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  1. Not sure where I should post this as I have not yet familiarized with the new site. So here there are no more leveling up, posts don't have gold and I couldn't find the guilts anymore. Will they be brought back? I quite liked the guilds and was hoping to rack up enough gold to join one. And I had just a bit more to go... So, since there are no more guilds (or there are and I just couldn't find them), how is the beta tester team decided for games? I know that for Aveyond, the beta testers were chosen among the guilded members. A bit of help is apreciated. I'm a bit confused
  2. Thank you! I will update it soon.
  3. WOW! And I was trying to get to lvl 75/ I got as high as lvl 72 and still had a tough time beating everyone.
  4. ~A new friend~ While waiting for the girl to get out of the house I was looking for something to do. And then I gound it: a fluttering white thing hanging near a door. I looked at it and it fluttered right in front of my nose. I declared war to it and jumped to attack. I scratched and I bit it and scratched again. It stopped fluttering. Ha, I had shown it. Then I heard the door. So I rushed to get there and there she was coming down the stairs with the most beautiful expression I’ve ever seen. The expression of love. And she was looking at me. “There you are!” she said and came and grabbed into her arms. She started petting me. Then she found the sticky thing that was clutching to my fur. So she flipped my over and started pulling gently. “Who in their right mind would stick a gum on a cat? Jeez!” I hurt a bit but it was soon over and I no longer had the…gum… on my tummy. I was happy. Then all of a sudden, the ground started shaking and I saw a huge dog running towards us. “Lucky, she said, this is our new friend… hmm… I think I’ll name him Fluffy. Because of his fur.” Fluffy… I like that. But the dog was staring at me with a fierce look. I was… well not afraid of course, but… ok, maybe I was a bit afraid. But he was so big. Out of the blue I found myself being licked by the horrid creature. He was looking at me with an amused and friendly face. And then I knew we would be friends. Not to mention that he was a good place to sleep on. I started scratching. Those darn flees were getting the life out of me. She noticed and went to get some weird looking thing that had a cat drawn on it. I looked at it and hit it with my right paw. She put me down and pressed on the tip and some foul smell came out of it, hitting my back. Ugh… I take the flees over that foul smell. So I tried to run away, but she held me and pressed again. Another, even fouler smell followed. I started hissing and tried to attack the ugly looking “spray” like she called it. With no success as she was holding me too tight. She rubbed my fur for a while. The itching disappeared almost instantly, but the smell didn’t. It took a few days to get it out of my fur. In the meantime I befriended the dog named Lucky and declared war, alongside my new friend to the foul chickens.
  5. New short story here! A tale about a cat finding a new home. Next chap coming soon.
  6. A Cat’s Tale. Dark and cold. I saw the cricket jumping through the thick, tall grass. I was so hungry, so I shook my tail and prepared to jump. Suddenly, the wind changed and with it came the scent of something I thought I’d never smell again: humans. They were nearby. I let my pray go. It wasn’t worth the effort of catching it anyways. I thought of my mother and brothers. The thought of never seeing them again made me sad. For fourteen moons I’ve been away from them. But these humans were different than the ones who threw me away. They sounded…younger. And among them I could smell the scent of cats mixed with the weird things my mother called clothes. They used that to keep warm. Why they didn’t grow fur…it was beyond me. They did have this awfully long hair covering their heads. I ventured out into the unknown, trying to find where the voices were coming from. A large wall was covering them from sight. I tried to climb it, but my claws didn’t have anything to clutch on and I fell. I felt my fur being pulled down in the spot where a sticky…thing was on my tummy. Some human put that there and made a sound like it was chocking. My mother called that laughter. Laughter from the wooden bench they were sitting on. Now I could see them. The pale moonlight revealed five humans sitting on the bench, talking. I jumped again and this time managed to climb it. Then, I picked the one human who had the cat smell on. And I climbed on her leg and I looked right into her eyes. “Awww, look it’s a cat! Oh my Gosh, he’s so cute!!!” she said. I didn’t understand a thing she was saying, making that weird sounds. But I could tell from the look on her face that she was happy… happy to see me. And so, she started scratching my back gently. Ah… it was so nice and cozy. I stood there for many hours, just enjoying the petting. I must have fallen asleep for a while. Then she got up and said to the other human who was sitting on the bench. The others have gone. “What I am supposed to do? I can’t leave him here… the dogs will kill him.” I heard a howl not far away. Dogs… brutal creatures that enjoyed chasing me around. They even caught my father once. But my father was a strong cat. He scratched the eyes of the dog and got away. My mother told me to get into a tree whenever there are dogs around. Dogs can’t climb. But she was holding me. “I’m going to take him home.” She said “Ok. Then I’ll walk you home.” Said the other human. And thus, we started moving. I had no idea where they were taking me. But it was better than being alone. It was a short walk. I think I saw that house two moons ago. It was rather big and with a distinct smell of a big dog. I shivered and then I saw the dogs. There were five of them chasing each other and making a lot of noise. But they ignored us for some reason. “Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said “Good night!” he said, then left. “Well little kitty, here we are. Welcome to your new home!” She was talking to me. I looked around and saw a nice box with lots of cloth in it. It was a good place to get some sleep and I was so tired. So I jumped from her arms and made my way to the box, jumped in it and coiled. It was very cozy. She came to me and petted my head whispering something, then she left. I was left alone again. But I knew that night would be the only time when I would be left alone. I looked around and saw a nice fence around me. It would keep me safe. So I closed my eyes and suddenly it was morning. Another human was walking into the yard. I was so hungry, so I went to her and told her I need food. Not sure if she understood, but a few minutes later I had a big bowl full of a delicious looking white liquid. Ah, the smell of milk in the morning. I drank it all. She left shortly afterwards.
  7. Well yeah but it's not like I told him "dude, this thing you teach is useless". And he is an old teacher used to this. I mean, yeah, maybe he felt embarrassed but he was supposed to say, "you're right, it's that year. sorry, I'm nervous"I don't know... something like that.
  8. A while ago (I'm a bit more on topic on this matter). And I agree that respect is something that needs to be earned not given away for free. Well, just Friday I had an argument with one of my teachers who couldn't remember the exact year of a revolution and gave a wrong year. And I replied "um.. actually that was two years later" and he said that "I'm displaying a great lack of respect towards him". What? Srsly... he was wrong.. I was right and I'm the one who is impolite?
  9. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
  10. I've waited so long for this chapter. Great work, as usual!
  11. Emma.


