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  1. Ean’s Quest Searching for Power ~Prologue~ “Wart, where are you?” The Snow Queen called for her subject – an imp. She was surrounded by ice and shiny snow, just like her white dress and diamond crown. All of the sudden, the imp showed up giggling. It had a bluish color and ruby-like eyes. “Stop giggling! Have you found a kingdom?” she asked impatiently. “Yes, your majesty. I found a kingdom in far away land to the East. A kingdom of snow and ice just as you asked. It’s called Shaenir.” “Excellent! I shall take it as my own!” “Now that I’ve helped you, I’d like the jewel that you promised. May I have them?” “Of course…NOT! I still need you! Fulfill my orders and I may let you live.” “I’m a poor imp, with few powers. What need have you of me?” said the imp slowly. “You have the magic of trickery! It’s not enough to rule the world, but I can use it so that one kingdom can bow at my feet.” “That wasn’t our agreement! Give me the reward!” “Fine… Take it!” she said and aimed her hand at him. All of the sudden, a blue light started to shine around the imp. When he turned and gazed at itself in the ice and saw its face, it realized that he was now a human. “I’m… human. What have you done to me?” he shouted. “You’re not just any human. You’re my new Master of Arms. You’ll stay close to me and allow me to use your magic to control the kingdom of Shaenlir. Oh, and Wart, if you kill me, you’ll never gain your true form. Be a good servant and I may let you go.” “Noooo!!!” he shouted desperately. “You see, imp, I can play tricks too.” said the Snow Queen laughing. “Take me to Shaenlir!” * The Snow Queen ruled Shaenlir for ten years. Eventually she decided that one kingdom was not enough. She wanted to steal it from another. To rule them all, she needed more power. So, in a true evil fashion, she decided to steal it from another. “Wart, what news have you?” “I have discovered a young elf girl of great potential.” “Has she come into her powers yet?” “No, your majesty. She does not know that she can use magic.” “Excellent. She’ll make a perfect sacrifice!” “Now will you let me go?” “No, Wart. You’re part in this has only begun.” ~ Ean ~ Ean was an elf boy who just turned seventeen. He lives on a small remote island called The Vale. Today, his best friend Iya had a test through which she will se if she has the potential to be a magic singer. If she passes she will be able to study the Magic of Nature. He got out of home and into Oldwoods anxious to meet his friend. ~ Iya ~ Iya lifted her eyes full of tears from the ground and looked at the blue sky above her, then to the Elder Oak. “Why? Why didn’t I pass?” This was her third year lost. “Hey, Iya! There you are! So, how did it go?” Iya looked around her and saw Ean. He was looking at her with he’s big brown eyes. She liked Ean. He always managed to make her feel better. But now, seeing him just reminded her of her failed exam. Her parents were going to be so disappointed… “Oh, Ean… What am I going to tell mother? I’ve failed her again… “Iya… what are you talking about?” “It’s all I’ve ever wanted. My mother, my grandmother – all singers. What’s wrong with me?” “There’s nothing wrong about you! You’ll be the best singer The Vale has ever seen. You’re grandma says so.” he said confident. “Grandma is a batty old elf. She’s half mad. You know that…” “Come on, Iya. It’s going to be okay. Look, mum is making today her famous butter biscuits. Want to see if she needs help? Iya hesitated. “Don’t be silly. I know you want some of my mum’s biscuits. Come!” “Okay… Let’s go.” Ean grabbed her hand and kissed her on the cheek. Iya blushed. On the way home, the boy reached his hand to his pocket and pulled a beautiful ribbon out. He handed it to Iya. “Oh, thank you! It’s so beautiful!” she said excited. Once home, Ean asked his mother if she needed any help. She sent them out hunting for some honey. On the way to the hive, Eand kept making jokes hoping that his friend would feel better. At first she was still upset, but eventually she gave in and strted to laugh loudly. Time passed like magic and the two of them were home an hour later with honey. Unfortunately it was too late for biscuits and Iya had to leave. “I’ll see you in the morning and I’ll bring some biscuits over.” “Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night Ean!” she said and gave him a small hug.
  2. Hi everybody! I'm going to start posting another story that I've been working lately. It's a retelling of Av2. Hope you'll like it. I've been working quite hard on it (for the last two years...actually...) and I have some chapters written but I'm going to post them one at a turn. Hope you'll like it!
  3. Emma.


    Well if you're really scared of cockroaches then I think it could be a phobia. For the elevator... Have you tried talking to someone while you're in the elevator. If you're having a bit of fun then you might forget beig afraid. I'm getting a bit sick in the elevators because I feel as if my stomach is running arround:D
  4. well I thought that it was a faceset for some character in Av.
  5. Because I don't understand anything from the comments posted there (don't know why...) I must ask... Who was he supposed to be?
  6. I love it too XD Please write soon!
  7. Emma.


    Yeah... it was. But I'm okay now.
  8. WOW!!! I wonder what happened? Did they get cought? Can't wait! Write more please!!!
  9. This is getting exiting. But I do have a question... If she lets anger take in, won't she become an evil ghost? :S
  10. Emma.


    Big dogs creep me out too. My friends say that I must have been a cat in a previous life because I'm so afraid of dogs:))
  11. Welcome Liglie!!! Happy New Year to you too and to all of you!
  12. I like a lot of things about Aveyond. Here are the main things: Fast travel Altough the MME are really cool I still like the traveling runes better. It's simply awesome. The mirror thingy In Av3 GoN when you could make you characters watch themselves in the mirror (and Ulf breaks it:D) Changing clothes Though I agree that not being able to change the facesets of the characters when they put new clothes on is a bummer, I still like. And even though I'm not a big fan of Lydia, after Mel gets kidnaped I always change the party leader to her:D Being able to learn spells I love the fact that you can learn spells when a new weapon is equiped or just when you level up. Although I liked it when Lydia learned new spells from a book I didn't like it with Lars. Because you had to open up the darn book every time just to see if a new spell can be learned. I love Iya's spheres. Having two parties Actually I quite enjoyed having two parties that meet up in the end.
  13. Emma.


    Ok so, I don't have like phobias phobias (except for one). It's true that I do feel unconfortable around some stuffs like insects (entomophobia) and the like. But the thing I hate the most is blood HEMOPHOBIA. It's due to some serious injuries that I had in my past. I think it started when I was seven (that's 11 years ago) when I stepped in a shard. After that I tried to stop the bleeding but I couldn't and when I saw my hands covered in blood I just lost it. I cut my leg so badly that I couldn't walk for weeks. And then, three years ago I nearly died (because of cancer) and I went through some serious surgery and, obviously lost a great amount of blood. Since then I just can't stand the smell. It's not like fainting or anything (I wish); I just get a bit sick and I keep remembering my hands covered in blood. It's stupid actually.
  14. oh... Well... Good luck with that. I know how that is... Looking forward to it:D
  15. I finally found it on HBT. Because I've been trying to search for it for a few days now and I couldn't find it anywhere (I had a Windows problem.)
  16. Welcome Frod! I agree with you. I'm that type who doesn't like sad storyes. I love happy ending (even though not the musshy ones...)
  17. Welcome to all new mwmbers!!!:welcome:
  18. I suppose I should change my avvit but I'm a bit lazy. Besides, I love this one XD (Meroko made it for me:D)
  19. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    Welcomies!!!! Wow...that's one complitated language
  20. Well maybe the story followed the plot untill Uma and Nox were born (except for the Queen Mel of Thais thingy...) and now it's following her own version of this story...
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