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  1. Gosh I missed your storyes. Thank you for updating!!! It's getting really exciting, with Raph getting stronger and stronger:D
  2. Yeah, I was wonderig what you're up to sice I haven't seen any updates. Can't wait for the next one. Also, good luck with what you're doing:)
  3. I play with both of them (I donwloaded the goodie from this site) If you want to, maybe I can help you out with Nic's personality and spels:D
  4. can't wait for it:D btw... do you plan to use both gavin and nickolas in your party or just one?
  5. Ok. Thanks! Well, good luck with writing. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Especially since I wonder how will you escribe RIP:D
  6. Quick question, since I can't remember if I've read it... Has the party already been to Ravenwood and Bogwood?
  7. Oh, right. I forgot about that. Also... looking forward to the next chapter:D
  8. Yeah... that too. Also... can't remember... in the actual game, shouldn't you recruit Emma from Thais? (and get back at her for stealing your money and putting the maid clothes on Rye - as the parody goes)? Or was it after you go to Seri for the first time? *wonders what Indra's brain will come up once Emma is in the party:D*
  9. Okay... ignoring the...situation above. Anyways, Rye being a murderer is funny. Never saw that one coming:D Also... how come the others still travel with him?
  10. I know how that feels... I have a whole month of exams coming up starting on Monday. Ugh...it's gonna be a looong month.
  11. I really love it. Thanks for updating so fast. I'll try to think of something:)
  12. I'm absolutely in love with this thing. It's absolutely awesome. And I'm really really happy you are continuing *is that even a word?* this story!!!
  13. Ok. Can't wait for the update:)
  14. Okay! I voted. Not sure if I should say this, but I want to see your ending. It's very interesting and I'm really curious.
  15. Yes, I graduated HS. Ummm... I think I'm going on archaeology but I might go to English/Japanese Uni as well:D
  16. Welcome everybody:) Hope you'll have fun in here (what am I talking about?...of course you will. It's impossible not too:D) Also... I know it's off topic and nobody really cares that much and I'm sorry for posting this here but... Today I graduated:D I'm going to University (is that how it's called in English?). Yay!!!
  17. So true. Thanks again for reading it.
  18. Thank you! Well, I try to work on my descriptive passages to give the more depth. I hope it works:)
  19. I looove this thing:D Ean must have been very angry to rant so "freaking" much:D It's sooo funny. Can't wait for the next update. Also... love the hijacking stuff you did:)
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