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  1. I went there by train. There wasn't an option with the boat to go there. edit: And I'm good now. I got past it on my new savefile. Not sure why, but I'm just really glad I could get past that.
  2. I can't leave the island at all, and I don't have a boat. :/ I think I'll just restart the game and try it again...
  3. So, this topic has been dead for a while, but this is really frustrating me. I am stuck in Act II. I went to Boris Island first, and I played through the thing up until I got Seri back. And now I'm just... stuck. I can't leave Boris Island, but I don't have anything else to do there. So I have no idea what to do.
  4. Currently, mine's this, due to the fact that I've been watching Doctor Who like mad lately and am, sadly, on David Tennant's last season. http://i1098.photobucket.com/albums/g371/StellaNox/desktop.jpg[/img] Found it own DevArt, from here.Too lazy to make my own.
  5. Nothing could ever be changed. Everything that happened was set in stone, bound to happen. No way to prevent it. Things that looked like accidents were deliberate. Avoided disasters were disasters that were never meant to happen. That was how Fate did things. Plan disasters here. Plan miracles there. Happiness there. Sadness there. Every time. Never with a second thought. Because that was how things worked, wasn't it? He first saw her as a little girl, perhaps seven. A lonely girl, kneeling on the floor in a room filled with books. Her hair was long, and it went to the middle of her back. She was talking, though there was no one else in the room. Maybe she was talking to creatures of her imagination. Maybe she was talking to the books on her walls. He didn't know, and he wouldn't know. He stood in her room. Behind her, against the wall. He didn't have to be away from her- she couldn't see him, anyway-, but he didn't want to be too close. He was fascinated by this little girl, and he couldn't tell why. She spoke clearly, intelligently. She read, and she read fluently, with comprehension. And then she turned around briefly, her innocent eyes fixing on where he was standing. "Is someone there?" she whispered. He didn't move, unsure of what to do. She could have heard someone else, but she was looking right at him. "Hello? Who are you?" No one had seen him, not before then. He knelt down before her and smiled. "Use your imagination, sweetheart." "Why should I do that?" she asked. "Who are you?" He knew he'd spent too much time with her already. He could answer her fully if he wanted, but he knew didn't have time, and he didn't fully want to, anyway. "I can't tell you now. I don't have time. But I'll be back. And I will explain then." "Promise?" "I promise." He didn't know how long he'd been doing whatever what he did was called. But in the time he knew, no one had ever seen him when he was in their lives. He did that often, when the planning was done. Enter someone's life at a random point, watch them. And yet, no one had ever seen him. The moment he left her, he knew he wasn't going to touch her life, not at all. See how things would play out. She was special, that girl. He wanted to know, but there was no way for him to know. He never learned her name, so he would never change her life. The next time he saw her, she was slightly older. Maybe a few years, at the most. She was curled up on her bed, wearing the same nightgown she had last time, her hair slightly longer and messy from sleep. He almost left right away, feeling awkward watching her sleep, but then her eyes snapped open and she let out a small, terrified scream, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. He stumbled backwards slightly, wondering if she had seen him and that had scared her, but she didn't seem to be looking at him. She started sobbing, then, rocking back and forth ever so slightly. He walked up to her, slowly, carefully. He didn't know if she remembered him, or if she could even see him. He tenderly placed a hand on her shoulder and she jumped slightly in shock, and then turned her head towards him. He could tell instantly that she recognized him, the way her features shifted slightly. "It's you," she said. "You returned." He smiled. "Of course I did. I promised, didn't I?" "Is this a dream, still? Did I not wake up? I don't understand how you're here." "That's the question we all ask, isn't it? 'Am I dreaming?'" he muttered. "But to answer your question, you're only dreaming if you wish to be. If you want this to be real, then it is. If you want it to only be a dream, then it is. It's up to you." "Do you have to be so confusing?" she asked, and he laughed. He couldn't remember the last time he laughed. It felt good. Nice. "What was upsetting you, earlier?" In the flash of a second, her smile faded. "I had a bad dream. It reminded me of my parents." She looked away from him briefly. "They died about two years ago. I still miss them, but what can I do about that?" "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that's the best thing in the world." She started to say, "What do you mean?", but by that time he was already gone. Fate didn't know if there was some sort of rule binding him from doing what he was to the girl, but he didn't feel like there was any. It wasn't like he was doing anything major to her life, other than not affecting it. He didn't know why he was so attached to the girl, or why she could see him. But he didn't worry about that. Somehow, he was drawn to her when she had bad dreams. For the next while, he only saw her when she woke up crying from the nightmares that reached for her. Even she noticed this after a while. And then he ran out of time. He had more to do, suddenly, and couldn't find time to visit the girl. He never forgot, although he wished for her all of the time. When he did see her the next time he saw her, she was much older. Not a little girl anymore- a young adult. Her hair was shorter, curlier, and instead of the white nightgown he'd always seen her in, she wore a black dress. Her