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  1. RhenMcCree

    Remembering Aveyond

    My son played Aveyond 3 when he was age 7-9 years old, but he has since moved onto console games Halo, Dark Souls, GTA now that he's 17. He really enjoyed it and got pretty good at it like me. Of course I had to help him soon initially. He tried Av 1, but he had trouble playing it knowing where to go next what to do, all the side quests. I have played that game so many times I know all the side quests by heart I have the walkthrough memorized. I still love it so much, always will. I absolutely love the story love Rhen she's my girl favorite Aveyond character. I love Mel too, but Rhen will always be my favorite. I did just fine with Ahriman's Prophecy of course the battles are a little different to get used to, but I was able to handle that too. But boy does your spacebar take a beating lol especially the end battle lol. It's fun though to get to meet Alicia, Devin, Talia and even Cinderella side quest so cool.
  2. RhenMcCree

    Lydia dresses

    It's just too bad there isn't one in the Orc Kingdom that would be funny I'm sure Mel would get a kick out of buying Lydia a dress in the Orc Kingdom lol.
  3. RhenMcCree

    Post your reviews here!

    Your comment kind of made me chuckle the last line lol. I myself didn't get into it as much as I immediately always became engrossed into the other Aveyond games. But I believe in giving things a second try and will make another attempt.
  4. Is this voice pack still available like anywhere?
  5. RhenMcCree

    Remembering Aveyond

    I started with Rhen's Quest in 2008 and it was exactly what I needed at that time since my husband and I were divorcing, a great distraction the story was so great I was hooked. I still will play it for old time's sake. It will always be my favorite game in the series. I love all the others too though but for different reasons. It's the story that I love I'm actually currently replaying AV3 I'm on Gates of Night, it's a great game, so much to do after LOT is fun but oh so short and simple. This is my first time replaying after 5 years so it's nice to come back and have it almost new again to me. I will always love these games, they mean so much to me. I also would like to start some new game series on here there are so many after all .
  6. RhenMcCree

    Aveyond - Ean's Quest: Keep Gavin and Nicholas

    I still wasn't able to get this to work. I went to Bogwood took Gavin before doing the frog quest. So upon reading that you have to have him I installed the maps went back to Thais picked up Nicholas and went back to Bogwood completed the frog quest and got Gavin, but Nicholas is gone not talking to Helga. So it's probably too late or something. Anything I can do?
  7. RhenMcCree

    How does Amaranth survive?

    I like gaming on pcs, but I typically run into video card issues so that is not much fun. My son has a console, but I prefer pc. I have a kindle, but I wouldn't want to play rpgs on that. Too difficult it would be without a mouse. I love amaranth games, my type of games. RPG without being too complex is for me.
  8. RhenMcCree

    Beta Testers needed for Infection

    I'm interested if you still need testers.
  9. RhenMcCree

    Resources, Tutorials, etc.

    This site would not load.
  10. RhenMcCree

    mobile app

    yes it would not let me log in. It said invalid password or something similar.
  11. RhenMcCree

    What happened to the voice pack?

    It was discontinued because not enough interest and it was a lot of work to do per Aaron himself. I wish it had been available for the whole orb of magic series. I have it for lord of twilight, but considering 4 games and voices only available for lot it's rather pointless.
  12. RhenMcCree

    spelled ice

    I found the blue ice in the marauder cave and got an ice cube. Is there more ice than this?
  13. RhenMcCree

    I'm stuck

    Oh so instead of going south of moo hatchery I need to go south of chateau lenore. Okay then hopefully the ferry will be there for me to take.
  14. RhenMcCree

    I'm stuck

    I'm in Thais cause I left for a bit trying to find the wood,nails, hammer, but now I can't get back there.