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  1. Yes eraser works for pencil (at least for small mistakes!), but for charcoal or paint some mistakes can't be undone!!! But on the other hand despite all that, paper is still my first love when it comes to drawing/painting so...
  2. daeva_agas: No, no, no! I didn't mean that you hate new or different things!! I'm sorry if that's how it sounded! What I mean is that you seem to have, how should I say that... a more firm...steady... way of thinking about drawing styles. I don't mean it as a bad thing. You know, sometimes when you try to express your opinion in writing, especially in an other language than your own, it's tricky! And about the studies matter, there are schools where you can study about comics, so I guessed that there are also schools where you can study about anime. As for the rules, of course in general they apply to anime style as they do to realism, but when you draw in realism you don't use strong outlines, basically you work with forms/shapes of light and shadow.
  3. Oh yes, I know what you mean! Sometimes when I draw on paper I wish I could just "undo"...
  4. daeva_agas: Yes, yes, I know what you mean about the outlines or rules like "golden ratio" and "rule of thirds", I've also studied drawing (not anime style like you probably have), I'm not sure which is the right term in english classic, realistic... Unconventional isn't bad, sometimes the outcome is very interesting! You seem to be more strict and categorical about drawing styles, I like mixed styles. That's ok, everyone is entitled to his opinion! In conclusion, I still believe that trying different things is good, even if it's only for the sake of practice and in the end you'll discard them as unsuitable.
  5. It doesn't matter I like both. I think I told you already, you have very good perspective and you combine all these elements in your picture in a way that looks natural! Looks great!
  6. Meroko: I'm really glad if I can offer any help. You and the others here, helped me very much with your comments and advice to improve!!! About the anime style shading, I find it tricky too! Don't worry about the eyes, it's difficult to capture the right emotion, sometimes even for professional artists! daeva_agas : I believe that the face line is a frame for the face, but the basic theme is the face characteristics. The frame helps the eye to concetrate to the main theme, like the frame does for a picture. But in the end everything depends from the artist's style! My suggestion may or may not work with Meroko's style, but even if it doesn't it will definitely help him in the end. I believe that by hearing different opinions, trying new things and practising make you better and help you find your own path. There are some basic rules and guidelines considering art, but there are also some artists that broke those rules and created beautiful art! So lets be open minded!
  7. I like all of them, but most of all the first one Rhen!!!
  8. I really like your style!! Very nice work, I also love pencil drawings!
  9. That giraffe is very very cute!!! :love: The vase too! :goodjob:
  10. That red dragon is really good! I'm a fan of Harry Potter books and that animation is very cute!!
  11. I also played Magical Diary and Grabiner is my man too :love:!!! I really like his story, especially when he gets mad and acts so strict and angry and then apologize! Only one time I got the Demon guy path (first time I played) before I realised I could get Grabiner!! I really like the new painting approach (great lips by the way). The comic page is great and much more complex than an other one I've seen (the one with a ship in an other thread). The pirates are really handsome and very well drawn!!
  12. Umm...ok...no no I'm not jealous...not at all... :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: Ok seriously now, I really like your drawings and the colors are so so so beautiful!!! Well done thats really great work!
  13. Hi Meroko! I saw all your art here and I think you are making a progress. About the shading, in general I believe its tricky, especially when we don't have a reference pic or a model!! We have to be careful with the angle of the light, the curves of the object, the tone and color of the shading and more. Personally I find it easier to do a corect shading in a realistic drawing rather than in anime style, but I think that you don't have that problem. What I would like to suggest is, try to make some of the lines in your drawings stronger. For example, in your "Spirited Away" pic, the boy's eyebrows and nose lines could be thicker than the face line and not even at their whole length. Your last pic, the girl with the purple roses backround, is better and more interesting with the variety of the lines thickness of the pencil (it is pencil isn't it?)! About the eyes, I don't mind them missing, but I'm sure you can do it! Just keep practising until you are satisfied by the outcome!!
  14. Morella

    Art for my game

    Thanks!! I also think I can use both, I just want to be sure, we'll see!
  15. Morella

    Art for my game

    Thanks Meroko!!! Hair and hands are my nightmare! Maybe someday...with practice...I hope!
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