head was tilted downwards, and she carried a small bouquet of flowers in her arms. They were standing in what looked to be a graveyard. She was saying a prayer; it looked like, her lips moving softly, but no audible sound coming out of them. She finished up, then knelt down and placed a single flower by the two graves near her feet. "Be at peace," she said both times. After that, she simply stood there for a moment, and then began singing. A beautiful song, but a mournful one. There was sadness on her face, and what looked to be the beginning of tears in her eyes. She did not cry, though. She stayed strong until she finished, where she finally noticed him. Surprise registered on her face for a second, until she said simply, "You're the man from my dreams, aren't you?" She didn't need for him to respond. "But there's no nightmare this time. I'm awake, and you're here. How can this be?" He smiled and reached a hand out to her. "I'm not only in your dreams, my girl. All of your life, every moment of it, I'm here for you. You only reached for me in your dreams." She took his hand and leaned in closer to him, the beginnings of a smile on her face. She didn't say another word until it was pitch black outside and she knew she had to return, where she slipped away in silence. She was growing up. She wasn't the little girl who had no one to talk to anymore. She was a beautiful young woman, and she didn't need him anymore. The girl never said this, but Fate knew it was true. She was glad to see him when he had returned, but she didn't need him. He didn't stop watching her, though. He was with her as she grew even more, into a woman now. She was staring at her reflection in the mirror, her hair done up in curls, wearing a long, white dress. Uncertainty filled her eyes. It took him a moment to realize the occasion. She was getting married. His little girl, getting married. He stood behind her silently until she noticed him, and she turned around. That small smile formed on her face still. "You're back. I thought you wouldn't come back." "I thought you didn't need me." He gave her a smile in return. "You're getting married. You don't need me anymore." "Of course I do. I never really needed you, but... you can't leave me. I don't know how to live without waiting for you." "But this has gone on too long. I don't even know if this is supposed to happen. I was probably never meant to watch you that night when you were young. And I did. And you saw me. This probably wasn't meant to be. I didn't plan it to be." He glanced at her. "I never planned anything to happen in your life," he said, quieter. "What do you mean? You're lying! You're... you're spewing nonsense!" she yelled, but part of her didn't want to. "You never told me who you were. You promised when I was little, and after all of these years, you never told me. Who are you?" "You never asked me to. I assumed you didn't want to know." "Just tell me who you are." He closed his eyes. "I am Fate. Everything that happens... I make it happen. Except for your life. I swore, when I first met you, that I would never change any part of your life. And you lived. You truly lived." She sighed deeply and seemed to begin to say something, but at that moment the door opened and a woman peeked her head in. "Are you all right, miss? I heard voices." She smiled. "Nothing. Just trying to ease my nerves. Thank you for the concern, though." He left before she could finish talking. After that, he tried to avoid her. He didn't come to her at all. He tried to block her out, though it was impossible to do completely. He moved on with his work. Causing casualties here. Miracles there. All over. Without a thought. Exactly as he used to do it. But sometimes images came to him. A woman with red hair singing a lullaby through her tears to a baby who didn't seem to move. A woman waking up crying after dreams of her parents that still managed to hurt her. The girl he loved, who he vowed never to see again. He couldn't keep away. He'd go one more time. Only once. She sat in the meadow, her long hair flowing behind her in the wind. The sky was a bright blue, completely clear, beautiful, over rolling hills painted green. Softly, she sings a quiet melody, only to herself. Looking at her, she looks infinite. Sitting there, on the peak of a hill, the day serene, singing in the most beautiful voice he'd ever heard. Maybe, if he saw her from the front, her expression would deceive her. Hint at the deep sadness she felt within. When the wind blew a certain way, the smell of smoke would drift their way. There was soot on her clothes, and what looked to be a burn on her arm. A small sob interrupted her song, and she paused for a second before continuing. A song of mourning, that's what she sang. The same song she sang as a young woman to her parents' graves. He didn't know whom exactly she had lost, but it had to be people she loved. Her husband. Children. Family. Friends. Gone up in smoke. Even after the sun set and she simply lay down, ignoring the night's chill, she never knew he had stood behind her and watched her. Maybe she felt someone watching her, but was too far into her grief to know it. He never knew her name. And, true to his word, he never returned to her. He couldn't. One second he had been making plans as usual. The next, he was watching someone. A person he didn't recognize. But it wasn't like how he normally watched. Fate didn't feel like he was standing right with the person, with them while their lives went on. It felt like he was watching them from behind a screen. He couldn't leave. He was stuck staring until it changed. Time went on. His hands were on a desk of some sorts. He sat up straight. He couldn't move at all. He was stuck there, forced to watch whatever played. It was just him in his lonely watchtower, forever. Not Fate anymore. Just watching. He never saw the woman again. He didn't know if she died on that mountain or if she lived longer. If she rebuilt her life at all, or if it burned with the fire. And never knew her name.
