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  1. Yes, our mother makes us wear skirts and no makeup (we have 7 girls). So I'll ask if she would let us change a little for public school. And my two best girlfriends are both public schooled so I have some experience with makeup, having been to all their sleepovers and such. So that might help also. Thank you for all your kind advise. If anyone has anything else, I would welcome it.
  2. Oh well, I'm on college level everything, except for math. So, I'm probably fine on that
  3. And I posted like a paragraph on that topic yesterday So... I've seen it, but thanks anyways
  4. Got it Thank you so very much. And I posted like a paragraph on that topic yesterday So... I've seen it, but thanks anyways Merged posts.Use the edit button. Don't double post. ~Mopiece
  5. KTC: Oh no, we go to a co-op, so I've interacted with kids before Ashen_Eclipse: I'm 14, but not sure what grade I'm in. We don't really do grades.
  6. My parents are getting a divorce, and that means I'll probably be going to Public school. I've been home schooled My entire life, and am kinda scared Any advise?
  7. Hey, I hear ya. Vampires used to be evil, but since Mr. Edward came out every one wants to meet one and fall in love with him/her. And then, they're upset with their own boyfriend/girlfriend because they can't be like Edward or Bella. It's stupid This is for all you sane people who think Twilight is just a long stupid boring idiotic soap opera.
  8. I don't think it helps, but it makes you feel better, Which in a way is better... Get to feeling well!
  9. Hey, I hear you sister I was the exact same way with the guys at my co-op ( I'm home schooled so we go to co-op instead of school What I did was just made them notice me. like when they were around I'd still be with my girlfriends but I'd do and say stuff that made them think I wasn't like other girls. And what I think really made them notice was taking classes like Biology and dissecting things. I'm not saying you have to cut something up to make them notice you, but that's what worked for me . Just make it known that you don't care getting you hand dirty. I'm am now best friends with one in particular, and it's very nice. I can say stuff without them getting hurt.
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