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  1. OK so i was just going to the land of the lost for the first time and all of a sudden my character just automatically went right and i cant move left. i created a new game file and it did the same thing right away as soon as i got control. Anyone know whats wrong? i don't really want to re download because that would be a waste of 2 and a half hours. Also anyone know if there is a speed crystal of sorts in the game?
  2. morning star is not elini's strongest weapon gargoyle whip is unless its a goodie only weapon then im wrong. also you can get zurvana armour from a red chest in the dark caves which is 50 better but you get only one.
  3. nevermind i solved the problem i teleported to aveyond and let the bees attack me that seemed to solve it.
  4. OK so i used my teleport rock thing to veldt and i couldn't move after that i searched around for abit and i found a topic about another person having the same problem. And the solution for that was to upload my save file to a site i was wondering if that worked and if t does could a admin or w/e please do this for me. and if there is a way to avoid that. And also i don't know how to get access to the save file so this could be difficult. if not i could go to my old save file two hours or so behind. Edit: nevermind i solved the problem i teleported to aveyond and let the bees attack me that seemed to solve it. Merged Post. ~Mopiece
  5. i waited until i had the picklock and its just a iron sword not worth holding off for
  6. ok tyvm everyone think i have all the goodie knowledge sorry for the hassle.
  7. so i can do this without a shovel either way it doesnt really matter im about to get one anyways
  8. say would anyone know how to download the cash cow when i download it all i get is a picture of where it is
  9. ok thank you very much it was simpler than i thought
  10. OK so i am not very good with computers and i don't really understand how to install the god goodie. Im not sure what to do with the first one and i don't know what unizp i think that it is unzip but i don't know what that is either. If anyone could help it would be be appreciated. Also i cant seem to find the aveyond data folder im using windows xp home edition and i downloaded off of big fish games if that helps. Thank you
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