  6. I usually do, if I can find any in the house. If not, I've found that mint tea is really good for a sore throat, and tastes delicious, too.
  7. I'm always at home, in a corner between two windows, on an ancient Windows XP desktop. I don't really like using public computers or internet, for some reason, so I try to use them as little as possible.
  8. Ack, late reply. >.< I really have no idea. :/
  9. That's my way of getting myself to write- yell at myself. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. It's not a block, not quite0 the chapter I'm at is fairly dull, but necessary- the next one's more interesting, so I'm trying to drag myself to get it done.
  11. This: http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/787/everdesktop.png[/img] One of my NaNoWriMo ideas. (:
  12. Longest chapter yet, yay!!! Chapter Four: He's Seeing Life was too peaceful after that day, Nox thought. Things never seemed any different. The ghosts were quieter than she had ever heard them. The only difference was that she was lucky if Spook stayed home- no, not home. Her home was... where, exactly? Aveyond? She didn't even know anymore. She wasn't born in Underfall. Did she even have parents? Did Uma have parents? Did her dead brother have parents? Was Spook even related to her? Nox groaned and leaned over in her chair, massaging her temples. She hated these questions, yet they swarmed her at nighttime every day. She hated these doubts, yet they haunted her all the time. There was a sudden disruption in the tense silence in the house. The old, creaky door was thrown open, something heavy thrown on the ground. She stood up, surprised. But all that she saw was Spook's haunting green eyes, staring back at her. "Come on," he urged in a soft voice. "You need to see something." "Are we going to Aveyond again?" she asked, stubbornness lacing her voice. Spook sighed. "No. Not yet, that is. I think she wants you to meet Uma first. Then talk to you again. I'll let you know." He ended with a scowl. Nox cocked her head to the side. "It's farther, though. We're going to need help from someone else." "Why?" He shook his head. "You'll see. You're actually not supposed to be seeing this... but I don't think it will matter, will it?" "You know I can't lie." A slight smile played at Spook's lips. "We'll see about that." Hours later, aching and sore, Nox collapsed on a stone bench overlooking a large fountain in the center of the town, rain pouring from the sky. She glanced up, brushing her drenched black hair out of her eyes. She had never seen rain before, only heard of it. It was cold, and hard, and there was so much of it... she hated it. It seemed to suck all warmth from her body. The town was so odd to her eyes, which had been wired to the dark sky, gray stone, and stained glass windows of Underfall. There were humans everywhere, real humans, like her and Spook. They stared at her. A few men whistled at her as she walked past. But Spook glared at them and stepped closer to her, and she knew he was watching out for her. Just like always. "Alright, Nox. I get you're tired. But we need to get going, honestly. We're probably late already, and..." His voice dropped off. "Come on. You'll have plenty of time to rest later." Spook was so much more enduring than her. They had walked miles, after climbing the Granite Mountains,(which, truthfully, was more Spook climbing and her being pulled) crossing the Wyrmbone desert, and then going through the thick woods around the town, but he was barely showing any signs of exhaustion. She collapsed when she reached the edge of the land, laying on her back on the ground, eyes staring at the gray clouds overhead. Spook made a sound of annoyance, but didn't say anything. Until. "I thought you weren't coming. You were awfully late. I should..." Nox sat up and propped herself up with her elbow. She looked around for where the voice came from, but she didn't see anyone. "We both know you owe me. I saved your life, if you didn't remember. Besides, Nox here isn't up to a long walk. She's only left Underfall once. Can you blame her?" Spook spoke in almost an annoyed tone. She still didn't see the other voice. "I walked a similar distance when I was three." "Well, good for you. Go throw yourself a pity party, for all I care. But you promised, and considering your background, I thought you would would keep your promise." The other voice huffed. "I don't have time to argue. And I do keep my word." He cleared his throat. "But remember- this is for the girl. Not you." Spook seemed unfazed as he shifted his weight. "She has a name, you know. Nox. And if that was supposed to help your argument, here's something: it doesn't. You think I actually expected you to care? I had low expectations for you. And it turns out they were true." Nox rolled her eyes. Spook and his grudges. Even fro the slightest things. He never forgave. The second voice walked out of the thick, dark woods, and Spook turned around, his arms folded. He was hidden under a dark hooded robe that covered all of his body except for a small bit of his face, where she saw very pale skin and vibrant green eyes. The look in his eyes seemed to soften from their hard, angry look from his conversation with Spook. Nox stood, her legs feeling achy and heavy, but she wasn't going to mention it. "Cary's going to take you over to the mainland. We need to see someone. Urgently." Anger flashed in Cary's eyes. "I told you no one should know my name." Spook cocked his head to the side. "So. It doesn't matter. She'd have found