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  1. is there a way to get better equipment for the party? cos right now all mel has is the rod from the oracle which does really low damage like 1-4 hp and nox and uma has their equipment which is really bad as well. all my characters keep dying even though they're level 17 cos of low items and bad equipment.
  2. ahhh I must have missed it xD is it from a quest or a town? since there's only sedona and veldarah so far...where is the treasure key gotten from?
  3. where do I find the mask to get into the party? and also where is the skeleton's bone in ashera's tomb? I can't open the blue chests but I've checked everything else. thanks in advance
  4. I had mel learn the storm spell that is quite helpful but you can also kill it without the storm spell...focus everything on the hive itself
  5. finally got cain's best ending!! beautiful graphics anyways onto raven's now...i can't seem to get him to like me at the very beginning...when valen sees him talking to ciel he just keeps saying it's pointless to have an intimate relationship XD I don't know which choice I'm getting wrong...
  6. @ moony I'm still getting the same options XD perhaps i got some options wrong XD
  7. can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I can't seem to get cain's best ending...I've got his 2 worst and bad endings and normal endings and demon ending but not his best XD
  8. 16401!? O_O wow well done azure!!heh maybe thanos might have a romance next game
  9. please let me do nazim's path i really want to do his path !!! please
  10. tehe I would love to proofread for either of the princes preferably nazim so just tell me when they're done
  11. why do they die? XD do they get murdered or killed for saving someone or something along those lines?
  12. are they two of the main character and is it avoidable? XD
  13. awwwww sooo cute can't wait!! but I think you spelt gorgeour wrong or is it supposed to be spelt like that?
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