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  1. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    Wow, only second? Well maybe there are another but they haven't written on this thread before. BTW, since I forgot on writing on my last post and I'm kinda lazy of editing it, WELCOME!!!
  2. That's great! But do take your time. We want the next chapter to be just as exciting as tis one!!!
  3. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    I like them both just as much:D Buuut we're getting kinda off topic here...
  4. Wow! Gyendal has a son? Falcon is his son? B-but, then ho is the mother? Dis she loved him or did he put an enchant or something on her. This is getting really interesting!!! More!!!
  5. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    Yeah, but it's really cool!
  6. Weee another Eragon fan!!! I don't know why but I always get really happy (like a little kid:D) when I meet another fan.
  7. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    @d_a: well it's just that snow is a part of my life. I can't imagine my life whithout it...
  8. Hey, welcome NoVa!!! I looove J R R Tolkien too. You should try Christopher Paolini's books. Loved them!!!
  9. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    You've never seen snow??? Well, I can't imagine how that is... You know, in Romania is about to snow, so you should convince your parents to stop by!!!
  10. I'm currently trying to change my sets... but I'm bit lazy...
  11. Weee! A new chap. Reading it now...
  12. Still waiting for another Chapter... I think this story is going to be a really good one:D
  13. Well, anyways it's a great chap. Love to see more:D
  14. Hey! A new chapter! Yay!!! I love it. Also I like the fact that she gets to have a friend. Although I must say... I never thought that Nox of all people would actually accept having a stranger "hug" her while she sleeps. I mean.. if I were her I woulk hit him... A lot:D
  15. OMG!!! Okay... you're right... It's waaay shorter...
  16. well thank You! And welcome to you too!
  17. Well hello Mee!!! You don't mind me callig you like that right? 'Cause you name is waaay too long:D (I'm a bit lazy at typing...)
  18. Hi. @Meroko : Well I have several. But my favs are tigers. (Well... who am I kidding. I looove felines)
  19. Yeah Kirroha. You're really good. Love it:d
  20. Ok... I'm sure some of you know me but here goes... Name: Emma (okay that's a nickname but I don't think we're supposed to put our real names right?) Age : 18 Born : June, 02 Likes : Books, writing, music, movies, animals. Hates : hmmm... I don' know yet... maybe drama or soap operas. Yup...deffinitely hate the mushy stuff... And... Well... I think these are the major things 'bout me.
  21. I'd love to see what's happening next.
  22. This is actually good:D Glad you decided to post it here! Hey.. hope you don't mind but I have a question.. "Mel Darkthrop, Queen of Thais. Our father, Edward Pendragon, has always been an amazing father, but nothing like their mother. " I think their should have been our right? BTW... I'm glad to see that you have changed the canon. In canon Uma and Nox are Mel and Lars's the VIII daughters not Edward's. I would have loved to be Edward's daughters though... P.S. I'm rewriting The Lord of Twilight. You should read it if you want to:D
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