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  1. After I finish my last final, I have a four-week break before the next semester (yay!) During that time I'm going to compile an Aveyond fic masterlist. If anyone has any obscure fics that they think I wouldn't have seen, comment here or message me ^^

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    2. moonpeace


      I'll check all these out later, thanks so much! It's so in depth and I've never seen most of these, thanks a ton @darwin!

      Ah, the AO3 ones have for the most part been crossposted here, so I think they'd be fine. I'll probably make a masterlist with all of the stuff that's PG-13 or greater that I wouldn't want to put here added on and put it on the winter exchange blog, just for posterity.

      You can also link the unfinished one (if you want), since people that like Te'ijalahad may want to check it out, even knowing it's incomplete.

    3. darwin


      You're welcome! :D I'm happy to help! Okay! That sounds good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that means you want them? I can remove them if I've misinterpreted, and I'll include the reasons.

      Honeymooners - Post Av1 Te'ijalahad; (very) strong language & brief, non-explicit sexual references (it's not between them - Galahad studies up his mythology and learns some things he'd rather not).

      Basic Survival Skills - Early Av1 Rhen & Lars fic, platonic. Strong language, animal death, and mild gore (it's about their failed attempt to skin an ox).

      Sun's Up Gun's Up - Grand Theft Auto AU, focused on Rhen, Lars, and John, but including characters from Av1/2/3/4. Drugs, violence, suggestive, lots of (very) strong language.

      two sides of one coin - platonic Rhen & Lars, retelling of Aveyond 1 (removes all other party members but John). Strong language, I don't remember if there's anything else earning its T-rating, or just that!

      And the te'ijalahad fic is hosted here - Night Falls. Canon divergent Av3 fic, that occurs somewhere along the course of the journey. I've gotten wistful about its unfinished status every time I've thought about it for the past eight years, so I'm giving it a big disclaimer for that.

    4. moonpeace


      Yeah, I did mean I wanted them. Thank you again!

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