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  1. (Sorry but I'm leaving the RP. If I ever get some time to post then I'll come back) Almaha suddenly vanished as every one watched it. He had to go back to where he belonged...
  2. Almaha was over with the rest of the group discussing how to enter the tower/cathedral. He was thinking of a good way to enter when he said "Why not just use the front door and expect as much resistance as could be expected.". The group was still discussing the cathedral and his mind started to come up with a plan.
  3. Almaha was rushing towards the bigger battle and he saw Nathan fighting a group of zombies. They were closing around him but he was fighting the ones in front of him so Almaha lunged forwards and killed the zombies behind Nathan with quick stabs to the back of head. He and Nathan were running towards the bigger battle and he saw the dancer doing a fire spell of some sort. It was amazing but he had to kill more zombies.
  4. The minute Almaha heard her say it was time for battle he charged forwards with his spear and shield he stabbed the zombie through the eye and it fell to the ground. He killed a zombie "Time for some fun" he said to himself. He threw his spear at another zombie and killed it. Before he could turn around to see it a zombie attacked him and he fell to the ground, quickly thinking he hook kicked the zombie and it fell to the ground, he reached for his spear grabbed it and stabbed the zombie through the eye. He ran towards more zombies and the big fight, he was beside Sir Nathan Elindor and Yani.
  5. When Almaha heard her speak he followed the order and went out the gate. He was finally out of the city and onto the rough forest terrain,he moved best on this terrain because he liked it the most. He would finally get to kill something and have some fun. He liked most of the crowd especially the ones that looked like they wanted to get out of the city too. He liked the other knight,the vampire,the fairy,and the witch the most,the others were okay.
  6. Almaha was walking towards the gates with his spear in one hand and his shield in the other. He had purchased everything he would need to fight the undead. He saw the group that would fight the undead standing at the gate,he made haste so that he would not keep them waiting. He wondered what this adventure would be like,would it be long or short,warm or cold,and wet or dry. He was at the gate by now and saw the group he recognized two of them Sir Nathan Elindor and Nova Fortia. He had only seen the others when he was walking or doing something else.
  7. Here's my sign up. NAME: Sir Almaha Terrin AGE: 21 GENDER: male CLASS: Lancer WEAPON: Spear (carries a dagger in his boot) ITEMS: Holy water, torch + matches,rope,candles,heavy blanket,cross,and water(in a skein) SKILLS: Physical- punch someone out in 1 hit Magical- Minor Fireball-->Fireball-->Major Fireball Other-Great accuracy with weapons BATTLE SKILLS: Lunge-Lunges forwards and knocks someone down Throw Spear-Throws spear at an enemy Kick-Kicks the enemy OUTFIT: Wears tight black pants and a tight black shirt he also wears golden knight armour and golden steel boots. WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Almaha has blue eyes and blue hair that goes down to his eyes and his shoulders,he is built due to his training but not to the extent to that he is a body builder. INFO: He has one sister and his mother and father are the king and queen of Kasilna. His mother and father love their daughter more so they imprisoned Almaha ,but he escaped with the help of friend and went on an adventure with them saved the world and is now saving this town.(He loves adventures)
  8. I love this story! It is so evil and yet so funny!
  9. I buy my milk in bags or cartons.
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