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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought too. It was worth the try though. Oh I'd never resort to hackers or pirated games - it's just against my ethics, I guess. And there's the threat of installing actual malware along with the program files, too. D: Thanks for your help everyone!
  2. That's a huge relief. Thank you so much for your help, aislingyngaio! I tried updating my AVG to see if the threat'll be gone, but it turns out it's got something against updating. I've uninstalled and downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials instead and the game + installation work perfectly - no threats detected.
  3. That's what I think too; how can I get the file though? I'd rather not resort to hackers - they're too shady for me. Does anyone have any idea what it is that I should do now? Maybe I'm just in need of a new application execution file then. :S
  4. But then what if there really WAS a virus? I don't want to inflict any damage on my new laptop if possible. Also, in case anyone's wondering: This is the error I get when I try to run the game using a renamed Game.exe file. It runs fine at first, and the game header reads "Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest (Build B)", but then it crashes before displaying the title screen. :S
  5. So what exactly is it that I should try now? I'm sorry, but I really don't get what you're saying. :/ Should I get the .exe file from another site installation? I don't think that that would actually work. :S
  6. Hey there everyone~ I've bought a new laptop, and I was re-downloading the games I previously had on my old one. I remembered having purchased AV2 a long time ago from this site - I think I did so at the time it was released, so I uncovered the activation email with the key and registration name. In the email, it said that the activation key would only work if I downloaded AV2 from this site, so I just did. During installation though, AVG (a virus protection program) detected a threat in one of the files - namely, the .exe one needed to run the game. Here's the prompt that popped up during the installation: Also, I tried replacing the .exe file with a Game.exe (renamed Aveyond2.exe) file from RPG Maker XP to see if that would remedy the situation, but instead, I got a script error. I'm not surprised at the result since I do remember the Buy Game/Play Trial/Quit screen before actually getting to the game. Can anyone please tell me what exactly is it that I'm doing wrong for this warning to appear? Is the problem a computer related one or a program related one?
  7. So it's an infinite source of dessert(cookies & brownies) plus it gives you money on your birthday? It's a must for every hero. lol *** I just remembered that in "The Healer" and "All is Not Lost" (homemade games made by alexia, they can be found on ---- if you look there) there was a chest in the princess's room, and you were only able to get what's inside when she's having dinner. Also, there was a merchant sleeping with a dog around, and whenever you tried opening the chest to see what's in, the dog would bark, waking the merchant up and getting you a scolding. I liked how realistic those events were. Too bad the games weren't finished beyond a 30 min ~ 1 hour demo. -.- Oh well ... removed website address ~tiniponi
  8. Brown

    School Uniforms

    You just don't know how true that was. I honestly can't imagine myself going to school to study without having my uniform on. I remembered when I went to school during the summer holiday to pickup the school uniform. I was dressed in bright blue and purple, and it just seemed off in school, like I didn't really blend in. lol
  9. Salome is very pretty. owo The artwork is so detailed too. And from what I can see from the screenshots up there, I can tell that the graphics are going to be beautiful. I might consider buying this later on when it comes out.
  10. I finally watched it until the very end. I'm laughing now, instead of feeling sad for the poor guys. "Sword made of Grandmothers" lol xD I'm pretty sure the item description would be something like: ". . . the caring power of this sword tames monsters and bakes cookies . . ." It would be interesting to see this in action. ^o^
  11. I'm giving this another try. XD Man I keep toying with it. I've always been relying on google translator for help with some phrases in my French homework ... I guess I shouldn't be doing so anymore. lol Here's what I entered: "I want to visit the Wonderland Alice went to." And apparently, the translator disagrees with me 56 translations later. >.< "I went to Alice." Oh, did you, my friend? Did you enjoy your time there by any chance? Do tell us of your adventures. Funny. ^o^
  12. Wow ... This game seems really interesting. So far, I'm in love with the art. Giselle looks adorable (I'll definitely be having her in the party ;D)! I'm interested to see how the flying minigame(?) and familiar summoning is going to be implied in the game. The mapping looks great too. Honestly, it looks so good I can't wait to try it out! I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the cast looks like too. *thumbs up*
  13. lol XD Aw ... *looks down* ... I never thought about what I'm doing while gaming to other people. *sniff* Okay seriously now, I loot people's houses in nearly every RPG I happen to come across and like. Man it must be hard for those farmers. Too bad they've been programmed not to mind. I'm beginning to feel sad about it though ... >,< Oh well, I'll get over it soon. lol
  14. I'm against killing animals for fur. It makes no sense anymore: "Humans used to wear fur since they had nothing better to wear, and it kept them warm in harsh winter"; we can make cloth now an weave cotton and wool (wool doesn't count as fur I guess, I mean it's just like giving the sheep a haircut in summer, and it doesn't mind it really, in fact, it's better for the animal itself), the latter also being warm and cozy. Technology reached a point where we could even make fake fur. If a person likes fur and animal hide for some reason, they could just resort to what's fake. Man, it looks the same and feels the same too. The only difference being the sheen, and that's not such a big problem that's noticed by everyone. People still think that killing animals to use their fur for their coat is the 'luxurious' thing to do. Yeah, sure ... let's see where that gets you.
  15. This is HILARIOUS! lol XD Here's my try: "Teddy bears are cuter than most stuffed animals. At least that's how I see it." . . . were the original sentences I entered . . . . . . ten translations later . . . "Ouliker bears, most of the animal samples. At least that's what I see." What are ouliker bears? o.o . . . twenty translations . . . "Ouliker cause most animal samples. At least that's what I see." So apparently oulikers cause animal samples. Wait, they're not bears anymore? O.o . . . thirty translations . . . "Ouliker because most sets of animal samples. But what I see at least." It just keeps getting weirder. O.O . . . forty translations . . . "medvjedića Ouliker, ナックバー životinjskih uzoraka の. ЛА の ダン の детективот Daang Dienste सोमबार." What does this even say ??? OoO . . . and finally, after fifty translations, we get . . . "Ouliker animals, since most of the samples. But at least I see what we see." This just sounds stupid. At least it's readable now. O__________O
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