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  1. It's good an ending that lets you thinking like''but what about that'' and that's that. Like when a game is good enough that doesn't need a sequel. I said that based on FFXIII, which I played and it was good enough ending, but then they made a sequel to fill some empty holes of the first, which wasn't needed, yet for us to expect a terrible ending, leading maybe to another sequel. Sometimes, empty holes are good to make us thinking how that could've ended and to make our mind come up with something very good in order to fill that hole.
  2. Simple yet beautiful artworks! What genre is this game? RPG?
  3. I must say that your game looks very interesting, I have never seen this so serious style in a RPG Game, I mean... putting a lot of real life elements into it. Looking foward to know more, by the way.... which engine are you using ot make the game?
  4. The official site gave me some trojans last year too, but as the official site has nothing, you may want to access the forum right away: http://www.warfarestudios.com/phpBB3/
  5. Nope, I even defeated Gyendal again in GON and saved again in another slot (my other save were still there) and nope.
  6. I finished Gates of Night, saved and when I started The Lost Orb, the save weren't there... I even choose new game because someone said that the files will be detected if I have a Gates of Night save-file but nothing.
  7. @Mopiece I never been to that kind of dating, I said that because mainly cases of that in TV, the majority of times always end up in rape and death. That's why I think it's dangerous.
  8. Don't know why taking that long is necessary, since months are not necessary to finish a game if you take 50 hrs.
  9. I don't believe in that, on tv a lot of this cases happen and always end with someone dead.
  10. It was made using a similar engine used to make Ahriman's prophecy, did I spelled Ahriman right? XD Well, there's a lot of quests that gives you nice rewards but I think the game can be finished without strugling very much if you just follow the story. ^^
  11. Nice art indeed. It is a RPG game?
  12. Ah, the title screen looks spectacular as always.
  13. Months? If I take 50hrs to finish LP3 I would finish in less than a month... really.
  14. According to a preview at Gamezebo, Millennium 4 will feature 18 characters. I can't wait to see their beautiful artworks and if they will be funny like Jack and James was in Millennium 3. XD
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