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  1. Well she can always have Edward's sword to cut her off from the mirror or Te'ijal feed on her:D
  2. Yes I did it and now it works. Thanks so much!
  3. Well because she needs it for her dresses. I mean if you purchase every dress in all the shops you get a big wardrobe:D Yeah I tried it now. It's funny. But first I had Lydia look in the mirror. I thought she will never finish looking in it:D
  4. Maybe it was posted this before but I can't find it. I have a problem with the Quick silver in TLO. I use the Quicksilver and it's all good until it wears out. Then I keep getting the "The Quick silver has weared out" message and it won't go away. It keeps popping every second. No mater how many times I press the Space bar it dessapears only to reapear again and again... What should I do? Help!!!
  5. Ok, maybe someone posted this but I can't find it anywhere. I have a small problem with the Quicksilver in TLO. Ok, so I made the recipe and it works. I use the quicksilver and it's all good untill it wears out. Then I keep getting the "The Quicksilver has weared out" message and it won't go away... What should I do?
  6. Really? Ulf will break the mirror if he looks in it?
  7. Look at your journal... Maybe you missed some important part like talking to Devin or Talia or Dameon in the House that you bought in Sedona. Or you should go and retrieve the Sword of Shadows. First check your journal and then you'll be able to figure it out. P.S. What exactly is the Oracle saying?
  8. Well I kept remembering something that Te'ijal said in TLO. Something about mirrors. That's how I discovered it. You should try that too. It's a funny thing to do especially with Galahad Lydia and, of course Te'ijal.
  9. Another of my silly mistakes was that until recently when I replayed Aveyond GoN, I didn't know that you could look at yourself in the mirror at Penberly Keep.
  10. Emma.

    Edward's Diary

    Hey, update:D This is so cool! It's even better since I'm writing a retell of The Lord of Twilight (and the others hopefully) and it's really helpfull. Thanks a lot for this. I love reading it! Hope you'll read mine too:D
  11. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    Yup, we are:D @wolfie: I'm not from Bucharest. I'm from a waaay smaller city up to the North (Bistrita) Sory for you guys who can't read it.. Yeah, our language it's a strange one:D
  12. Emma.

    Where are you from?

    Hey, a lot of people for Romania here. Well, I'm happy to say I'm from Romania too.XD
  13. I like this..a lot! It's funny:D
  14. Update please!!! It's a great story:D Love it:D
  15. I like to level up too. But, when I'm in a new area I also like to dodge and if there's a city around then I go straight to it - maybe have one fight to see how tough the enemy is - and upgrade my equipment, then go and level up and prepare money for the next area and so one...
  16. Yup. Same thing happened to me. And another mistake of mine was NOT giving Yemite the speedy shoes. I consider that a mistake because for Edward's party you can buy quicksilver. For Mel no. so, every time I play TDP (except for the first time - I didn't knew that back then) I give the speedy shoes to Yemite. Then she rushes off to save Mel and voila : Edward has the quicksilver and Mel has speedy shoes.
  17. For the first time I played Aveyond: Rhen's quest I simply couldn't find the fifth Marionbell. Then I couldn't get to veldarah without getting killed. In Aveyond : Ean's quest, i tried to join the storm mage (I think that's how they named it - it's in Thais) but Iya got killed. And I didn't know how could i revive her (I didn't know for what the Cassia Leaf was) so i fought without Iya. I didn't get far:D
  18. you have a great gift playpink. it's amazing. i really love it:)
  19. i have finally found a solution. i have reinstalled my windows AND now it WORKS!!! finally. if anyone has the same problem and nothing seems to work then i suggest to do the same.
  20. ok. i'll try that. thanks a lot and sorry for keeping you until 12 a.m. (it's just 9.38 p.m. in my country)
  21. avg antivirus and ashampoo burning studio... if i uninstal every single aveyond game and install them all over will it work?
  22. no i haven't changed. in the master volume everything is checked except michophone and aux/phone i am playing the lost orb. i am in harburg and i can hear the noise that is made by people but when i go inside a house i can't hear the door opening and the music is also missing.
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