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  1. Here's my gift for @Scrivener of the Gods on shape-shifting Ean AV2: Behind the Scenes
  2. @Queen-of-Ice101 Oh my gosh that was so cute! I loved it
  3. I'm anusha52 on Tumblr, in case there's any trouble pming me here
  4. I'm in OTP is Rhen/Lars Also I love Ava from av2. Not a huge fan of Ava/Gavin though I think? I've played AP, av1, av2 and I think the first 2 parts of av3
  5. I had tried compatibility mode with windows xp and even windows 98, but it didnt work. so i just ended up playing on the desktop when it was free. Thanks for the help anyways
  6. I installed the game on my laptop which has windows 7 and the controls are not working. On the main screen the only key which works is the alt, and it takes the game to the story page. When it gets to the beginning of the game in talia's house, alt acts like an enter and displays the next bit of dialogue. esc, x, c ,v ,b and n bring up the menu with the characters details and everything and pressing them again closes the menu after a while talia starts to randomly walk about on her own i installed it on my desktop which has windows xp and it works fine. it would be more convenient to have it on my laptop as my dad works on the desktop i have searched the forums and google but couldnt find anything. I have no idea what to do and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance..
  7. That does sound awesome has there ever been an AU fic before? i dont think ive seen a single one.. "Ahriman is the cheerleading squad captain" AHAHAHAHAHAHA XD ..is he a girl in this one? [d]Its kinda cruel though :I announcing an awesome AU and then saying ur not gonna write it [/d]
  8. * is very happy that you're writing R/L again * Yay more RL for me to dig into pfft haha i think i lost it while trying to imagine galahad as a girl xD It would be awesome if you continued the three headed dog one ^^ Aand as far as prompts go.. Rhen/Lars getting trapped somewhere together when during the initial stage of the quest? (before elini)
  9. Well thats sad.. i guess.. i still havent finished the latest released aveyond game.. xD even though its been years.. i would attempt to write fanfic myself but i barely remember anything and im too lazy to play it again :I I was thus tempted to write an AU but that would sorta ruin the fun.. I would really REALLY like to play with the AV1 characters in the group again in some new game/ i dont care if its really short and in heaven with clouds all around or something. I just want a new different story with all of them/ (dameon not being there would do..) not just teijal and galahad (and lots of RL moments maybe) But i guess thats not gonna happen so there.. ^^"
  10. Got a little nostalgic over R/L after, like, a year so came back wandering to Amaranthia ^^" This is one of my most favourite fanfics EVER and it would really be awesome if you rewrote it or wrote anything with R/L really ..The R/L fandom isnt dead is it?
  11. Im a major RxL fan and a Lars fan too :roll: Hope you finish your next part soon School work can be so annoying sometimes..
  12. finally had time to read this :D (i had lost track of what was going on, so I had to read quite a bit of the previous entries) can't wait for more (i have forgotten what happened next in the game, so sadly i won't be of much help ) i love this so much that when you didnt update for more than a year, i seriously considered tracking you down :P XD
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