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  1. I kill everything I can find. I often try sneaking into a harder area, kill a difficult monster, then run back and heal my party. It allows me to level up quicker. Then it is easier to fight in the area where I should actually be in.
  2. Definitely Picard. I nerded out and do have the boxed sets of everything Star Trek *blush*
  3. How about making some of the afore mentioned items time oriented. Like a special ticket for a shopping spree (allowing you to purchase clothing in shops for free) but only if you reach a particular point in the game by 'x' amount of game-play hours.
  4. Oracle

    Avvies and Siggies

    Very nice Aeternus, but I always love your sets
  5. IDK, it might be fun to have clothing stores where your chars could buy different apparel. For example if they are going intp a cold area they could buy winter clothes that up their mp or hp while in the area and in the clothes, or need to purchase climbing equipment to cross mountains. Or buy clothing just for fun because you like different colors or pants vs dress. As for the fishing, perhaps you can buy a pole, then anytime you come to a water source you could choose the pole from the menu to get a fish, but have it random, so you cant stand there collecting fish like money with the cash cow. It would also be fun to have to perform quests to get your pets, rather than just buy them.
  6. Or what if there was an artifact from AV1, that you needed later in the game of AV4. You need to be Transported through time into the tilesets from the previous games for brief periods to track down the item(s). Maybe you need the lamp from AV2 and the mirror from AV1 or some such thing. Place it in the difficult mazes from the games. That way we get a little bit of familiarity, without actually dealing with the past characters. Kind of a walk down memory lane.
  7. I don't know that I would want to see the whole party of eight during every battle, but I loved the use in Everlong of one big party of which you could only use four, but during segments of the game you had two separate parties of four on two separate quests, that both help the main plot. It opens the possibility for whole new scenarios like rescuing the other party. Also, how about a spy among the group, but you don't find out who it is until way late in the game
  8. Oracle

    Avvies and Siggies

    :blush: Thanks everyone. It was fun to try. There are just lots of Raster layers. Oh and rotating of the picture. Hmmmm clicks elms siggie. "poooof"
  9. I bought my first game Aveyond I at BigFish games, but the rest from Amanda here. The thing BigFish 'does' do for Amanda is get her game out into the public's eye. I would never have heard of Amaranthia had it not been for BigFish. So saying she should stop using the portals is not necessarily a great business move either. But I am a die-hard fan and will always come here for the games now that I know where she is Note to Amanda: Don't you dare lower the price and make cheap games. They are well worth the $20. I can't go to the show with my hubby for less than that and the entertainment value of your games is far and beyond that of a 2 hour movie.
  10. Oracle

    Avvies and Siggies

    lolz I'm getting close huh? Mine was made for the Tournament of Ages, hope you all are watching the fun.(in the fairgrounds)
  11. Welcome back Nocturnal-dance.
  12. lolz, Dis I was in an RP where I played a 12" tall fairy in love with a dark elf that resembled Vin Diesel in size and character. He fell in love with her too. I :loving: the idea. Oh, or have a Prince that really is enchanted/cursed to be ugly or a toad (as a main char) with a significant amount of side quests needed to get a girl to fall in love with him.
  13. Next time you go shopping, buy a plant for your computer. Then you can at least comfort yourself every time you google that you've done your part to balance the CO2.
  14. It might be interesting to be able to mix spells and/or weapons to create something you otherwise cant buy or find in the game. Also have the pets you might acquire, be an accessory item that you can take with you to use in battle or stealth. Like a pet monkey could steal money, or a pet tiger could catch food for the group, or attack the enemy when your MP is gone.
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