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  1. I know, right? La la la, walking... AAH, BATTLE! 30 seconds after getting out of battle... AAH, ANOTHER BATTLE!
  2. Yep! I like to give players a chance to avoid monsters, if they can. No random battles for me!
  3. Since the codes aren't working, I'm just going to post the screenshots on the first page of my cottage. Go check 'em out!
  4. Yep, It's XP. I'm going to post the screenshots really soon, okay?
  5. Well, my first game that I'm showing to the public. There's a lot of other games I've worked on, but never shown to the the public.
  6. Thanks! The game uses a lot of tilesets from AV2. For example, the Palace of Dreams uses the Candar tilesets, and world map uses the, well, world map tileset!
  7. This game takes place is the land shown in my cottage, the Dream Realm. The Story For thousands of the years, magical creatures have lived happily in the Dream Realm. But recently, a deadly plague has broken out, sweeping across the the magical land, leaving few alive. Queen Mythic is prepared to set out on a expedition to find the source of this disease and possibly destroy it, but she did not expect to get it herself! Despite her skepticism toward the mortal realm, she is forced to send a human girl by the name of Julianna out to find and end the cause of the plague. Features -Explore a magical world with many lands to discover! -Many spells to learn, quests to do and people to meet! -The ability to change your party around! -Different vehicles you can take to different lands! -Sideview battles! Playable Characters: Julianna Race: Human Julianna is just an ordinary girl who stumbled upon the portal to the Dream Realm one day. She has a kind, caring, trusting, forgiving nature, which sharply contrasts with Alonia's firey temperamental attitude. Alonia Race: Fairy Alonia is Queen Mythic's trusted adviser. She just wants to get the mission over with so that the silly human can go back to her own land and she can get back to her normal life. She has quite a temper and an attitude. Erenva Race: Mermaid Erenva is an energetic young mermaid who is curious about the world above. Like most mermaids, she lives in the Coral Caves beneath the Ocean of Dreams. When she learns of Julianna's quest to save the Dream Realm from the plague, she jumps at the chance to save her land and she the outside world. More to come... Screenshots are in my cottage!
  8. Yeah, we can worry about that later. Usually I just do a basic map and add the details and such once I have the basic storyline done.
  9. Screenshot! Looking pretty good so far, though the mapping could be better.
  10. Yay! As a SUPER SURPRISE TWIST, Amanda should be the villian, but she doesn't reveal her identity until later in the game. Teeheehee.
  11. After a long delay, the forth chapter is here! Chapter Four: Princess Savin', Here We Come School of War and Magic Talia: Hi Mr. Teacher Person Man! I'm gonna be a magic user and this guy Devin is gonna use swords. Mr. Teacher Person Man: Are you sure that's a guy? Talia: Actually, no, I'm not. Devin: *whines* But swords are dangerous! Mr. Teacher Person Man: Let's go try it in the fighting room, shall we? *gives practice sword* Fighting-Room-Place In the School Devin: *tries hitting Mr. Teacher Person Man* *whines* Hey! You're not supposed to dodge! Stop cheating! Talia: Huh? Mr. Teacher Person Man: Yeah, I don't really have to dodge, he kinda just misses. One Year Later Thais Castle Talia: OH MY GOSH, WE'RE GONNA GRADUATE. Devin: All the teachers said I was stupid and that I sucked, but I don't know what that means. Do you, Talia? Talia: Uhm... It means you are absolutely the GREATEST student they have EVER had in their life. Devin: Yaaay! Guard Person: Like, OMG, the princess just like, totally got kidnapped, like, totally, OMG. King: You two go save her. And you won't get payed. Talia: Will there be adventure? King: Uh... Sure? Talia: Deal! Thial Mountains Talia: According to the maps I downloaded off the interwebz, the princess should be out here. Devin: *whines* I'm scared! There's an evil looking guy down there! Talia: Let's go! Down on the cliff... Zorom: Hi, Princess. You're hot. Alicia: Eww! Get away from me, you *beep*ing pervert! Zorom: You're just playing hard to get I know you love me inside. Let's get married and have lots of BABIEZ. Alicia: Ewwwwwwww! *beep* you, you *beep*ing *beep*! Talia: NEVER FEAR, PRINCESS ALICIA! FOR, DUN DUN DUN DUN, IT'S THE SUPER SQUAD! Devin: Super Squad? Talia: Yeah! We can be a league of SUPER HEROES! We need a name if we're going to be super heroes! Alicia: But that name is stupid and it sucks. Devin: Okay, if you think it's good, we'll use it! Alicia: Uhm... Didn't you hear what I said? Devin: Yes, I did! You said it was stupid and it sucked! Alicia: Errr... nevermind. Zorom: You guys are stinky poo-poo heads! You can't steal this hot princess! We are in looooooove! Talia: *hits him once and defeats him* Zorom: NOOOOOO! You won this time, but I'll be back! *disappears* Alicia: Thank you, Talia and Future Husband! Devin: What? Alicia: Eeheeheeheehee... Nothing.
