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  1. Emma.

    Remembering Aveyond

    I think my first Aveyond game was Rhen's Quest, or it might have been Ean's? In any case it was before Lord of Twilight came out and I've been loving these games ever since. I am now going on a rotation playing them lol. I start with Ahriman's Prophecy (in which I do choose priestess for Talia so it'll be canon, even though I prefer enchanter), and then continue with all of them. They are such beautiful RPGs and I love the story. Every gameplay (and there've been soooo many of them), feels like the first, and I enjoy the story start to finish.
  2. Emma.

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because I haven't seen her in ages xD
  3. Emma.

    Snow princes Iya

    Sadly the other thread has the same issue. There hasn't been developed a goodie that allows you to keep her dress. What I do, I keep a save with each of her 4 outfits she has avalable in the game - the one from the beginning, the snow princess, the traveling clothes and the necromancer's drees - so that I can at least have them in the save menu. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Aveyond Kingdom
  4. Emma.

    [VIDEO] Aveyond on Android

    O shall *rushes over to download it* Be back with details. Update: for some reason I can't seem to be able to see the text when the characters talk. It's just a blank dialog box I have tried toggling fast blitting on and off but nothing worked
  5. Emma.

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    I rather enjoyed the battle system as it was faster than the Av system. But, I agree, using skills was a bit trycky. First time I played it I never used skills. Later, I started using them but it is time consuming and usually the mob will attack each character as a result rather than hiting every other character. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Aveyond Kingdom
  6. Well from what I understood they are putting a stop to delevoping future Aveyond games and that probably means that there will be no more builds. Which is really really sad. I would love to see builds that will fix the glitches some people experience. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Aveyond Kingdom
  7. Emma.

    Count to 0 b4 someone sneezes!

    Achoo! Sent from my GT-I9195 using Aveyond Kingdom
  8. Emma.

    [VIDEO] Aveyond on Android

    it looks so awesome! Just like on PC Yoy gave done a great job! I would love to have them
  9. Emma.

    Do beta tester get paid?

    Yup, we just want to help making the game as bug free as possible. As well as get to play said game a little early than the rest hehe xD
  10. Emma.

    [VIDEO] Aveyond on Android

    \o/ Yay! Thank you for sharing! Also, will there be a way of getting it?
  11. Lol I had the same problem first time I played AP and I was afraid it might be a bug, until I finally checked my bags to see that the meat was growing.
  12. Emma.

    Play RPGs in Android

    Oh so it really does work? o.O *goes to try and find the app*
  13. Emma.

    Ean name

    I was actually wondering the same thing regarding Iya's name.
  14. I think it has to be night in order to get the scroll. And you can only do that once you're a nightwatch member. But no, the nightwatch quest chain is not connected to the main quest. I mean it is, but you can finish the game without doing those quests.
  15. Emma.

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Well I think it's a great idea. AP is among my fave, save for the graphic. So, looking forward to seeing updates and happy developing:)