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  1. I'm so late to this o.o Is the demo still on? Any news on it?

    *edit* anxious as always. I am downloading the demo and will update with how it went. I'm super excited! ❤️


    *update* I have finished the demo now and have really enjoyed it. However there are some things I've noticed and will list them here.

    1. You can actually use the carrot in battle. Now I'm not sure if this consumes it or what happened, because I died in that fight (RIP me), but I'm not sure you're supposed to be able to do that. This may be something connected to how the inventory is made or something.

    2. There is a crow that is stuck on the right side of the screen in the drunken Jack area. Not sure if it will do anything to the game later on, but just figured I should list it here.

    3. Battle system. The thing I liked about the old system was that you could run away from a fight if your health was getting dangerously low and you were out of healing items. The thing I hated about the old battle system was the skill/item usage which was pretty much obsolete as it took forever to find the right thing and the mob could actually continue attacking you. In this new system, obviously that part is gone, being replaced by the turn-based system, which is great. However, the mobs here are pretty tough for a no-gear character, so much so, that at lvl 1, you can't really handle the 2 mobs party (unless you're really lucky and they miss multiple turns), not to mention the 3 mobs that spawn together. For this, I wanted to mention (I'm not 100% sure), I think in the Elden store you also had the option to buy head gear and/or a wooden sword of something? Some gear other than that weakling knife would be great.

    4. Loot. Those flies did have a pretty high chance to drop some bread too (which was weird, granted), and you could sell it for some extra coins. It's sooo difficult to gather gold in these first few stages of the game, and the gear in Devenshire was pretty expensive, if I remember correctly. So that is something to consider.

    Other than that, I didn't notice anything else apart from the spelling and text glitches that have been mentioned before. 

    Again, I really enjoyed it and I'm so looking forward to the rest of it. I loved the cut-scenes, especially the Candar one with Lord Zorom and Prince Edward, it was really cool. Great job and keep at it! ^^

  2. I think my first Aveyond game was Rhen's Quest, or it might have been Ean's? In any case it was before Lord of Twilight came out and I've been loving these games ever since. I am now going on a rotation playing them lol. I start with Ahriman's Prophecy (in which I do choose priestess for Talia so it'll be canon, even though I prefer enchanter), and then continue with all of them. They are such beautiful RPGs and I love the story. Every gameplay (and there've been soooo many of them), feels like the first, and I enjoy the story start to finish.

  3. Sadly the other thread has the same issue. There hasn't been developed a goodie that allows you to keep her dress. What I do, I keep a save with each of her 4 outfits she has avalable in the game - the one from the beginning, the snow princess, the traveling clothes and the necromancer's drees - so that I can at least have them in the save menu.


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  4. O shall *rushes over to download it*

    Be back with details.



    Update: for some reason I can't seem to be able to see the text when the characters talk. It's just a blank dialog box -_- I have tried toggling fast blitting on and off but nothing worked -_-

  5. I rather enjoyed the battle system as it was faster than the Av system. But, I agree, using skills was a bit trycky. First time I played it I never used skills. Later, I started using them but it is time consuming and usually the mob will attack each character as a result rather than hiting every other character.


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  6. A new life.


    Playing with a big dog means you get dirty. And I mean dirty. Whenever we chased each other meant more dirt sticking to me. Each time we pluck some chicken feathers we got more dirt from the wriggling and twisting on the ground in order to get a good grasp at them. I had gotten so dirty, that my morning wash wasn’t doing its job.

    Then, in a morning, we saw the girl coming out with a bottle of something (I had learned many new words from my friend Lucky – he was 7 human years older than me, thus more experienced), and said something that sounded like a bath, whatever that was. My friend looked at me amused and before I had the chance to ask him, she took me in her arms.

    “Don’t be afraid Fluff, I will keep is short.”

    She took me to something that look like a big pot filled with water. And then it occurred to me. She would drown me!!! Any water volume that was too big to drink at once, was trouble. There was no way I was getting there. So I tried to get away, shouting at her in my attempt to make a stand. I looked around to find something that will help me, but we were already in a chamber with a closed door. The window was shut so I knew there was no way out.

    She seemed to notice my fuss so she placed me on the floor. It was cool and slippery to the touch.

    “Ok, maybe I won’t place you in water.”

    She then let the water drain. I heard the noise and climbed the small wall of the pot looking fascinated as the water disappeared forming a small vortex (I liked that word). So maybe she wasn’t trying to drown me after all. I felt relief wash over me. She took me up and placed me into the pot. There was no more water there. I did not understand what she was doing. She then poured some white gooey stuff into her hand and gently started scratching me. It had a rather weird smell. Not very unpleasant… but weird. I tried to sniff it and taste it, but she would not let me. I didn’t understand why. After a thorough scratching she took another weird looking device and from it poured water. It was like a heavy rain, only warmer, but equally uncomfortable.

    I tried to get out of the pot, but I could not as it was slippery and she was holding me. It all took a few minutes while she was avoiding my head and only placing the water on my back. I saw dirt and fur pour off of me and then it hit me. This was a bath. I had to remember that smell in order to avoid it always.

    I tried to leap out again, but I failed as she was still holding.

    “Stand still please, I’m almost done. The worst has passed already.”

    Was she crazy? How could I possibly stay there under that blasted rain? I could not. I would not, so I hissed as loud as I could. She looked surprised. Upset. Well so was I. But I was starting to feel sorry for doing that. So I sat quietly as the water was pouring down on me. And then it was done. I was a bit cold, so she wrapped me in a thick cloth and started to rub it gently against my wet fur.

    But it was not the end of it. She then took another device which blew wind. Wind, of all things! Warm wind which again blew over my fur! The inventions these humans have… Except for the loud thunder sound it made, it was rather pleasant. A few minutes after and my fur was shining again, and I smelled funny. I figured it was nothing a little time spent with my playmate couldn’t solve.

    Although both me and her atoned for our faults against each other (me by purring and she gave me some delicious meat), the “bath” was not something I would like to do again.

    And so another day has passed…

  7. Yes, I bought a ring (the one like in AV1) and was trying to buy an egg which costed like 50 g(the cheapest) but then the store got closed up and my gold was gone too.

    Something that I'm relieved and yet somehow upset that was removed is the health/mana bar


    I was "dead" for a very long time, but I was building my mana and eventually was going to get revived, but it was removed once the new site was made. I'd like that returned, if possible.

    Also, this has been asked before but...how are the beta-tester chosen for the games?

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