  12. Very great game. Currently, i am in Elundra. I just got passed the guards, and I'm not too sure how I'm supposed to progress... EDIT: Okay, now I'm in the sewers. My level is in the high teens. I'm no longer instantly killed by the two thieves like when I tried to fight them at level 3(yeah... I used the four-leaf clover a lot), but I can't kill them. I keep making Ann and Klaus use their best skills, yet the thieves are just refusing to die.
  13. Hehe, thanks for the feedback, guys. I try to get chapters out everyday, and sometimes even more than that sometimes.
  14. Chapter Three: To Mainland we Go Ferry Talia: Excuse me, mister ferry man- Devin: Ooh! He's a fairy man? CAN YOU GRANT MY WISHES, FAIRY MAN? Ferry Man: YOU KIDS BEST SHUT YER YAPS! I AIN'T NO FAIRY MAN! I'M A FERRY MAN! Devin: B-b-but, you were supposed to grant us wishes, and you were supposed to... sprinkle... fairy dust... on us... and... and... AND... *cries* Talia: AAHHH! WE JUST WANTED TO ASK HOW MUCH THE FERRY COST TO GET TO MAINLAND! * Ferry Man: Oh, why didn't you just say so? And... Are you still crying? Talia: *in deep, manly voice* HEY, YOU LITTLE GIRLY MAN DEVIN. YOU BETTER STOP DOING THAT CRYING THING, OR PREPARE TO BE CRUSHED, MORE THAN YOU HAVE EVER BEEN CRUSHED BEFORE, OR EVER WILL BE CRUSHED IN THE FUTURE, BECAUSE YOU WILL TOO CRUSHED TO EVER BE CRUSHED AGAIN. DO YOU HEAR ME? Devin: AAAAHHHH! OKAY, I'LL STOP, I'LL STOP! Talia: Excellent. Now, how much for the ferry again? Ferry Man: Free. Devin: OMG, that's like, so cheap!!!!!!!! Ferry man: Well, the creator of this crap doesn't remember the exact amount it costed, and she's too lazy to back and check, so it's free. Talia: Hooray for forgetfulness! Mainland!!! Talia: Devin, you know that song, where there's this girl singing about missing her boyfriend, and then she just cries right in the middle of the song? Eeheeheeheehee. I like that song. Devin: That's not a girl. Talia: What? How do you know? Devin: BECAUSE I WROTE AND SANG THAT SONG. *cries* Talia: Oh. Well, whatever. Hey, we're at the mountains! After a long and boring trip through the mountains... Talia: OH MY GOD, WE'RE ALMOST TO THAIS! YAAAAY! Devin: *still crying* Thais Talia: Dang it, why do they always have to put the schools in the very back of the city? Rhen: You said it! Talia: Hey! Rhen! While you're here, you wanna trade Robot Lars with Girly Emo Devin right here? Devin: Y-y-y-you wanna trade me awaaaay? *cries more* Rhen: Oh, gosh, would you look at the time, I'm late for class. Bye! *travels forward in time* Talia: BUT YOU'VE ALREADY GRADUATED FROM THE SHADWOOD ACADEMY!
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