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  1. Like D_A, I like the first one best. The other two have weaker contrast, and the words appear less distinct. Also, is it possible to add a little more space between the Demon's and Revenge? It currently looks like a single word, and rather hard to read.
  2. Can't say the same about the facesets though, which, in my opinion, is the worst in all AV series (I don't even think it's a custom made set. It looks like it's downloaded off from somewhere else, and for a non-freeware game, that really sucks). If they do remake the game, I'm seriously hoping that will change
  3. She's not a very good goddess, then, if wearing such "meatsuit" forces her to diminish her divine qualities. Even Greek gods don't become less of a deity when they descend to Earth in human form. That's completely different though. In the Bible, God was really present among the Israelites when they got out of Egypt, lead them, provided for them and fought the battles for them. The Oracle only shows up once in a while and give vague advices that isn't really helping.
  4. So I see some "oldies" re-introducing themselves, might as well do so since I'm rarely around these days anyway. Anyway, I'm theAdept_Rogue, though you can call me Adept or rogue for short. I do lurk AM every so often, though I don't actually log-in or post. I'd usually be around the Clubhouse when I do, however.
  5. Was there even a Masamune sword in Aveyond?
  6. Funny you should say that, since most of the Koei guys are neither manly, bearded nor macho-looking (ironically, Guan Yu is one of the few who is. The same can not be said for his sons, though). Also, you make it sound like that Sims can only be used to make petite porcelain figures. You actually can make a buff/macho character like Guan Yu in the Sims - only I never do so.
  7. Well, no, it's not a bad thing at all... if Sims can be made into something this good (in fact, I did try making Yinping with Sims, and failed miserably). You know, since there are limitations in the lighting effects and uneven skintone and whatnot.
  8. After loitering the KOEI forums for far too long, I have decided to use something KOEI related for my new Avvie. http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj280/theAdept_Rogue/yinping_zps75fa6c04.png[/img] Above is Guan Yinping, the daughter of Guan Yu, and one of the many characters introduced in Dynasty Warriors 8. I had also considered using Zhang Chunhua (Sima Yi's wife) or Jia Chong (some other Jin official you probably don't know about), but finally settled on Yinping. Isn't she just adorable?
  9. Is it possible to change the rooftop colors to match the rest of the roof tiles (the red/blue ones)? I think those white rooftops look really weird.
  10. Hmmm, not sure how to say it nicely, but I hope that you don't plan to use both sets from the generator and D_A's. The art style is too different from each other. You know... If it's not too time consuming, maybe I can help with that. My art style is more similar to D_A's, though I won't be able to colour.
  11. How about ? Unfortunately, there aren't enough beaches here...
  12. Why are people raving about how "cool" it is that there's a WoW guild with the name Amaranth? The flower of Amaranth exists and is mentioned in various Greek myths, folklore and legends as some never-fading plant); so it's not uncommon for people to use it for fantasy-theme naming (even though the flower actually exists and is actually short lived as a plant).
  13. Another thing - despite what I said in my previous post - human IQ is not entirely dependant on genetics. The nutrients you receive during your embryotic stage (ie when your mother is still at her pregnant stage), and lactating period greatly influence your brain development. Then there's also a factor of childhood education (what you are taught during your baby/toddler lifestage) affecting your intelligence. And if human IQ is really getting lower, then why does the standard of education get progressively higher? I remember my classmate telling me about how her 1-2 year old cousin is being taught stuffs she learnt at 3rd grade of elementary school education.
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