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  1. I'll have to try this! I'm not very good though . . . Oh well. Interesting contest!
  2. When did she say this? :S I had no idea that was the case. But . . . It obviously still has to be popular enough that Amanda can make SOME money off of it. If the game is popular enough that she'll make it "just for fun", some people are still buying it. I phrased that terribly, but you get the point.
  3. Well, a possible explanation could be that Eldrion/the Acropolis are in early stages of their civilization, for lack of a better word, while Av2 is happening. Maybe these priests were around then, in the early part of the Acropolis' history. Then there's the question of how these armors/weapons made it to the Av2 mainland/islands. As for this whole Ashera's tomb thing . . . That really doesn't help clarify this whole situation. Now we're bringing in more and more mythologies into the mix. Maybe one of you can figure this out, but I'm stuck here. ((and an off-topic question, why does Thais change location and layout EVERY game?))
  4. That seems like the most logical explanation. Maybe the names are coincidental, assuming the facts we've established about the religion are true. It's a possibility that Aian god/deity names happen to be similar in our universe. Or there's more to the story than this. I honestly have no clue. Indeed they are :S
  5. This is true, but when we revisit the Arishta Isles in The Darkthrop Prophecy the goddess has donation boxes in pretty much every city. Now, this could just be because us players were already familiar with donation boxes and Amanda felt she should continue with that. OR the goddess could have revealed herself to the Arishta Isles somewhere around the time of Aveyond 2. Something tells me that the answer is the first option, but for the sake of this thread and explaining things let's go with option two. But I would be more interested in learning about Hauvartat. I think that's the wrong spelling but I'm too lazy to scroll up. I would like to know more about her and what role she plays in the Aveyond faith/religion/belief system.
  6. Welcome quasi! I hope you have fun on this site. I've had to have played the aveyond games that many times too Have fun!
  7. Exactly what d_a said. First of all, I'm not very good at making simple things, let alone a whole spilled water thing. And I'm not going for comedy, I'm going for romance XD
  8. Well, people obviously still do buy the PC games and game making engines from Amaranth, as it's still in business. Personally, I'll buy a game from Amaranth instead of from a different place in order to support Amanda and her team. And there have been no announcements or any talk about the site closing, and Amaranth continues to make games for us, so I'm assuming all is well.
  9. Oh my gosh it's Ryo! :awww: *ahem* Do you remember me? :3 ((okay sorry this is off-topic?))
  10. I really like the Lars. The wind thing looks really cool, and I love the staff! Te'ijal's dress is really neat too. The dragon with the rider is great too!
  11. Indra

    Doodles and Pixels

    Thanks! It does look like an upside down mushroom There's that stem thing that you put the flowers in, and there's a hole that it gets the water through. Oh my god, I'm soooo bad at describing things!
  12. Indra

    Doodles and Pixels

    Here's a bud vase I made for my mom in, what was it... Sixth(?) grade? Somewhere around there. And its still in use! And it has some pretty flowers http://i.imgur.com/ihkB6y9.jpg[/img]
  13. Oh my god d_a. I am so freaking jealous of that helmet. I wish I had one of those . . . That's so not fair
  14. Okay, first of all I glanced through this again. I read this so long ago. Ahh, the nostalgia I enjoyed this so much! And whoa . . . That AU sounds so cool! I wish you would write that. That would be so fun but oh well. (seriously female Ahriman cheerleading demon person thing made my day!)
  15. Indra

    Doodles and Pixels

    We got a beautiful sunset here in Wisconsin. It doesn't look as good in a picture, but it looks lovely in person. http://i.imgur.com/7grvidI.jpg[/img] I swear cameras want to get revenge on me ever since I broke one when I was little. They hate me :S
  16. It doesn't matter WHO Edward proposes to. In the next chapter, the beginning will be the same no matter what. EDIT: If you propose Mel, you move out of Pemberley Keep and into the castle.
  17. Oh my gosh, I love Renn's face in that first one. The expression is funny in a good way, I mean. Is that one from the fic Blurble wrote about Renn and Lara? ((You're so gooood at this. I am so jealous.)) EDIT: Oh wait . . . Just saw your post in Burble's ficlet topic.
  18. Yes! Update! Oooh Renn has some fan girls this is awesome Kirroha. I really like all those genderbent characters. Amd a random question: is that pink haired boy supposed to be that girl with pink pigtails in the game? Just curious . . . I think I remember someone like that, but I'm not sure.
  19. Ah, okay. That really is too bad. Thanks for the info shaz
  20. That's too bad! I've gotten a few games from them. Like you said, it's nice being able to see so many RPGs in one place. Any idea why they're shutting down?
  21. Indra

    Doodles and Pixels

    @Lindrah: Yeah, paler skin would help, but I am so frustrated with that sprite I'm not working on it for a while XD As for the bird, the colors look dull because I took it in poor lighting with a crummy camera. I'll try to get a better picture when it's all the way finished, and I'll also post the picture I'm using as a reference. Thanks for your comments!
  22. Hello everyone. There have been no updates for some time even though I am out of school for the summer (thank god). There is a severe lack of updates because, during the day, I have been attending an acting academy/class and I will be for the next 3 weeks. That doesn't mean no updates, though. I'm probably just going to do it on weekends for a while. Just putting that out there
  23. Umm . . . I don't really see what you're getting at there. Lars just kissed Rhen's cheek, and she's embarrassed, so she blushed. I don't really understand why it would be 'better' if Rhen had spilled water.
  24. Thank you Blurble! :awww: I woke up and read this right away. I think my favorite R/L time is either fighting off crush with a giant stick or post apology. But every R/L moment is fun for me.
  25. Indra

    Doodles and Pixels

    So, here's something, and some explanation: I'm working on an idea for a game (no details yet, I'm still working on the villain XD). And two of the characters are those classic creepy twins that walk around together all weird-like. So I'm working on a sprite for them, and here's the top row of it: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/7761/5zqq.png[/img] First I did an almost entire recolor of the girl's sprite to make her match her brother (I took the colors for her hair and dress from the boy's sprite). Then I put them next to each other, which sounds easy, but you try it. It's pretty hard. Because if you don't line them up properly they walk all messed up across the screen. I'm going to post the rest of the sprite as I go. This is hard for me :S 25% of my brain cells just died people. And yes, I realize they're not very creepy looking. Whatever.
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