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  1. ((Not Kulina. xD That post was so much fun to write. Anyway, she'll be fine.))
  2. Kulina was shocked as she heard the sound of howls in the distance. They were getting louder, and louder. Confused (more so than usual), Kulina quickly snuffed out the tree's fire. What was going on? Were doggies coming to play with them? As the first wolfman came into view, Kulina jumped and screamed. She had fought them before, and they weren't nice to play with! Why were they coming? To pick on her? That wouldn't do! The nasty beasts were coming closer! Her attention was ripped from the monsters as she heard a scream from one of her companions. Were they hurt? Did they need to be set on fire? Were they... a birdy now? Kulina began to skip toward Avarea, convinced that she was now a birdy friend. Avarea was attacking the wolfmen, though, and this was not the time to pet her. She yelled, and noticed that the monsters were coming towards her, too! "HEY! YOU MEANIES!" she shouted, and hopped up and down. "FIRE BALL!" A huge ball of flame shot at the beasts, incinerating them. Kulina smiled, and started to yell something about glow sticks and how pretty all of the wolves looked when they were glowing. One of the monsters attacked her, grabbing her by the arm. Kulina, shocked, shouted the first thing that came to mind, "Shadow stream!" A burst of darkness struck out at the wolf man, sending him to the ground. Kulina didn't know if he was dead, or if he was simply knocked out.
  3. ((Please, anything! We really need to do something... It would probably be better than training, anyway. Also, I'm not going to post for the actual RP right now because there isn't much to say about Kulina. She's dancing around the burning tree, if anyone wants to know. xD))
  4. Well, I'm not going to pretend to know exactly what SOPA and PIPA say exactly, but I've seen a lot about them in the past few days. I think that it's really great for the USA to be supporting copyright laws, and trying to get rid of piracy, but SOPA and PIPA are too much. They seem to be a bit over the top, and I don't like that. It's good to want to protect people's rights, but making websites unsearchable and things like that are way too much. It wouldn't be a good idea in my opinion, but I suppose that they do have a few merits. I've also seen people saying that SOPA and PIPA violate the American first amendment(?). Cracking down on piracy shouldn't have to go that far. There will always be some way for people to download things illegally, whether these bills are in place or not. We should all be able to access what we want on the Internet within reason, and these two seem to prevent that.
  5. playpink said: I laughed so hard when I read that. I love crazy characters. xD Oh, and has anyone seen Surreptition? They appear to be the only person who's in the Greater Good who hasn't posted in the RP Thread. It's hard to RP without the other RP'ers... I was just wondering.
  6. ((It's actually so much fun writing Kulina. She just does whatever. )) "While we wait for Miss...Winter, I think she's called..." he continued, standing up, "we would do well to practice, since we're about to fight the ultimate evil organization. I suggest you practice on the trees, a new one instantly grows if you smash one, chop one in half"...he looked at Kulina..."incinerate one, or blow one up." Protagon said. Kulina noticed the glance, and jumped over to a tree. "Winter's a pretty name," she said as she sized it up, gave it a hug, let it go again, and stared at it. Of course, the tree made no move against her, and certainly didn't hug her back. This was not good for the tree. "Why didn't you hug me back??!!" Kulina shouted at the tree, making wild arm movements. She roared at the tree quite angrily. "You're gonna pay!" The elf said something unintelligible, and the tree caught fire. As the fire crackled and popped, Kulina apologized profusely to the tree, not bothering to look at her companions.
  7. ((Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!)) "Oh, I'm Kulina!" she said in a singsong voice. The elf ran over to the nearest flowerbed, and started to prod the flowers into a shape that looked ugly, but was quite pleasing to her. "Where're we going first? And do I get to blow things up?" Kulina asked, her personality becoming a bit darker. She laughed again afterwards, and returned to playing with the flowers. This time, she was careful to not set anything on fire. Flowers were much too precious... Once satisfied with the arrangement of the greenery, she stood up again and looked towards the Prince.
  8. ((This might seem stupid to ask, but where is everyone at this point? It isn't very clear if they're in a forest, or a town or something. Sorry.)) ((Oh, and if you're confused by this, Kulina's mostly insane.)) Kulina laughed and twirled around as she skipped towards the meeting place. It had been a spur of the moment decision, and she wasn't regretting it quite yet. Of course, Kulina didn't really regret anything. She had killed some people, and she made light of everything, but it was fun. And life was supposed to be fun, right?! The elf kept skipping, and cursed when she almost tripped over a branch. She incinerated the branch, but put out the fire quickly. She didn't want to start a forest fire... That would be too much. A few minutes later, she reached the meeting place. There were a few people that were already there. They must have been the recruits and the prince, Kulina though. "Lalalalala! Here's my token!" Kulina said in a sing-song voice as she pulled the GG marked token from a pocket and tossed it to the prince. She threw it gently, for once in her life. The elf sat on the ground promptly, and started to poke at a bug. She tired of it quickly, and set it on fire.
  9. @Addicted_Emma: Yeah! Canada! I'm from Canada, too. I'm excited since there aren't a whole bunch of Canadians on AM.
  10. @binas: That's a cute holiday siggie, but I won't be using it. Good job! @all: I think that I'm going to work on a New Years set. Maybe. I had an idea for another set, but it's more than a little difficult to make, so I don't know if I'm going to do it. (It's difficult because I suck at animating things.)
  11. What I meant by the hand-drawing thing is that he's moving his hand back, or out. I'm glad I could help, though. ^^
  12. I liked it, but, as your FB friends said, it is a bit stiff. The flow-y hair is cool, as well as the cape and flames. The hair and flames are the better animated, but the cape is still good. The teleport/summon at the end is pretty good, too. The one thing that's really standing out to me right now, though, is the hand. From what it looks like, Gyendal is drawing his hand back to shoot the fire thing out, but the way he draws his hand back is strange. The way that the hand is moving is strange and unnatural looking, just try it yourself. There's also the fact that the fire just flies away, which also looks unnatural. Even though he is magical, it's weird that the hand doesn't move forward at all when Gyendal throws/casts the spell. Of course, though, I don't know much about animating stuff like this. At all. I'm just telling you what I see that looks strange and/or good.
  13. @d_a: The little "UR KINGDUM IS OURS!!!!" was what made me laugh. It sounds like Uma wasn't the greatest child, but grew out of it (which Nox obviously didn't). Another video would be cool, but I definitely see what you mean about having a boring plot...
  14. That was great. I really loved the letter from Uma and Nox at the end. That made my day. ^^
  15. Cute, but short. The story could be longer, but it's fine at its current length. I've never heard of "A Ranger's Apprentice" before, but the intro/character marriage descriptions are enough to give anyone reading a general idea of Gilan's problems. I don't know much about the characters from reading this, but from what I know about romance and such, fainting doesn't seem to be the appropriate response. Maybe that's what Gilan's like, but I really don't know so I won't say anything else about that. Again, this is a cute and light little story! It made me feel happy, and eliciting an emotional response from the reader is always a good thing. ^^
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