. After that I'm planning on making this a 4 part game. Around 100 hours of pay time on each. I already have the main story line that I want. Now it's just customizing it to fit Moved to Game Making Questions