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  1. RhenMcCree

    Aveyond - Ean's Quest: Keep Gavin and Nicholas

    I still wasn't able to get this to work. I went to Bogwood took Gavin before doing the frog quest. So upon reading that you have to have him I installed the maps went back to Thais picked up Nicholas and went back to Bogwood completed the frog quest and got Gavin, but Nicholas is gone not talking to Helga. So it's probably too late or something. Anything I can do?
  2. RhenMcCree

    How does Amaranth survive?

    I like gaming on pcs, but I typically run into video card issues so that is not much fun. My son has a console, but I prefer pc. I have a kindle, but I wouldn't want to play rpgs on that. Too difficult it would be without a mouse. I love amaranth games, my type of games. RPG without being too complex is for me.
  3. RhenMcCree

    Beta Testers needed for Infection

    I'm interested if you still need testers.
  4. RhenMcCree

    Resources, Tutorials, etc.

    This site would not load.
  5. RhenMcCree

    mobile app

    yes it would not let me log in. It said invalid password or something similar.
  6. RhenMcCree

    What happened to the voice pack?

    It was discontinued because not enough interest and it was a lot of work to do per Aaron himself. I wish it had been available for the whole orb of magic series. I have it for lord of twilight, but considering 4 games and voices only available for lot it's rather pointless.
  7. RhenMcCree

    spelled ice

    I found the blue ice in the marauder cave and got an ice cube. Is there more ice than this?
  8. RhenMcCree

    I'm stuck

    Oh so instead of going south of moo hatchery I need to go south of chateau lenore. Okay then hopefully the ferry will be there for me to take.
  9. RhenMcCree

    I'm stuck

    I'm in Thais cause I left for a bit trying to find the wood,nails, hammer, but now I can't get back there.
  10. RhenMcCree

    I'm stuck

    I'm stuck as well. I haven't played it much, but today I tried playing and I can't get on the ferry in moo hatchery. The last time I played I left the area around Peliad,but now I don't know how to get back to that area. Do I need to restart?
  11. RhenMcCree

    no items or equipment

    I think you're right. I seem to remember that when Mel had to move. I'm at the point of going back to thais to talk with Stella. I thought I would die or something not having my items and equipment, but I think it will be fine.
  12. RhenMcCree

    no items or equipment

    What? Why? I don't remember that happening in gates of night. I don't care so much about the items, but my equipment I have no armor or anything. Also, there are treasure chests that have dirty clothes which you start lot out with. In gates of night you don't go back that far. I'm level 36, but I have nothing.
  13. I loaded my gon save file and I start tlo with no equipment and no items and no money. What the heck happened? I've tried more than one save, but I still end up with no items to start out with. Has anyone else had this problem?
  14. RhenMcCree

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    I'm replaying gon and trying to get Edward to marry Mel. Mel currently has 6 points and I've done everything including not gave the flowers or sonnet to Mel in the Ork Kingdom, I gave those to Lydia. I just did the one in Naylith and for some reason she still only has 6. How is this possible? I know I've given all the right flowers and did the charms. I appear to be missing a point, but don't know which. I always talk to everybody in all the towns so I don't think I would have missed any of the flowers.
  15. RhenMcCree

    Aveyond 3-3 News and Suggestions

    thanks aisling. I haven't been to the site for a while cause I'm hooked on Twilight now, but noticed it was updated to say December 2009. It's really okay with me so I can just go see New Moon and then December focus on lost orb game.