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  1. I have a feeling I may have said this when I did my annual Star Wars rewatch last year, but Rhen is totally Anakin Skywalker - chosen one, most powerful in their generation, became a slave and then earned their freedom after their power was discovered, goes on a quest to stop evil forces but then (in the 'bad ending' of Aveyond 1, anyway) ends up joining them. It all fits :blink:

    1. Mu11berry


      Oh IT GETS BETTER!! Because in the "end" of Star Wars there's actually two chosen ones right?>.>

      And in the end of AV1 there's two chosen ones >.>

      I mean you have to kind of split Luke and Anakin between Rhen and Dameon, but the similarities are pretty cool! 

    2. moonpeace


      Now that you mention it, Luke turning against his evil father and Dameon turning against his evil father-figureish evil mentor do have a lot of parallels :o 

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