out anyway. Besides, Nox is trustworthy." Cary let out a sharp, short laugh. "Last person you thought was trustworthy nearly killed all of us." An animal-like sound came from Spook's throat. Nox turned her head towards him. She had never seen him so angry. "That was different. She was different. You believed her too." Nox bit down on her tongue to keep from asking what had happened to make the two hate each other so much. It was odd, thinking Spook had actually had a life outside of Underfall. She had never thought about that before. Cary turned back to her and hooked his arm through her elbow. "Now, this may hurt a little... it'll be odd, at the least. You'll feel something pulling at you, but don't ever let go of me, or we'll be scraping bits of you off the ground. Alright?" Nox bit her lip, but nodded. "Good." He looked back to Spook. "You coming, or are you staying behind?" "I can't," he said softly. Vulnerably. "What do you mea-" Cary started, but then he realized the meaning behind Spook's words. He dropped Nox arm and turned fully around. "You lost your powers?" Oh look, Nox thought, yet another thing about Spook I didn't know until now. She couldn't help but wonder how much she really knew about Spook. Apparently, not much. "After... that happened, the Oracle was angry at me because I failed her, so she drained me. Said I was foolish, rash, stupid, and didn't deserve them anymore." Cary didn't reply in the sarcastic manner Nox had anticipated. Instead, he simply said, "Oh." He paused for a moment, then added, "Come on, then. Just be warned... I've never taken two people before." "If anything happens," Spook said softly, "drop me. Just make sure Nox comes out alive, alright?" "I'll be glad to." The tension between them returned. Cary again hooked their arms, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and ran forward. Nox, stunned, didn't know what to think. The only thing in front of them was water. But it only lasted for a second. Cary made move like he was jumping, trying to jump across the sea, but the storm clouds and ocean faded into darkness. Nox wasn't aware of Cary's tight grip on her arm anymore, or the strange warmth coming from in. She felt hands reaching for her, grabbing her limbs, pulling on her. There were voices there, too. Singing, chanting. She was exhausted. She wanted to just slip into the reach of the hands. But Cary's words rang back to her: "don't ever let go, or we’ll be scraping bits of you off the ground." So she shut her eyes tight and tried her hardest to breathe, though the air was strange in her lungs and she had a hard time forcing herself to breathe. And then Nox was aware of tumbling out of something and heaving herself to her knees just before she started vomiting, gasping for air. Her limbs ached more than before and her head pounded and she felt deathly cold, just like she had the one time she'd caught the flu. When she finally stopped she was aware that was drenched from head to toe, black, oily water dripping from her hair. She looked up to see a just as wet Cary standing over her, expressionless. Then she realized Spook was missing. Her breath caught in her lungs as she feared the worst- that Spook had been dropped, that he was dead- But she saw him farther off, staring into space, just like he always did. She sighed in relief. Cary nodded and helped her up. "You actually did fairly well, for a first timer. Most people at least pass out their first time." He nodded his head towards Spook. "He did." "Cary... what was that? That we just did?" He sighed. "You just traveled through the Demon Realm. The only reason why you aren't hopelessly tainted is that necklace of yours." Nox's eyebrows flew up. Only one person knew of the small moon-shaped pendant with cerulean stones that she wore everywhere. And that person was Spook. "What does it do, and how do you know about it?" Cary laughed a bit. "The stones are blessed. All of them. They're made from Mysten Far's stone, which wards off the Demon Realm's tainting. Plus, we only passed through it- we never actually touched anything." Still smiling, he added, "Plus, Spook didn't stress about you going, so I assumed you also had one. His is a bit different, though." Nox's hand was still on her necklace as she said, "So you know who I am?" "I've been hanging around Spook for long enough to know." He bowed his head. "I wish you luck, with everything." Nox didn't know how to react to that, so she said, "You're not staying?" "No. Your brother would probably go into a murderous rage if I did." He added seriously, "If you run into trouble, I'll still be here. Look for the first firefly tonight, and you'll find me." He looked back. "I have to go now."
  13. I've actually had this for a while, but I've been too lazy to put it up here. Oh, and the words are from my favorite Within Temptation song, Somewhere. http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/1853/desktopiw.png[/img]
  14. Thanks to everyone who's reading this. I don't usually get many comments, and this is a lot for me. Oh, and could someone be VERY nice and give me a summary of Nox's main conversations with Mel in TLO? Because I really don't have the time to play through the game again, and I'm getting to those parts. I swear, I'll do anything you want if you do this for me.
  15. @Elemental- Probably just my preferences. I tend to have a lot less dialogue, so maybe it just seemed out of place to me. And I had to come up with a reason for them suddenly vanishing, so...
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