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  1. i just realised that rhen's quest music is workin but the sound isn't.. i have no idea what's wrong with them i did.. and none of this is the problem because my games worked with my driver just fine.. Merged posts. Don't double post, just use the edit button. ~Mopiece
  2. i have a problem with the music.. my game was working just fine but i don't know what's wrong. my sound is playing but the music isn't.. and i tried everythig but it still won't work... what should i do?
  3. Emma.


    i have a problem with all my aveyond games except for rhen's quest. they all worked just fine until yesterday when i noticed that the sound was working but the music wasn't playing. i tried to turn it on and off from options but it still won't work.. what should i do? i even tried to reinstal it but it still won't work.. help!
  4. Emma.

    New Problem!!!!

    maybe you just have to start your game all over.. i was just saing that when my character wasn't moving i deleted my saves and it worked again...
  5. Emma.

    New Problem!!!!

    I think that if you delete your save and you start again it might work... I had a problem like that.. in rhen's quest and my character wasn't moving so i got stucket in Veniera Islands. But i deleted all my saving so far and i restarted the game and it worked.
  6. I think that i made some silly mistakes in aveyond rhen's quest and ean's quest. in Rhen's quest i kept ignoring peter because i didn't want to be sold as a slave but i was getting nowhere... so in the end i looked for a walkthrough and read the whole story.. in ean's quest i fought the chaos master in thais and Yia got killed and I didn't know what to do because i wasn't shure what cassia leaf was for:d I started to be a real Aveyond Fan starting whith The Lord of Twilight. And now i can't wait for TDP to be releast. pardon my english writting.. i may have some problems but i hope you'll understand:d