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  1. momof4littlemen

    Why Te'jal is so "in"

    Like most people that have replied I like her humor.
  2. momof4littlemen

    Where are you from?

    Yes is it beautiful here...I get to see all the season here. I grew up in Oregon which is also beautiful but the season changes are barely noticeable.
  3. momof4littlemen

    Secret... revealed!

    Oh...that will be cool! Can't wait!
  4. momof4littlemen

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Hi everyone, I'm momof4littlemen. My real name is Jolie. I have actually been on here a while but never introduced myself so I thought it was about time... About me: I guess it's obvious that I have 4 boys. I have to admit they are my world. Almost everything I do is because of them...lol Without them I never would have gotten interested in computer games. In my spare time I like to crochet, play computer games & draw. ( 5 Aveyond addicts @ my house...lol ) I have been married 12 years to a gentle giant...He also love's Aveyond too. ( He's actually playing Aveyond Lord of Twilight right now...lol) Well I guess that's about it.
  5. momof4littlemen

    Aveyond 3-3 News and Suggestions

    @ Shaz, having Heptitus as a member of the party would be interesting and hilarious.
  6. momof4littlemen

    Check this out if you're new! (VS Index)

    I found this very helpful...Thank you!
  7. momof4littlemen

    Where are you from?

    Hi...I live in North West Arkansas.
  8. momof4littlemen

    Chapters- Like or Dislike?

    I like the idea because me and my family have a hard time waiting for the new releases...It's still going to be hard waiting for chapter 2 but it wont be a long wait
  9. momof4littlemen

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    Yay! Can't wait...I am really enjoying chapter one in the meantime.
  10. momof4littlemen

    Mirage Island

    In Aveyond 1 there is a dragon that you fight but you don't kill it....You fight it to earn something I can't remember what now. I guess I need to play the game again. In both games I remember there being dragons that you use for transportation.