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  1. i tried:reinstalling-redownloading-rebooting to no avail!i searched forums and realized that this is a common encoding-transcoding error, but i have not the knowledge to fix it..it seems that a certain character (x80) is not being translated from ascii to utf and prevents the demo from launching..any programmer in the forum?..it is totally frustrating:( and no, i haven't played the demo in my pc again. :help: edit:maybe it is a script error-issue cause the message says :script 'Game' line 16:encoding::undefined conversion error occured.'x80' from asccii 8bit to utf 8
  2. it is not an amaranth game(that's why i posted it in spam section originally), but i was hoping for some help from the forum...i just cannot open the start menu of Dawn's light 3 demo! i posted in john wizard's forum of course but it seems that noone else has had the same issue so far..when i click on the continue free trial option i get the message and the screen closes up!
  3. sorry if i post in the wrong section but i am desperate for help! what can i do for this message: encoding:undefined conversion error occured.x80 from ascii 8 bit to utf8 this error wont let me open a demo..i did some seaching and i understand this is a compatibility issue between ascii and utf codes..but since i am not a programmer, i am stuck!! please anyone?thank you Moved to Technical Questions. ~Mopiece
  4. yes, we 've been waiting for this for years...
  5. this is going to be a great game! too bad that it will be out at night in Europe, if it is evening for USA..i can't wait!
  6. Eri we are waiting impatiently!!!!!
  7. yesterday it was elections day in greece..this is a case where the majority didnt vote coz people are totally disappointed in politics and have completely lost faith in the political system..so the wining party won with only 20%, while about 60% didnt vote..that is the way of democracy though.. but in a mature democratic system this 60% would have been considered as a political movement and statement and it would have been analyzed so that democracy would grow stronger..but we dont have this kind of democracy so we will have to adjust in an aristoctatic rule covered by a democratic mask...
  8. thanks a lot strangeluv!! in the cave i get stuck when i walk past some spikes, it is a narrow passage and i find myself like inside the background rock..directional arrows and esc dont work on this and i have to start the puzzle over!!! nevermind i ll try to get a lot of practice with the puzzles and i am sure i can make it sometime in the future coz taking care of my baby really delays my progress on the game XD But thank you anyway!
  9. it's me again! i wonder if you have to complete all the quests in order to get back home..i am having trouble with the boulder puzzle coz i get stuck inside a background rock..i am sure it is a glitch..and the mushroom puzzle is hard but i admit i havent tried enough times..so, anyone knows about the quests?
  10. congrats theone!!!good luck with your thesis
  11. This game is really great!!! but..i cant find my quest log in my inventory did i miss something? oops!!! sorry! i just saw the older post on this!! Wow!! this game is amazing!!
  12. Woa!! Guys the info onthe names is very interesting and thank you all!! I have to make a comment on the name Talia though..The actual name is Thaleia from the ancient greek verb "thallo" which means i blossom..the pronouncation of the word is Tha-(like in thunder) lei-( li)-a..
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