    The trees can be a bit creepy at night, especially if you have a rich imagination. I think that something that you could do, in order to overcome this fear is to study them durring the day, you know, memorizing every branch and twig, so, when the night comes and you see them to remember how they used to look like durring the day. Like so, they won't be so scary.
  12. Welcome to Amaranth kingdom Fariha!
  13. Speacking of vampires. I once forgot to buy garlic necklace so when I went to talk to the vendor in Gedahre he..well... killed my party... and I forgot to save and I was playing an earlier version of the game and it didn't have autosave... So... yeah...
  14. Emma.


    I tend to have this problem when teachers come durring an exam and just stare at you. I can't concentrate and feel the urge to shout "dude, what's you problem? Can't you go stare at someone else?" It's annoying, really. Anyways, my fear of dentists is beyond aything. Again, like Brycej said, the sound of that drill is driving me crazy. Talking to the dentis doesn't do any good since I'm not afraid of that person, not even by their istruments, but the pain that they cause. I think I would rather be poked with a knife than to fell that pain. No matter what anyone sais, the pain that is caused by nerves is by far the worst thing ever.
  15. Emma.


    I'm a bit scared of dogs myself. Actually, I'm afraid of very big dogs that are agressive (which I think it's a bit healthy). I don't have an irrational fear tough. I tend to be a bit nervous arroud big dogs that show aggressive behavior.
  16. Emma.


    It's okay Cassy. My sister is exactly the same. But sometimes she screams. And I'm a bit concerned for her sometimes because she often does that after the spider is gone. I don't usually kill them. Usually I get them on a piece of paper or something (a very long piece of paper, that is) and get it outside as far from me as possible. And, believe it or not, I feel very relieved and happy. This is how I got over my fear of spiders. Of course, I still don't feel very comfortable arroud them but at least I can calm down. So this is my advice for you. Calm down and try to help the spider to get out, or ask someone else to do it.
  17. That was the only item that I was ever able to buy. It costed 10 gold coins.
  18. And the shop was still standing right?
  19. You're welcome! Enjoy Amaranthia!
  20. Hello and (re)welcome to Amaranthia!
  21. Me too. As for the pair... well, I can't agree with you. I think Mel and Edward have been through enough and have earned their happy ending together.
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