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  1. There was some hesitation on my part before posting this message; however, so many of you have asked on several occasions when the third act would be released that I felt it was only fair to give you all due notice. Well, I was recently in contact with the producer, and he informed me that there is a finalized release date set for Act III. You have all been extremely patient, and for that you have the entire team's gratitude. As I said before, much of the extra time we found ourselves with was, though unfortunate, useful for adding and implementing new mechanic and cosmetic changes to all three of the acts. However, this release date currently only applies to Act III. The revised acts will be consolidated and re-released once the producer feels he has received the necessary feedback for Act III (in order to correct any problems/incongruities that the player community may discover- though I don't think there's likely to be any). As for Act III, please look forward to our October 18th release!
  2. Act III is, for the most part, finished. We've been delayed for quite a while due to our vocalist being occupied with matters of her own. Once I get her vocals and integrate it into the game, then it should be released shortly thereafter. Sadly, I cannot give you a more exact release date, since what's delaying us is more related to people working outside of the project. However, our ambitious producer is using the extra time to put together an anthology collection of all three acts (with a revised Act I). I realize that comes as small consolation to those of you who have been waiting so long already, but I tell you only to reassure you that we are all fervently working to bring you the final act as soon as possible!
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